Video Creation Service Takes New Direction, Announces Article Marketing Company

(PRWEB) June 16, 2012

Recently, Content Writing King announced that they had hired a new graphic design artist to their article marketing company. They said that one of the main reasons they hired this graphic designer is to become a core content creation specialist for their various services. The services in question are their video creation services, as well as image creation. Her main task will be to create imagery for their new video creation services.

The new graphic design artist for Content Writing King will create new images instead of using stock photography for their content marketing projects. More specifically, shell be creating new images to be used as stills in their video creation services. On top of that, her images will also be used for other kinds of static content marketing. The reason they want her to do it is because they say unique content is far superior for search engine optimization services.

Content Writing King has decided to make these changes to their video creation and content marketing services is because they have engaged in a campaign to become the best article marketing company out their. To be the best, they have stated they need to provide the highest quality service to their clients. In addition to their video services, they have created a whole new search engine optimization strategy to be used with clients. However, they will not be implementing any of this until their websites design overhaul is complete.

Their article marketing website is currently undergoing a complete update that includes a complete redesign. Content Writing King has mentioned before that they hired an outside firm that specializes in conversion rate optimization to handle the task of overhauling their website design.

About Content Writing King Content Writing King is an online company that helps consumers to find and obtain content marketing, article marketing, and search engine optimization services. For more information, please visit their website at

Photo to Painting Service At Love Custom Art Offers The Newly Launched Photo To Canvas Prints Website With 20-25% Hot Discount Offers

(PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Love Custom Art, the custom art company based in the US and UK have just had the grand opening of Love Custom Prints which has gone live today: the fully integrated canvas print site. Also to just to make everyone aware of the very festive Christmas gift discount offers of 20% for regular customers and 25% for customers whom click the follow on facebook button via the fully interactive on-line stores (See home page for details): website users can find more detailed information about how the photo to painting process works online.

What photos are suitable?

For a personalized photo print on canvas the photos resolution should be of good enough quality to result in a quality print. If one of the special editing styles is chosen; Love Custom Prints can also work with photos of a lower resolution. The image consultation service is free of charge as well as simple enhancements. For a handmade oil painting, the quality of the photos is crucial to achieve a high quality piece, but do be sure to contact one of the experts at Love Custom Art if the photos resolution is not high enough and one of the team will advise on the best way to proceed before an order has been placed and money spent.

Custom Prints

Love Custom Prints is an addition to the existing photo to painting service website. The standard photo to canvas service (with no special editing required) the photo retouching is absolutely free. Photo to Pop Art styles are professionally edited by graphic designers in the style chosen. All that’s required is simply upload photos during the order process with editing instructions. Here are some of the unique styles on offer on their new website: Avatar, Graphic Style, Color Splash, Grunge, Jamaica and Oil Painting style. LCA are expanding their business by having a Canvas Print sub-domain which will give the client the option of photos printed onto canvas as a cheaper alternative to a hand painted piece.

Custom Paintings

Love Custom Art’s flagship on-line store specialize in Custom made (bespoke) hand painted portraits by professional artists painted from customers personal photographs at very affordable prices. Just to be clear; if a hand painted portrait happens to be the preferred canvas, then the editing is completely free, but for a print onto canvas then the editing for one of the special styles comes at a small cost.

As a quick overview here; the on-line shop has been designed as a more convenient and cost effective way to access personal art works by uploading digital photos rather than the conventional route of having to physically go to an Artists studio and pose for hours on end to achieve the same result.

Custom Art is a very unique and popular gift for friends & family; choose between a photo to painting or a print on canvas. A splendid gift idea for Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and at Christmas time, but also on any special occasion, for example: Anniversary gifts, Wedding gifts, Valentine’s gifts, Christening presents, Mother’s day presents, Father’s Day presents etc. Also, for all the animal lovers – Pet Portraits are very popular too.

LCA have restructured their operations for Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Christmas so there is enough customer service operators on hand to facilitate all the orders from the print site, as well as the painting site, to maintain their impeccable turnaround time.

LCA also offers its own affiliate program which allows members to earn a 15% commission on each successful referred sale. LCA have decided to adopt a marketing strategy to get these product’s as far and as wide as possible globally to market in time for the holiday season to benefit everyone’s and anyones art collection in the home or at the office.

