Video Creation Service Takes New Direction, Announces Article Marketing Company

(PRWEB) June 16, 2012

Recently, Content Writing King announced that they had hired a new graphic design artist to their article marketing company. They said that one of the main reasons they hired this graphic designer is to become a core content creation specialist for their various services. The services in question are their video creation services, as well as image creation. Her main task will be to create imagery for their new video creation services.

The new graphic design artist for Content Writing King will create new images instead of using stock photography for their content marketing projects. More specifically, shell be creating new images to be used as stills in their video creation services. On top of that, her images will also be used for other kinds of static content marketing. The reason they want her to do it is because they say unique content is far superior for search engine optimization services.

Content Writing King has decided to make these changes to their video creation and content marketing services is because they have engaged in a campaign to become the best article marketing company out their. To be the best, they have stated they need to provide the highest quality service to their clients. In addition to their video services, they have created a whole new search engine optimization strategy to be used with clients. However, they will not be implementing any of this until their websites design overhaul is complete.

Their article marketing website is currently undergoing a complete update that includes a complete redesign. Content Writing King has mentioned before that they hired an outside firm that specializes in conversion rate optimization to handle the task of overhauling their website design.

About Content Writing King Content Writing King is an online company that helps consumers to find and obtain content marketing, article marketing, and search engine optimization services. For more information, please visit their website at

Study Breaks College Media Presents Must-Read Marketing Strategies for Utilizing the Popular Technology Known as GIFs in Email Marketing, Social Media and Web Graphics

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 06, 2015

A Brief History of GIFs:

The GIF has been adding motion to still imaging since 1987. In the beginning, GIF animation was reserved for the pros; the only people building them were clip art enthusiasts and pre-social media innovators looking to take their content viral. But as the development of sharing technology launched video content into the forefront, more and more GIF images started popping up within Internet space (thanks to a mixture of supply/demand and improved GIF generator technology). Today, companies like Cinegif and are making it easy for small businesses to build beautiful GIF images designed to upgrade a marketing campaign or support a new wave of premium web advertising.

Marketing with Gif:

-Email Marketing-

Looking to cut through email marketing noise? Perhaps a well-placed, high-res GIF image is just the answer for spicing up one’s ROI. With email marketing growing at about a 20% annual rate, marketers are looking harder than ever for techniques to instantly separate themselves from the rest of the competitors in their field. A unique, flowing image certainly fits that bill. In fact, companies like Coca Cola, American Apparel, and HubSpot are already rolling out GIF animation in their email marketing structure.

-Social Media-

One of the most advantageous components of modern day GIFs is how multi-dimensional they are. Video clips, memes, and multiple photography shots can all be edited to form one marketing tool. When GIF builders stumble upon a trending form of Internet culture (memes last year, for example), they can adapt their GIFs to meet that model, share it on social media pages and greatly increase their chances of promoting viral content. (Take, for example, Experian Marketing Services, a company claiming it’s seen 72% of its clients whove utilized animated GIF’s or cinemagraphs experience higher transaction-to-click rates.)

-Web Graphics-

Maintaining an updated web graphic is important to most businesses looking to stay on top of a fast-paced industry. After all, one isnt likely to view a clearly outdated site and claim, “Wow these guys really have it together!” But designing online eye candy is more important than just saving face. Recruiting GIF technology to one’s site could boost ad revenues, as ad men are continuously intrigued, fascinated and won over by both aesthetics and improved click-through rates.

Study Breaks College Media provides a one-stop solution for small businesses, providing them with big marketing strategies and delivering college students.

Study Breaks magazine is an award-winning line of monthly entertainment magazines for college students with a mission can best be explained through its slogan: We are college life. Published by the hassle-free printer and publisher Shweiki Media Printing Company, it is distributed in five Texas cities (Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos and Lubbock). (

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New KNG Custom Promo Aprons Boost Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

Nampa, ID (PRWEB) November 16, 2012

Restaurant industry apparel leader KNG today unveiled a new custom Promo Apron line featuring vivid full color graphics. KNG Promo Aprons transform the traditional apron into a walking billboard by giving foodservice operators the ability to have full color custom graphics imprinted onto aprons worn by their staffs. Aprons may be re-sold or given away as promotional items, too. The new restaurant aprons, available in bib and waist styles, come in a variety of imprint areas. Pricing starts at just over $ 5 with minimum quantities of only 12 Promo Aprons.

