Hughes Marketing Solutions Provides Insight on How to Market on a Budget

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 03, 2012

Hughes Marketing Solutions, a Dallas based Marketing firm that provides affordable outsourced marketing solutions for small to mid sized businesses, welcomes the September harvest of new businesses and their need for cost-effective marketing campaigns. Hughes Marketing Solutions has found ways to create buzz on a budget and theyre letting you in on their techniques.

A strong marketing campaign doesnt always have to deplete your bank account, says Jessica Hughes, President of Hughes Marketing Solutions. With so much noise out there its hard to stand out, but using cost-effective and creative techniques is the key to getting noticed and growing awareness in your community and resonating wit your target audience. Hughes recommends three areas of focus to find the solution to marketing on a small budget: events, guerilla marketing and social media.

Planning and executing an event is a great way to generate PR and create awareness. Hughes suggests strategically tying the event to something that is relevant to your company, and will draw your desired target audience. A charity or non-profit organization is a great way to tie in your event. This will promote your business and give you credibility. To save on cost, keep your event small and local.

Hughes says that it can be hard to stand out in the crowd with the bombardment of advertisements in our world today. This why getting creative and coming up with innovative ideas is key in successful marketing. Guerilla marketing techniques involve using out of the box and cost-efficient ways to market your company, brand or product. Examples of guerilla marketing include: QR codes, flash mobs, street art, banners and posters, car decals, t-shirts and sticker bombing.

Social media has exponentially increased in the past 5 years. Many companies are taking to the web and utilizing social media to appeal to their specific demographic and save on advertising costs. Social media allows you to personally interact with loyal consumers and potential customers. Hughes suggests creating a facebook and twitter page where you can implement contests, post updates, and advertise your business. She highly recommends creating a LinkedIn company page to not only advertise your company, but also network with other business professionals.

Hughes Marketing Solutions provides solutions to your marketing inquiries. For more information contact Jessica Hughes at: Jessica(at)hughesmarketingsolution(dot)com

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