Titan List Announces Their Q4 Trend Highlights Which Focus on Generating Referrals From Direct Mail Mortgage Marketing

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., a well-established mortgage marketing agency, has recently announced their Q4 Trend Highlights, which focuses on the significant amount of referrals that are generated from direct mail marketing campaigns. The companys Director of Marketing, Jared Braverman, discussed how trigger leads and credit driven data are being used to target candidates that meet underwriting guidelines and also have an added bonus of generating referrals.

Sharing some important details about the direct mail campaign, Mr. Braverman explained that it is not limited to people who qualify for referrals. It is valid for everyone who may or may not meet the underwriting guidelines. People mention the ad to someone else who may be in the market for a refinance. For instance, on a 5000 mail piece campaign with 50 calls, of which they close a minimum of 10 deals, they can extract a potential 100 new referrals simply by asking for them at the time of the call, Mr. Braverman explains.

Since 2001, Titan has reached new heights of success by servicing a record number of mortgage customers. Titans records show a consistently elevating number of mortgage customers and clients. During this period, Titan has been continually expanding their print and mail volume, culminating in recent milestones of more than a million direct mail advertisements being printed and mailed in a single month. According to Mr. Braverman, such remarkable performance and profits were not possible without the proper incorporation of direct mail marketing.

Highlighting one of the major advantages of direct marketing, Mr. Braverman explained that unlike radio, tv, or other print advertisements, direct mail can leverage data lists which are based on well researched data. Due to this reason, the advertisement is delivered to people who are actually in need of the service. Direct mail for mortgage marketing has proven to not only be effective at finding pre-qualified candidates, but also generating a substantial number of referrals, Mr. Braverman added.

In the end, Mr. Braverman affirmed that Titan will continue to focus on leveraging the best data lists paired with direct mail to deliver consistent results for Titan clients. For more information about Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., you can visit their website http://www.TitanLists.com.

About Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc.

Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc. is a direct marketing agency that offers a complete range of advertising and design services. The firm specializes in data lists (mail/phone), printing, direct mail, graphic and website design as well as internet and SEO marketing. Starting in 1998, the company has, since then employed highly skilled individuals who have considerable experience regarding marketing trends. The company manages the complete in-house campaign including design, data lists, printing, postage, and mailing.

For further information, you can contact them using the details given below.

Web: http://www.TitanLists.com

Phone: 1-800-544-8060

Working Solutions, Pioneer of the Virtual Call Center Model, Announces Strategic Expansion of their Sales Team

Plano, TX (PRWEB) August 23, 2012

Working Solutions, a pioneer in the hosted contact center model, is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Moberly, Sales Director and Ken Wheeley, Regional Sales Manager to its expanding sales team. Both bring over 20 years of sales and leadership experience in the telecommunications industry.

Moberly will be planning and directing the sales activities of the company. Wheeley will be responsible for identifying and closing new business opportunities as well as delivering on revenue targets to help in the overall growth and success of Working Solutions.

Scott and Ken are two talented, tech-savvy sales professionals who understand market trends and client needs. I am positive they will help take our company to the next level as well as contribute innovative ideas, said Tim Houlne, CEO of Working Solutions.

Founded in 1996 by company President and COO Kim Houlne, Working Solutions has grown from a single agent to a virtual call center community of more than 100,000 work-at-home professionals in North America over the past 17 years.

Working Solutions is an innovative company that continues to break boundaries. I believe our sales and marketing team is strategically ready to take the company to the next level, said Moberly, an alumnus from Indiana University, as well as a graduate of the Army Command & General Staff Officer Course.

I want to help companies understand that having agents work from home is a natural step in the evolution of the telecommunications industry. When you have the right partner using the right technology and processes, home-based agents are more productive and offer greater levels of customer service than their facilities based co-workers, said Wheeley, who received his degree from Cumberland University.

With the recent expansion of their sales and marketing team, Working Solutions continues to strategically plan for market growth with a focus on bringing greater value to clients, increasing customer satisfaction and providing positive return on investment.