“For years restaurant operators have used printed pieces such as table toppers, menu inserts and wall posters to promote specials to their customers, but this is the first time they can utilize employee apparel to really bring these campaigns to life,” said Peter Buzzard, KNG vice president of sales and marketing. “Restaurant staff members are instrumental in shaping the dining experience. KNG’s custom Promo Aprons ensure customers see campaign messages several times during a visit.”

KNG Promo Aprons are custom created using the client’s artwork. The Promo Apron line offers a variety of imprint sizes, all in full, bright color. Each Promo Apron is made from high quality, durable spun-poly fabric specially designed for the rigors of foodservice. The high print quality allows the restaurant aprons to feature complex graphics, such as detailed artwork and photos. The graphics are imprinted onto the fabric through a technology called dye sublimation. This technique is superior to screen-printing, as the image is transferred by gas and is embedded within the garment fibers instead of printed on top of the garment. This ensures the aprons retain their original softness while withstanding stains and heavy laundering without fading.

“The KNG Promo Apron line is the perfect holiday complement for restaurant marketing campaigns,” said Buzzard. “For example, we have already created a special Toys for Tots holiday Promo Apron for one of our national foodservice distribution partners. The campaign is designed to help their operators drive holiday traffic by having servers wear the aprons, which use the same graphic design as other promotional pieces throughout the restaurant, to encourage patrons to return in December to contribute to the Toys for Tots campaign.”

In addition to employee apparel, the Promo Aprons can be used as giveaway or re-sale items.

“People feel a very strong connection to their food, which leads them to tell friends about their favorite foods and dining experiences,” said Buzzard. “Sending a KNG Promo Apron home with a customer can help restaurateurs increase brand recognition and build loyalty.”

KNG is the worlds preeminent menu cover manufacturer and a leading provider of chef wear, server uniforms, and restaurant supplies. Founded in 1965, the company has more than 100,000 hospitality clients worldwide, including such leading operators as Pizza Hut, T.G.I. Fridays, Perkins, McCormick & Schmicks, Chilis Grill & Bar and Guest Services. KNG products are backed by a full 90-day money-back guarantee and a 150-percent low-price guarantee. For more information, visit

Full Sail Graphics & Marketing Warns Businesses of Vehicle Wrap Scams That are Hitting the Streets

Orange County, California (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

As reported by CBS, Vehicle Wraps are one of the most effective forms of advertising in the market today. One car wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

Yet with popular ventures there is always negative fallout of con artists and scams intending to rip people off and steal their money. As of late, companies are offering to pay individuals to Vehicle Wrap their cars, making high offers of as much as $ 2,000 a month. With the current and unfortunate economic crisis and the holidays around the corner people are easily falling victim to the monetary offering.

One such scam hit home for a woman named Laurel Dakini who thought that she would be receiving an additional $ 350 a week for displaying a Rock Star Energy Drink wrap on her vehicle. CBS News states that she corresponded back and forth with the alleged vehicle wrapping company discussing the details in full and feeling comfortable with the exchange. It was not until she proceeded to physically go into the bank and cash the check that the bank representatives stopped and informed her that the check was a fake.

As society becomes more immersed in technological advancements and changes in social interaction, the demand for more attention grabbing advertisements becomes prevalent. Many companies are engaging in new, bold and extravagant forms of marketing such as ‘vehicle wrapping.’ To wrap a vehicle is to cover the body of the car with the information of a business or the logos of a company, etc. Many companies use vinyl car wrap as a way to further promote their business, and in doing so are receiving great feedback and a higher rate of success.