The customer support at Love Custom Art will help website users every step of the way to commission an original work of art in form of a Photo to Painting, print on canvas or as PopArt prints to canvas.

Thank you for your time.

Love Custom Art

US Office: +1 218 389 8815

UK: +44 20 3239 8963

Follow the link to answer an art related question:

If you answer correctly you will receive a 30% discount coupon!

More Graphic Design Press Releases Goes Into Strategic Partnership; Will Service Large Commercial Vehicles

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

Seattle sign company proudly announces its strategic partnership with a major vehicle collision company, ushering changes with facilities, services, and the overall business. Seattles top provider of customized signs and banners will move into a bigger location and will start servicing larger commercial vehicles. The company believes the expansion will put it in a much better position to anticipate the upcoming challenges that lie ahead.

Bigger Graphic Garage will be moving to a new spot just behind its existing location. Its owner Rani Bal shares that their new graphic garage measures over 20,000 square feet, which is considerably bigger compared to the original. The company looks forward to accommodating more vehicles with their new lot. Their previous garage was always full that they had to reschedule some of their client appointments for more than a week. The company receives a high demand for their vehicle graphics and magnetic car signs. The custom signs creators also look forward to more clients for their trade show displays and mural printing.

Better Servicing Capability

The company takes pride in their recently acquired lot, which enables them to offer better servicing capacity. They may now service larger size commercial vehicles such as buses and tractor trailer trucks. The owner also expressed her joy over her business partnership with the unnamed vehicle collision company. The merger not only helps extend its garage but also expand its range of services. The company is now confident to take on bigger projects from the more established businesses. Aside from its clients in advertising, the sign maker plans to directly target vehicle manufacturers across the country.

Brighter Future

The company is currently in its crucial stages of expansion and transition. They have already bought bigger units of printing tools and equipment. Bal also shares that the company almost doubled the size of its professional staff to anticipate the incoming orders once their new garage finally opens. Although the past few months have been chaotic, everyone in the company is excited for the changes and the opportunities the expansion will bring. The partnership was warmly welcomed by everyone in the company because, as Bal shares, It positions us for the future. is based in Mill Creek and serves the metropolitan areas in Washington including Kirkland, Lynnwood, Bellevue, Bothell, Everett, Seattle, and Woodinville. The company offers professional sign designing and printing services. It also creates murals, marketing collaterals, and installations for advertising and marketing purposes. The company takes pride in using the latest digital technology and employing highly talented individuals. It even guarantees sign reprints and reinstallation if their product is not letter perfect.

For more information about their sign solutions, visit

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Arizona AC Service Center Announces Sales and Service For All Liebert Precision Cooling Systems

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

Reliable mission-critical applications demand reliable data center cooling solutions. Every increase in temperature carries with it the risk of unnecessary downtime. For dependable equipment performance, you must maintain precise data room temperatures. Liebert precision cooling CRAC systems supply a data center solution that eliminates frustrated workers, confused technicians and disappointed customers.

We provide the data center cooling solutions that ensure daily mission-critical success.

Dont Get Frustrated Get Liebert CRAC

Arizona business managers are no strangers to record-breaking heat. The battle to balance soaring energy costs with the necessity for consistent data room temperatures cannot be fought without some degree of frustration. You save a dollar on equipment, work with the most dependable Arizona AC service center in the business and still the outside temperature demands greater work from your system.

Yet right planning can eliminate some if not all of the frustrations. The AC service experts at American Cooling and Heating recommend that you use the following points during the design of your mission-critical data room cooling plan:

Flexibility and Scalability To achieve optimal operational and capacity functionality, data center facilities must be designed for flexibility and scalability.

Key Design Plans The key design factors of an efficient data room include, building selection, floor plan, layout of the electrical system, mechanical environment, site location and a modular approach that permits rapid change while promoting minimum renovation.

Client Issues Apply the principles of flexibility by measuring the impact of new hardware technologies, cost elements, acceptable levels of fault tolerance and data center organization.

Forces of Change Identify the complications that typically force change, including cost pressures, the need for new equipment, requirements for extended redundancy, floor space constraints, changes in safety regulations, incremental power requirements, advanced security regulations and more.