About Working Solutions

Working Solutions improves return on investment and controls costs for contact centers by providing groundbreaking results through the right people and technology delivered at the right time. Working Solutions services include Agents OnDemand

Rediscover Vantage LED with the launch of their new generation of LED Signs: Phoenix Color and Raven Grayscale LED Display Series

Corona, CA (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Chris Ma started Vantage LED in 2003. After several years in the LED sign industry, he saw the need for a LED sign manufacturer that would not only build the highest caliber product, but dedicate itself to being a valuable support resource to its dealers and OEM partners. He committed himself to crafting a product that was friendly to the dealer, their client, and to the installer in the field.

“This is a perfect storm brewing for Vantage LED with a strong team of industry professionals, high caliber products, and valuable resources for our clients,” Paul Martin, Director of Marketing

After 9 successful years, Vantage LED proudly announces the launch of its new branding showcasing a new generation of LED sign products: Phoenix Color and Raven Grayscale LED Display Series. Vantage LED has a streamlined, systematic production team that delivers this superior product line in an attractive lead time for the industry dealer. All designed, manufactured, and supported with pride in the USA.

The Phoenix Color and the Raven Grayscale Series.

With bold colors, the highest contrast ratio, and superior quality construction, sign dealers will recognize a difference in appearance and performance to other LED displays. Vantage LED hosts a variety of features and benefits for dealers to help set them apart from the competition. The Phoenix and Raven Series is the result of meticulous engineering with attention to every detail featuring:

High Contrast Quick Release LED Modules: High quality LEDs for superior color coupled with a unique louver design for a high contrast ratio. Quick release two point latch system that has no screws to lose.

Conformal Coated Power Supplies: A protective coating on the internal electronics further protects the power supply from condensation and breakdown increasing the life by 25%.

Dragon Skin High Performance Coating: An industry first, this resilient, environmentally safeand green highly scratch resistant coating that allows general expansion/shrinkage of metal cabinets.

Darwin Solid State Control Unit: An internal video PC controller (powered by Intel) that handles the most demanding high resolution graphics or video featuring a 40 gig solid state drive for low heat and increased performance.

Vantage LED has an in-house software team that developed powerful, yet simple to use, software called LightSpeed Media Software to operate their new product line with features like:

Unique Design Service Helps Homeowners Maximize Their Buying Power and Provides Added Consumer Protection When Building a Pool

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 15, 2012

PoolWorx, founded and delivered by Dallas-based landscape architecture firm Knaak Design Group, is a new concept in pool design and construction service that is revolutionizing the pool building and remodeling process, offering homeowners an alternative to the traditional ways of shopping. By removing the high pressure nature of sales and working with the homeowner to bring to light the many construction unknowns that ordinarily cause buying experience to be unpleasant, PoolWorx helps the homeowner get a unique, well-designed and constructed pool at a price well afforded, that they can enjoy for years to come.

With the economic downturn, the building industry suffered greatly and so did its customers, says Robert, principal and founder of Knaak Design Group. At KDG we saw a demand and developed PoolWorx, which is a consumer-friendly approach to pool construction. PoolWorx is a free service we offer homeowners, so they can get the high-quality, well-constructed pool they want, but avoid the hassle, headaches and pain of buyers remorse that often comes with trying to go through the pool building process themselves. We help our customers through the process every step of the way. Its the 411 on pool building and remodeling.

About Kn

CottonAge.com is Introducing Their New Ocean Breeze Product Line

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Good news! The verdict is in and Cottonage.com is sure to be at the forefront of the stylish new California trend thats out. CottonAge is announcing their summer fun designs. It is not just about internet retailing versus in-store retailing anymore; customers should be able to buy whatever they need, however they want at anytime, anywhere. Not only that, but also they should be provided with all of the information needed to help them make a proper purchase, says Mehmet Balkanli- Director of Marketing at CottonAge.com. This is precisely what Cottonage offers- the train of thought that a graphic tee and hoodie vendor should attain. It is especially so when it comes to new trends, like the California one thats emerging.

These cool California inspired designs came, of course, from using the chic California coast as a muse. Everything from the sunshine, beach, surf, city, and ocean, to peoples relaxed mindset seems to have provided inspiration. Cottonage.com is not the only one to have spotted this trend either. This movement has been popping up across the state in retailers everywhere. Its the latest thing in casual wear. These types of items can now be seen in almost every metropolitan area in California, especially in places like Venice beach or Santa Monica pier. Why not? It is a very stylish trend this summer. Who wouldnt want to wear a Laguna Beach Lifeguard Hoodie, or a Route 66 graphic t-shirt?