If a vehicle wrap is in the best interest of a business, don’t be fooled by scammers seizing the chance to take advantage of consumers. Avoid falling for companies offering you to make money if you put down a deposit. Do NOT wire money to anyone, regardless of how legitimate they seem. Also, if possible go to the physical location of a vehicle wrap company, don’t negotiate finances through email or over the phone. It is important to have visual reassurance that the organization appears to be authentic.

To avoid similar scams, it is a good idea to seek out a certified professional with years of experience and admirable customer feedback.

In light of these terrible scams, there is a plus side for honest business owners. Benefits that come from wrapping a vehicle almost seem endless. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing is a well-known company with an outstanding reputation for successful marketing. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing seeks to help businesses promote themselves through vehicle wraps and more. The company does not pay patrons to advertise for them but instead provides graphic design and car wraps to businesses. Vehicle wraps have become a no brainer for a number of companies. As part of the companies assurance for a favorable outcome with Vehicle Wraps, Full Sail states, For the cost of about one month of outdoor advertising in other media, vehicle wraps can create millions of impressions per year and last for several years providing you with the most cost effective form of advertising.

About Full Sail Graphics & Marketing

Full Sail Graphics & Marketing offers a wide range of advertisement opportunities to help business’ grow by using high resolution, digital images to promote various companies, events and more. Included in Full Sail’s services are Trade Show Signs & Banners, Exhibition Displays, Retail Displays, Street Banners, Booth Banners, real Estate Signs, Window Signs & Banners, Trade show & Exhibition Signage, Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Wraps, Window/Wall & Floor Decals. What is most unique about Full Sail Graphics & Marketing is the company’s ability to print on almost every surface, with these services they put the Power behind your brand.


Pete Brunner

15611 Product Lane, #B-15

Huntington Beach, CA 92649


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Londes Digital Marketing Expands: Hires Sydney Hadden and Michael Chamberlin

Spencerport, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Londes Digital Marketing, a full-service digital marketing firm, has hired Sydney Hadden of Victor, NY as a digital marketing manager. She will be responsible for managing large client accounts, including search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, social media, and web design.

Prior to joining Londes Digital Marketing, Hadden gained online marketing experience as a digital media coordinator with Martino Flynn. She received her bachelors degree from The State University at Brockport in Marketing, and her Masters degree from The University of Rochesters Simon School of Business in marketing.

In addition, Michael Chamberlin of Rochester, NY was hired to fill the role of junior graphic designer. He will be responsible for providing graphic design services in web design, print, and online media advertisements.

Prior to joining Londes Digital Marketing, Chamberlin gained graphic design experience as a designer for and freelancing for local businesses. He received his bachelors degree from The State University of New York at Oswego in Graphic Design.

About Londes Digital Marketing:

Londes Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm providing quantitative-based, ROI-focused strategic solutions. Clients range from local professionals to large e-commerce websites, with Londes Digital Marketing providing specialized services in SEM, SEO, Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization. For more information, e-mail info(at)londes(dot)com or visit

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TopSpot Internet Marketing Recognized with 2012 Manufacturing WebAward

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

TopSpot Internet Marketing’s web development strategy was recently recognized with Manufacturing Standard of Excellence Award in the 2012 WebAwards from The Web Marketing Association (WMA). The WMA was founded in 1997 to help set a high standard for internet marketing and development of the best sites on the web. The WebAward program is the longest running annual website award competition, dedicated to naming the best sites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development. More than 2,000 entries from 42 countries were adjudicated in 96 industry categories during this year’s competition. Entries were judged on design, copy writing, innovation, content, interactivity, navigation, and use of technology.

The award was received for web development of the Farmers Copper website for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development in the Manufacturing Industry. Farmers Copper LTD, headquartered in Galveston, TX, is recognized as one of the oldest family-owned and operated metal service centers in the United States. They have been a paid search customer of TopSpots since 2005 and in 2010 they contracted with TopSpot to develop their new website and implement an SEO program. After launch of the new website in 2011, Farmers Copper experienced a 188% increase in monthly conversions. Learn more about Farmers Coppers internet marketing strategy in their case study.

