Interior Door Handles: A Security Question

(PRWEB UK) 11 October 2012

Leading online supplier Door Handles LTD is today giving security advice their handles for doors and the security questions that they raise. Interior door handles belong to the list of hardware needed to complete the installation of a door including the hinges and the locks. Handles do not only allow users to open and close the door. They also provide a refreshing distraction to an otherwise plain door that has been installed for its ingress and egress purpose.

But in the light of recent social dysfunctions that include the breaking in of thieves, door handles have started to become more useful as security tools to ensure that homes are kept secured and that the door sonly provide access to those who have a right to be there. With this development, homeowners and builders are now more conscious about security and are incorporating that aspect when choosing the handles for doors.

It is possible to choose an attractive interior door handle that can keep the abode safe at all times. Function can co-exist with aesthetics when it comes to door handles and a closer look at the various online catalogues will prove that.

So how does one choose handles that will keep the homes interior doors secure?

The first thing that should be done by the homeowner or designers is to decide on the lock needed for security purpose. It will be a choice between the cylindrical locks which are cheaper or the mortise locks which provide more security. The interior doors of most homes are not however equipped with locks and they just require a latch. People who are in constant threat of danger however opt to equip their interior doors with locks to keep them more secure.

Choosing attractive interior door handles will go a long way in upgrading the looks of a home. However, it can also be used to heighten the security of a home which is nowadays one of the requirements of companies offering home insurance.

Door handles no longer just provide homeowners with a design statement. More importantly, handles for doors provide homeowners a chance to upgrade the security of homes without destroying the home aesthetics. Doors can now be equipped with attractive brass door handles or copper door handles with deadbolts or even mechanical deadbolts for maximum security.

Mechanical developments have made interior door handles more attuned to security measures. It is even possible to choose door locks that do not require keys in order to keep the doors faithful to the home design. With the wide array of choices available to homeowners, there is no longer any reason why they cant have it all—security and beauty.

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