Outdoor Decor News – HPotter Customers Are Using Terrariums To Compete In a Variety Of Competitions

Coeur d’Alene, ID (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

H.Potter has been reintroducing the gardening world to the pleasant pleasure of indoor terrariums, wardian cases, and cloches for nearly 15 years. They have carried on the tradition of those who first crafted terrariums in the 19th century for interior decoration by creating functional and notable designs that pay homage to days past. H.Potter has been dedicated to bringing a variety of high quality and style of terrariums to the market. It is not uncommon to find in their collection of terrariums and cases that have single piece rounded glass or stained glass. Along with awe inspiring designs, H.Potter continues to create pieces that are not only superior in taste but also in how they work with the gardener rather than against.

The design team at H.Potter goes to great lengths to insure that the terrarium actually functions as a small greenhouse. Additionally, you will often find that most of these terrariums come with plastic lining and/or a small door with a stand for easier access to the small garden to make planting and maintenance cleaner, easier, and more successful. H.Potter’s dedication to helping their customers miniature gardens bloom has never stopped at simply shipping the product. Their website and social media tools continue to provide tips to their customers directly from top gardeners around the world. They have not only invested time, money, and heart into their products but they have also used their notable position in the industry to make sure they continue to bring their customers exclusive access to the gardening world’s movers and shakers. They often sponsor articles and events in an effort to make sure all their customers have the tools they need to create the best terrarium.

This dedication over the past 15 years to exceptional style, quality, and community cultivation has not gone unnoticed. Their terrariums have been featured in a variety of media outlets and by famous designers around the world. You will often find H.Potter terrariums adorning the front cover of famous magazines like Real Simple, Southern Living, and in the books of Tvoah Martin.

Recently H.Potter heard from their customers that they have been using their terrariums from the H.Potter collection to compete in a variety of competitions, including fairy garden competitions throughout the United States. They were inspired and thrilled that their designs would be trusted enough to be used in competition. In honor of this H.Potter has recently released a new terrarium, the Terrarium Fairy Garden Display, that is dedicated to showcasing small garden scenes and fairy gardens. This particular piece, is designed to highlight the skill of the small garden scene and fairy garden creator. The top of the terrarium lays flat so that it acts as a perfect window or frame to peer through at the delicate and taxing labor of creating these garden scenes. This piece comes in two pieces and has ample space to plant and create an inspiring scene. The base is metal with a dark grey powder coat finish that complements the scene inside. The glass top, or window, is hinged to the roof and also features a stand in order to allow easy access and more opportunity for creative designs.

To check out this new terrarium and H.Potter’s larger collection, visit http://www.hpotter.com. Here you will find a variety of information on a large selection of terrariums and outdoor d

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