Cutting-Edge NoSQL for the London Olympics Presented by John ODonovan at the NoSQL Now! Conference & Expo

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

DATAVERSITY today announced that John ODonovan, Director, Technical Architecture and Development at the UKs Press Association (a leading content and media services provider) and one of the worlds foremost media technology designers, will give a keynote presentation to this years NoSQL Now! Conference & Expo at the San Jose Convention Center August 21 23.

On August 23rd from 9:10 9:45 AM, ODonovan will discuss the advanced methods used to build the next generation of content delivery platforms for the London Olympics. During his session ODonovan will share on how his team did – just weeks after the Olympic experience – using a combination of NoSQL technologies including graph databases, XML, RDF and linked data, to deliver new media capabilities on the world’s biggest stage.

ODonovan was formerly the Chief Technical Architect of BBC News and Sport delivering the acclaimed BBC World Cup website in 2010 which pioneered approaches to NoSQL technology including utilizing semantic and linked data, but the architectural approach has been taken much further into the core of the business by the Press Association, especially for key elements of the Olympics this year and many of their other services. PA is the appointed Host National News Agency for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

PAs coverage of the Olympics will be global and pervasive as it provides content and drives real-time data services for many clients and global brands including MSN, Sky TV, ESPN, Bing, LOCOG, NRK Norway, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph, British Telecom and many others

For many, we are the Olympics – the text, pictures, video and data we publish will be a window onto the Games. This is not just about driving a single service, this is about driving flexible and relevant services for many clients across all types of digital, broadcast and print media. said ODonovan.

We are delivering a global service of complex products to over 40 territories in 23 different languages, all working together in real-time – and the technologies deployed make it easier for us to receive and create the content, manage it, distribute it and customize it. We can also perform more advanced services to analyze and organize content and deliver a highly individualized consumer experience he added.

Preparing ourselves for the scale and real-time needs of the Olympics is an unprecedented technical undertaking said ODonovan, but we have faith in these technologies because relational technologies struggle to get us where we need to be, so we have blended a variety of NoSQL products to get the scale, performance and customized experience we needed to deliver.

NoSQL technologies are being used effectively to deliver large-scale solutions in a wide variety of applications. During the NoSQL Now! Conference attendees will learn from real-world examples and case studies from industry leaders in e-commerce, education, broadcast media, search, advertising, gaming, healthcare and online services. ODonovans keynote is a prime example of the innovative NoSQL technologies being used for the Olympics as well as in companies who have found NoSQL in enterprise business solutions.

NoSQL Now! will include the following case studies of NoSQL databases in the Enterprise space:

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