This is not the first award for Farmers Coppers website, receiving an Award of Excellence from the Business Marketing Association of Houstons 2011 Lantern Awards.

About TopSpot Internet Marketing Solutions

TopSpot Internet Marketing Solutions is a Houston-based agency specializing in B2B industrial marketing. TopSpots team has over 20 years of industrial internet marketing experience in helping small to mid-sized manufacturers, distributors and service companies with strategic plans to help grow their business. Our solutions include paid search marketing, SEO, website architecture, website design & development, mobile web development/marketing, analytics, email marketing, conversion improvement, multivariable (a/b) testing and consulting.

Infab Corporation Hires New VP of Marketing, Business Development Director

Camarillo, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Infab Corporation (Infab), a leading manufacturer of radiation protection products, is pleased to announce the hiring of Justine Peterson and Ryan Wilson. Justine Peterson joins Infab as the new Business Development Director, responsible for planning and executing new strategic business development projects and systems implementation to manage Infabs growing business. Ryan Wilson has been hired as the new VP of Marketing and will be responsible for communicating Infabs sterling record of quality, customer service and transparency to the medical imaging community.

We are extremely excited about these two new additions to the Infab team, said Don Cusick, Chief Executive Officer for Infab Corporation. Both Justine and Ryan bring a unique perspective to our organization and more importantly, the radiation protection industry. These two team members are vital to the development and growth of our exceptional radiation protection products and related accessories.

Justine Peterson brings years of operations management and business development experience to the Infab team. Her background includes project and operations management in the manufacturing and technology development industry. Her focus has been on business planning, new product development and streamlining processes to maximize efficiency and increase productivity.

Ryan Wilson has been in the advertising industry his whole career handling media buying across television, radio and print publications. He has also planned and executed large scale projects and media plans as a project manager for his previous organizations. Ryan is currently a MBA candidate at the George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

The medical industry is full of professionals who genuinely care for the safety of their patients. Infab represents the other side of that equation; everything we produce has the safety of our medical professionals in mind. Ryan and Justine understand this critical mission and we are very pleased to have them on board, said Cusick.

Infab Corporations website,, was reconfigured in February of this year. It was the first of its kind to offer an apron configurator, allowing clients the most customization options in the industry. Customers can browse Infabs expansive product inventory including lead and lead-free radiation protection aprons, apron racks, x-ray barriers, lead glasses and gloves, lead curtains, cassette covers, lead glass and patient protection options on the website as well. Warranty information, sizing charts and attenuation information for Infabs Smart Armor Standard Lead, Lightweight Composite and Greenlite lead-free material are all available on the website.

About Infab Corporation

Infab Corporation manufactures radiation protection apparel and products. All of their products are manufactured in the United States. Infab Corporation is CE certified and an FDA registered class 1 medical device manufacturer and the only one to hold a 501 (k) for lead-free aprons. Infab Corporation is committed to the method and model of quality management described in ISO 9001. For additional information about Infab products, call (805) 987-5255 or visit

Titan List Announces Their Q4 Trend Highlights Which Focus on Generating Referrals From Direct Mail Mortgage Marketing

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., a well-established mortgage marketing agency, has recently announced their Q4 Trend Highlights, which focuses on the significant amount of referrals that are generated from direct mail marketing campaigns. The companys Director of Marketing, Jared Braverman, discussed how trigger leads and credit driven data are being used to target candidates that meet underwriting guidelines and also have an added bonus of generating referrals.

Sharing some important details about the direct mail campaign, Mr. Braverman explained that it is not limited to people who qualify for referrals. It is valid for everyone who may or may not meet the underwriting guidelines. People mention the ad to someone else who may be in the market for a refinance. For instance, on a 5000 mail piece campaign with 50 calls, of which they close a minimum of 10 deals, they can extract a potential 100 new referrals simply by asking for them at the time of the call, Mr. Braverman explains.

