Fitzgerald from the data to see Megatron alliance is the first receiver

Fitzgerald: from the data to see Megatron alliance is the first receiver

in the Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce – Eli Anssi said the Detroit lions wide receiver Calvin – Johnson (Calvin Johnson) took over for the best NFL outside the day, airy ance his star also supports his claim. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap

“Calvin is the best,” the Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “I mean, have a look his data. A fact is a fact.”


season Johnson the ball 1964 yards ranked first in the league. Fitzgerald caught the ball 798 yards, the lowest since his rookie season, but the team last season with four different quarterbacks to give him the ball. Wholesale Jerseys

topic is started, the airy ance talking about this Sunday cardinals and lions game, he thought the Cardinals cornerback Patrick – Pedersen (Patrick Peterson) alignment and Johnson will be the game’s biggest attraction. “In my opinion, Patrick is perhaps the best cornerback in the league, and he will have to face is the best in the League to take over.” Eli Anssi said.

Fitzgerald is in his tenth NFL season, his occupation career it is the hall of fame level. In the 141 games he catches times over than any other external to (772). In addition he was second young catch up to 10000 yards and catching up to 700 times the youngest player.

but in his seventh NFL season, Johnson and Fitzgerald are not large gap. In their 6 season, Johnson caught the ball 7836 yards, 7067 yards to Biffi F Gerard.

Two before the

season in the occupation bowl Pedersen believes the best Fitzgerald union or take over, but the best of the 2012 season took the title belongs to Johnson. “Last season for his team made a great contribution, he and Matthew Staffordshire got all those code number,” said Pedersen. “I will be other players in front of my teammates never. I believe that Larry is still the best in the sport took over.” (Aimar)

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