HVAC Equipment Data room design must include a cooling plan that corresponds to rack layout, power demands, situations that require “spot” cooling, and various other mechanical configurations.

American Cooling and Heating Dedicated To Precision Performance

Efficient data room cooling calls for more than a standard air conditioning service center. To be effective, your Arizona AC installation and repair technicians must know the heating and cooling process, but they must also understand the purpose behind the architecture and engineering of a data center. Quality Liebert CRAC support partners comprehend the equipment, the associated client issues and the forces of change.

The experts at American Cooling and Heating appreciate critical-design features including, electrical layout, power distribution, MDF arrangement, intermediate distribution frame systems, pre-action wet systems and HVAC responses to each individual data room design plan. The ACH service crew has the experience, the training and the skills to deal with:

Liebert CRAC installation

Liebert CRAC repair

Liebert CRAC maintenance

And all of the associated client issues.

American Cooling and Heating is proud to present Arizona businesses with the latest innovation in AC sales, service, installation and repair for all Liebert Precision Cooling Products. It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun, but the heat is rising, and meeting the needs of modern businesses requires a new approach to data room heating and cooling processes.

For over twenty years, American Cooling and Heating has been meeting the needs of residential and commercial customers in AZ. The companys success involves three factors:

Qualifications Every ACH Arizona AC technician is fully trained and equipped to meet the toughest heating and cooling challenges in any environment.

Quality Every ACH Arizona AC repair, sale, service or installation is performed with experience, skill and dedicated attention to details.

Adaptability Every ACH Arizona AC service technician remains up-to-date with current heating and cooling technology, and is ready to adapt to advanced and changing customer needs.

Dealing With Arizona Heat Conditions

Arizona weather can be extremely hard on data room heating and cooling equipment. Customers are concerned about energy costs and using energy wisely. Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Systems provide a reasonable, cost-effective solution to continuous changes in the external temperatures. American Cooling and Heating ensures that the Liebert systems work right in your data room environment.

American Cooling and Heating provides satisfaction-guaranteed installation and 24 hour, same-day A/C service for Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Sun City AZ, Tempe AZ, Queen Creek AZ, All Other Areas

With so much going for them, you cant afford to ignore the performance of Liebert Precision Cooling Systems. Count on the Arizona AC installation and service pros at American Cooling and Heating to install your Liebert system with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Then sit back and enjoy the reliability and the and savings of a new Liebert CRAC system!

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Horton Group Launches New Mobile Web Development and Design Service

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

Experts have predicted that with the rapid growth of the mobile industry, in the next four years there will be an estimated 1.4 mobile devices per person on the globe. Additional research shows that this number is expected to increase at huge exponential rates in the next few decades. Realizing that this trend is showing no sign of slowing down, the Nashville web development and design firm Horton Group has added mobile development to their list of online marketing services. This expansion is part of Horton Groups continuing effort to offer clients with access to the most innovative and contemporary digital marketing products.

For online businesses who want to stay relevant in the coming years it is critical they adopt new marketing technologies. At first people thought that networks like Facebook or Twitter had no place in the business sector – these were just tools people used to kill time and chat with friends. Now we are seeing that social media is one of the most useful and cost effective digital marketing tools available, stated Horton Group Director of Operations Andy Hartley. After seeing the effects social media has had on increasing revenues, businesses are moving fast to create websites that are mobile friendly along with better mobile applications. We are excited about growing this new service and becoming a more valued partner to our clients looking to become competitive in the mobile market.

In addition to building websites for mobile access, Horton Group has included mobile app development to their list of services. Customers will be able to choose from either track when deciding how to best expand their audience – there is also always the option to choose both, a mobile website and a mobile application. The Horton Group production team is a skilled and diverse mixture of professionals with experience in a various areas of web development and design. With an already strong tradition of creating functional websites for businesses all around the Tennessee area and across the nation, the expansion into mobile development will be seamless.

The quickly developing power of mobile technology is clearly evident. Some popular web browsing functions such as Flash animations have become almost obsolete because of compatibility issues with mobile devices. As consumers become more mobile advancements in marketing tactics are sure to follow along with the progression of mobile technology. The Nashville online marketing firm believes this new service will be an incredible resource for businesses in and around the state of Tennessee who need to connect with a growing population of customers who are constantly on the go.