Since 2001, Titan has reached new heights of success by servicing a record number of mortgage customers. Titans records show a consistently elevating number of mortgage customers and clients. During this period, Titan has been continually expanding their print and mail volume, culminating in recent milestones of more than a million direct mail advertisements being printed and mailed in a single month. According to Mr. Braverman, such remarkable performance and profits were not possible without the proper incorporation of direct mail marketing.

Highlighting one of the major advantages of direct marketing, Mr. Braverman explained that unlike radio, tv, or other print advertisements, direct mail can leverage data lists which are based on well researched data. Due to this reason, the advertisement is delivered to people who are actually in need of the service. Direct mail for mortgage marketing has proven to not only be effective at finding pre-qualified candidates, but also generating a substantial number of referrals, Mr. Braverman added.

In the end, Mr. Braverman affirmed that Titan will continue to focus on leveraging the best data lists paired with direct mail to deliver consistent results for Titan clients. For more information about Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., you can visit their website

About Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc.

Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc. is a direct marketing agency that offers a complete range of advertising and design services. The firm specializes in data lists (mail/phone), printing, direct mail, graphic and website design as well as internet and SEO marketing. Starting in 1998, the company has, since then employed highly skilled individuals who have considerable experience regarding marketing trends. The company manages the complete in-house campaign including design, data lists, printing, postage, and mailing.

For further information, you can contact them using the details given below.


Phone: 1-800-544-8060

Leading Nutrition Store Chooses Turbine For Digital Marketing

Lincoln, NE (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Chad Case, owner of Max Muscle of Nebraska and Director of Nutrition for the National Football Academies, has partnered with Turbine Interactive to build his brand through the strategic use of social media.

“With the way social marketing has exploded, if you are not using that as a vehicle to drive your business, simply put, you are going to be left behind,” said Case, whose Max Muscle franchise has been rated first in customer satisfaction for six years. “In visiting with Jason Petersen and his team, it was clear that this was a team that was focused on driving results.”

Petersen, Turbine’s founder and CEO, explained that his Lincoln-based firm takes a fresh look at every client’s business, industry and message in creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

“Just like in traditional marketing, there are principles in digital placement, but

you cannot take a cookie-cutter approach,” Petersen said. “It’s important for us to understand goals, driving values, competition and the realistic resources a client is able to commit before we recommend the best way to leverage social media.”

In working with Max Muscle, Turbine crafted a strategy that includes building not only the Max Muscle Brand, but Case’s reputation as a nutritional and supplements expert to coaches and athletes. The strategy outlines how to use a very specific focus each quarter to help Case and his Max Muscle team keep their digital message on target and move toward business goals.

“As a owner of multiple businesses, being able to see tangible numbers, to be explained things in an easy to understand format, and to also be able to let a team work on many of these things for me, were all strong driving forces in what drew me to Turbine,” Case said. “Instead of a hodgepodge and potpourri approach to social media, having a strategic game plan to help me put my best foot forward was extremely important.”

Petersen has worked with more than 1,300 businesses and organizations on effectively using digital assets including websites, videos, social media platforms and mobile apps.

“With the digital space changing literally daily, businesses like Max Muscle need a partner to help them navigate,” Petersen said. “No business person has time or money to waste and digital marketing can quickly become a black hole.”

“I think the biggest problem is understanding how, when, and why to use each (social media stream), to have content for each, and to keep it all organized,” Case said. “As business owners, there are a plethora of things pulling you in multiple directions at any given moment. Having a team like Turbine to help keep you on track is tremendously beneficial.”


About Turbine Interactive

Turbine Interactive is a digital marketing firm that helps businesses power websites by energizing their unique online brands. Turbine creates the tools and shows its clients how to leverage interactive technology, such as websites, social media and mobile phone applications to fuel profitable strategic marketing plans. Turbine Interactive is headquartered in Lincoln, NE, and offers more than 40 years of combined experience to clients nationwide. The company is led by Jason Petersen. For more information, call 402.817.1224 or visit