The Rockets signed free agent forward the low energy has a lot of books – - Rocket

The Rockets signed free agent forward the low energy has a lot of books – - the Rockets reported in July 23rd, after it signed Dwight Howard, one of the contenders for the Houston rockets has been regarded as the championship. However, objectively speaking, in addition to running,Wholesale Jerseys the foundations of the team itself, there still exist some defects, especially their big vanguard position. In signing the Howard before, there have been a lot of sound analysis the Rockets will use Oumo Asik transaction value, come back to a main striker for the team, including Howard’s childhood friend Josh Smith, in the magic of post partner Ryan Anderson have been involved in trade rumors. But with the passage of time, the Rockets seem more inclined to remain there, so, they want to reinforce the four, we mainly focus on the free players. At present, the free market, big fish small fish has gone assorted, only can play the four position players, including the following a series of Name: Kenyon – Martin, Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Lamar – Odom, Thomas, Blair Dejuan Terrence, Anthony Taliaferro, Ewan Johnson, Vladimir – Radmanovic, Lewis – Amon Andersson. This among them, more famous with Martin, Odom and Thomas, Blair possibility, but the four men to the Rockets are not too high. The first is Martin, the veteran heroics midway through last season after signing Nicks, in some games and even become the key and turn the tide of battle. But because of this, he and Nicks are interested in each other again, but have not yet agreed in the contract, it is said that there are teams willing to pay $3000000 a year for Martin, this is clearly not the only basic salary available rocket out of affordable price. Also because of “money” the reason to get candidate also includes Blair, although the stocky insider has lost the Spurs’s favor, but he is known to the current market situation also in about 3000000, taking into account the Blair when it comes to play in, he is unlikely to accept the salary offer because the so-called title hope. Odom and Thomas are not clearly and openly asking price, but one just want to play for the Losangeles team, also a serious injury problems (so only by Charlotte amnesty). If the Rockets can recognize the reality, let the low target words, but Taliaferro, Johnson and even unknown young bulls Malcolm – Thomas is a good choice to add depth. Taliaferro and Johnson last season are hawks bench inside, two person of a rebound a good shooting is solid, with high quality and inexpensive choice, as Thomas, Hua Li he just in summer league games averaging 11 points and 15 rebounds and 1.7 blocks, future development it is worth looking forward to, but the Bulls faced pressure to pay, probably won’t and renewal. Overall, only salary available rocket to get a regular person from the free market, is clearly unrealistic fantasy. But can make good use of the words of a base salary, they still have the hope to collect into regular rotation, to increase the available to substitute the strength.

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