About Horton Group

Providing digital marketing resources, which allow businesses to connect with a greater number of customers has been a core part of Horton Group’s mission. Since its beginnings in 1996 Horton Group has been consistent in their pursuit of innovative marketing solutions for businesses and organizations of all kinds. In over 16 years of operation Horton Group has branched out to include a greater depth of services such as: search engine optimization, social media management and mobile development. For those looking to strengthen brands and expand market reach they also provide media buying, email marketing, graphic design and more.

For more information on Horton Group and their web development services, contact Horton Group either by phone at 615-292-8642 or by email at info(at)Hortongroup(dot)com.

Unique Design Service Helps Homeowners Maximize Their Buying Power and Provides Added Consumer Protection When Building a Pool

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 15, 2012

PoolWorx, founded and delivered by Dallas-based landscape architecture firm Knaak Design Group, is a new concept in pool design and construction service that is revolutionizing the pool building and remodeling process, offering homeowners an alternative to the traditional ways of shopping. By removing the high pressure nature of sales and working with the homeowner to bring to light the many construction unknowns that ordinarily cause buying experience to be unpleasant, PoolWorx helps the homeowner get a unique, well-designed and constructed pool at a price well afforded, that they can enjoy for years to come.

With the economic downturn, the building industry suffered greatly and so did its customers, says Robert, principal and founder of Knaak Design Group. At KDG we saw a demand and developed PoolWorx, which is a consumer-friendly approach to pool construction. PoolWorx is a free service we offer homeowners, so they can get the high-quality, well-constructed pool they want, but avoid the hassle, headaches and pain of buyers remorse that often comes with trying to go through the pool building process themselves. We help our customers through the process every step of the way. Its the 411 on pool building and remodeling.

About Kn Debuts Innovative Service Promoting Local Businesses by Connecting Travelers via Interviews and Travel Stories

(PRWEB) July 09, 2012

The debut of the innovative European travel guide website,, has been much anticipated as an exciting innovation that will help to promote local businesses by connecting them with travelers through personal interviews and travel stories. This groundbreaking site includes a blog and open travel social community that was designed to connect visitors and travel professionals, and help build an informative platform dedicated to all aspects of traveling throughout the 55 European nations. The main objective of is to help create an informative network that will allow travel companies to reach out and connect with new customers, while offering something of value to everyone. offers travelers a way to easily create a customized account with as much, or as little, information as they desire. They can immediately begin uploading travel videos, sharing photos and even join in on discussions about European travel, news, and amazing European destinations in addition to engaging with others who share their passions, while exploring new travel opportunities and discovering great deals. Businesses receive a wealth of benefits that include the ability to upload videos that highlight the beauty of their location, amenities and more, and can easily create free classified listings on the site to promote their offers. This is a huge benefit with the site already having amassed 6,693 Twitter followers; businesses even have the advantage of being able to market directly to travelers, something that is not possible on other social networks or communities. Targeting offers directly to those most interested in their services allows a variety of travel businesses to engage with potential customers on an unprecedented scale.

One of the sites recent success stories involves business owner Ylenia Sambati and her Italian travel firm. YLTOUR was born in 1999, the result of an on-going search of the most charming aspects of Puglia, Italy, an area known for its bright seas, diverse art and architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and especially as the home to some of the kindest people in all of Italy. Ylenia was born and raised in Puglia, and with extensive experience in tourism and event planning she founded her company based on the regions wonderful history of culture, food, art, tradition, design and architecture, lifestyle, wine and the people.

Her company plans special tours and events based on the Puglia lifestyle, working closely with clients to fulfill their needs and desires, creating a specialized tour that offers an unforgettable experience for leisure, incentive and business travel, and a much more personal experience where the culture and traditions of southern Italy can truly be experienced.

Ylenia herself exemplifies the warmth and friendliness of the people of the region, with an obvious passion for what she does, and I had the pleasure of speaking with her via email recently to discuss her incredible venture.

Read more about this cutting-edge travel site at, and discover more about YLETOUR by visiting their website at:

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New Reed Construction Data Service Provides Free Project Leads to Construction Contractors

Norcross, GA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Reed Construction Data, a leading provider of construction information, market intelligence and marketing solutions, announces the release of Local Bid Alerts, a new project alert service that connects contractors and other construction professionals to local projects coming up for bid. Local Bid Alerts offers its customers high quality leads completely free of charge and with no subscription or obligation of any kind.

Local Bid Alerts gives contractors who havent yet tried a lead service, and those who have tried other services, a risk-free, cost-free way to see the outstanding value and quality of our project leads, stated Iain Melville, CEO, Reed Construction Data. Our new service delivers active, first-rate leads not just static samples to give our customers a more complete view of construction activity in their area and open new opportunities for them to find projects they might otherwise miss.

Leveraging projects and contracts from Reed Construction Datas powerful database, Local Bid Alerts introduces contractors to jobs that can help drive success and growth. The service delivers not only project leads, but also details such as contact information and all available plans and specifications. Contractors can reduce time spent researching and focus on jobs with the most potential for profit.

With the Local Bid Alerts package, contractors receive:

Free weekly email alerts, with accurate and exact information about construction projects bidding in their area

Free access to summary-level information for thousands of projects from Reed Construction Datas industry-leading project database

Free exclusive content on cost estimating and construction management content from RSMeans, the most used and most quoted name in construction

Local Bid Alerts automatically delivers new project leads to the contractors inbox on a weekly basis. Once received, the contractor owns the lead and can follow it through all building stages for added value through the duration of the project the lead never disappears. There are no hidden charges, no gimmicks and no surprises.

Local Bid Alerts is an exceptional opportunity for contractors of all specialties to find and bid on projects in their area, stated Iain Melville. We are excited to offer this free new service to give construction professionals the ability to win more jobs and gain an advantage over their competition.

To learn more about Local Bid Alerts, go to

About Reed Construction Data

Reed Construction Data, a division of Reed Business Information and the Inaugural Strategic Partner of the AIA, is a leading North American provider of construction information. Reed Construction Datas diverse portfolio of innovative products and services includes national, regional and local construction data, building product information, construction cost data, advertising channels and market intelligence solutions for construction industry professionals in the United States and Canada. For more information, please go to

Indosoft unveils Q-Suite 5.7 for Asterisk, targeting Managed Contact Center Service Providers

Fredericton, NB (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Indosoft Inc., leading provider of multi-tenant unified communications software announces the release of Q-Suite 5.7 for Asterisk. This evolutionary, featured-filled release of the scalable multi-tenant call center software will allow service providers to setup Asterisk based call center platforms and offer managed contact center services.

Q-Suite 5.7 provides the opportunity to deploy Asterisk based call center services on a superior IP telephony platform with powerful ACD and Dialer engine to handle the most demanding call workflow requirements. Its flexible architecture scales to multiple Asterisk servers for setting up geographically distributed contact center operations. ACD with skills-based routing, Virtual and Personal Queues, Predictive, Preview and Progressive dialing, are features designed to cater to the needs of enterprise clients. Q-Suite also comes with extensive API for CTI integration through Web and .NET.

Managed Service Providers will benefit from Q-Suites built-in GUI based Call Flow builder, Agent and Admin screen theming capability, HA (High Availability) and Call Survival. A powerful Customer-Agent interaction Script Builder, real-time dashboards for supervisor monitoring and detailed historical reporting are all available out-of-the-box. .

Asterisk based call centers with Q-Suite 5.7 is a cost effective way to offer managed services and build distributed call centers. said James Terhune, Chief Technology Officer at Indosoft. With the availability of integration to reliable third party applications for call recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, TTS and ASR, Q-Suite provides an excellent opportunity to build out a complete call center platform with considerable cost savings by leveraging Asterisk.

About Indosoft Inc.

Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center software for Asterisk. It has been providing call center solutions to medium and large contact centers around the world for over ten years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET and socket library to enterprises utilizing Asterisk in their product line. Indosoft has been making available Q-Suite ACD for private label contact center technology solutions.

A&I Solutions would like to announce the Employee of the Week, Tim Higgins. Tim is a Senior Architect on the A&I Service Assurance Team.

(PRWEB) June 27, 2012

Throughout the years, Tim Higgins has worked in various locations across North America assisting customers to install, configure, and operate purchased software. As a senior consultant for A&I Solutions, his responsibilities cover those areas as well as a wide range of activities. For example, Tim works closely with A&I customers by mentoring personnel and providing knowledge transfer. Also, he implements triage, diagnosis, and root cause analysis of application performance problems and architecture of monitoring infrastructure in the client environment.

Tim explains, Since working with A&I Solutions I have learned more about technology than I thought I could ever learn. Every client is different, every task is different and every situation is different; so when there is an issue it is never the same and you have to work to figure it out. The team at A&I are some of the best and brightest teammates I have ever worked with. Everyone is a great team player. Anyone is ready to assist the next with any situation. Although the focus of his consulting was Java/J2EE and .NET application performance management, he is highly proficient in Weblogic/WebSphere/IBoss Application Servers, Database (Microsoft SQL/Oracle), Scripting (JavaScript, Bash, VB/Power Script, WMI), and many other technologies.

As an A&I employee, Tim has worked for several companies throughout the past two years. Those include Disney, Coach, Verizon, Arizona Department of Economic Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), SeaWorld, Fidelity Investments, First Citizens Bank, Nascar, General Electric (GE), Harris, Liberty Mutual, Purdue, N-DEx, and many more. He has accomplished many tasks and has done impeccable work for these companies.

In August, Tim will be celebrating his two year anniversary with A&I Solutions. He has been an added benefit to the company and we appreciate the time and effort he has put into his work on the Service Assurance Team. Tim has created new opportunities for our organization and has been an active part in the success of A&I Solutions.

Success Story:

It was great working with Verizon, because of all the knowledge that I learned in such a short period. I went in planning to do a simple install of the APM architect and a few agents to monitor their application. In no time we ran into issues. The 1st issue was a bug we found in the .NET agent after working on it all night, it was really about 6 am the following day when we got it resolved. Before our findings, I worked with a team of experts for about 3 weeks, pushing long and hard hours trying to resolve a resource issue.

We got it working and I moved on to my next project which we finished early to find out that Verizon needed me back for another issue. This time our agent was pushing their servers over the 95% resource mark. Basically, with our agent the application was still putting them over 95% of memory on their production servers. This time it took 3 days for us to see that it wasnt our agent. Their application was running at 85% 90% without our agent. Our agent would put 1% of overheard per process adding 10% to what they already had. In a normal application adding 10% isnt a big difference but with an application already pushing the limits, that is a lot. The last few days we spent helping the client trim down their application by looking at some simple best practices and simple ideas.

That was a great experience because not only were we able to debug CA but we were able to assist the client with other issues as well.


I had a great experience working with Tim on the initial rollout of the CA Introscope for my current company. Even with the long hours, demanding requirements, and stressful time crunch, Tim helped make the experience better with his technical counsel and positive attitude.

Brandt A. Meyers, Enterprise Systems Management The Walt Disney Company

About A&Is Service Assurance

A&I Solutions Application Performance Management and Monitoring team is a premier Direct Managed Partner and service provider of CA Service Assurance and Application Performance Management. Our Network Performance Management tools can help you continuously monitor application delivery across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Ultimately, our team of experts assures that end-to-end application response times meet or exceed SLAs and business requirements. A&I Solutions has extensive experience in APM Introscope, CEM, DB Insight, Spectrum, eHealth, Nimsoft and Service Operations Insight.

About A&I Solutions

A&I Solutions is North America’s premier provider of integrated enterprise solutions, dedicated to implementing solutions from CA technologies. A&I Solutions provides enterprise products and services to help companies achieve the highest level of performance. We focus on the best rated products and extensive experience to deliver comprehensive integrated Enterprise Solutions. Working with enterprise management, resource planning, service assurance, security and infrastructure monitoring, A&I helps organizations achieve their full potential by driving consistency and maximizing efficiency. Our proven methodologies, innovative best practices and deep technical experience produce better business results for our Customers. A&I has expertise across all IT environments – physical, distributed, cloud, virtual and heterogeneous platforms. We specialize in the following: CA Security Suite, CA Clarity, CA Wily – Introscope, CEM, SOI, NetQoS, Reporting – Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Actuate Reporting, Enterprise Integrations.

For more information please visit

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