Not only are attractive Californians wearing these graphic tees and hoodies, but people across the nation and internationally are eyeballing this new California trend as well. What else would one expect? It has blown up into full nationwide and international trends. Those visiting California oftentimes purchase these cool items just to take them back to loved ones in various cities, districts, states, and countries. The people of these regions are highly appreciative because most are just wishing to be a part of this new and exciting fun summer trend.

The good news is that now, the people of these regions dont have to wait for someone to bring them a trendy graphic tee or hoodie. Missing out is not an option anymore. An online retailer is available. It is offered at a place that is at the cutting edge of this trend- Cottonage.com. Getting them there offers the benefit of getting items shipped directly. If ever one missed the chance to purchase a cool new California tee or hoodie, one can get the chance now. Cottonage.com has got these items in stock.

Cottonage.com is a fashionable online retail website that offers quality products at wholesale prices. CottonAge began their business selling only signature cotton products. All that was offered was bathrobes, towels, slippers and spa accessories. The business eventually expanded product lines to offer a broader selection of goods such as apparel for men, women and children and much more. Same day shipping and embroidery or screen-print services- customization- is also offered.

Cottonage.coms embroidery or screen-print options can provide customers with affordable prices for customization needs. The shoppers experience is personalized by giving them the option to have their own designs on their daily apparel. Our customer service representatives give product recommendations based on the shoppers preferences and technological capability, Balkanli adds. CottonAge takes pride in professionalism and works hard to showcase that. Customization is great for graphic tees, putting logos on blank t-shirts, personalizing ones hoodie, gifts, etc. Customization shows the importance that one gave the gift that was given. It would even look great on a trendy California summertime t-shirt. Customization is key. So is a California Tee!

Teachers, Parents Praise New Reading Program In Pennsylvania School District For Helping Struggling Students Increase Their Test Scores

Swiftwater, PA (PRWEB) July 27, 2012

As the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in one of the most diverse school districts in Pennsylvania, Dr. Catherine Sweeney needed a way to boost the progress of her high-risk student population. Then, one of her teachers discovered StudyDog, an interactive reading program designed for elementary schools.

Our students were not making any type of progress, Sweeney explained. We have to prepare our students for them to be successful in the 21st century. I think the key is that you need to keep up with technology.

The Pocono Mountain School District faced several challenges with more than half of the districts roughly 10,000 students economically disadvantaged. About 21 percent of the students had learning disabilities and 5 percent were learning English for the first time.

Click here to visit the website to see how it works.

Forty percent of kindergarteners in the Pocono Mountain School District did not possess basic phonemic skills when they entered the school system last fall. The lack of those basic skills makes it incredibly difficult for students to learn phonics at the primary level. But using Web-based software from StudyDog, teachers tailored interactive learning programs to the specific needs of each child.

We have been extremely pleased with the program, Sweeney said.

After testing StudyDog last spring in classes for children with special needs, administrators rolled out the program for all students in kindergarten through second grade.

Urnaments Introduces ‘Christmas in July’ with their Holiday Edition Urn Ornament

Glen Rock, New Jersey (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Urnaments LLC has created a special keepsake urn called Christmas Memories for patrons who want to commemorate the memory of their loved ones and pets during the holidays.

“Christmas Memories was actually our very first design,” says Michael Martino, Founder & President of Urnaments LLC. “We had reservations about introducing it separately when Urnaments and Pet Urnaments first launched in May. Our PR people said that it might be assumed as our signature product and misrepresent our brand in a way other than what we intended.”

There is a logic to this. All Urnaments and Pet Urnaments look like traditional holiday ornaments and are specially designed so they can be adorned on a Christmas Tree. If the First Edition Collection of seven very distinct designs were represented by Christmas Memories, the assumption might that the product was solely a “seasonal” one.

This is why Urnaments’ graphic artists at Miles Technologies were instructed to make no more than one design with a holiday theme.

“On our website and brochure we go to great pains to showcase pictures of Urnaments and Pet Urnaments in settings all around the home, or office for that matter,” continued Mr. Martino. “Still, we have a distinct demographic who also love them for the holidays. Our “Christmas In July” campaign is our way of searching out more people who fall within that sales margin.”

Urnaments LLC was founded by Michael C. Martino in 2010. All engineering / prototyping / designing of the Urnament was completed in November, 2011. Urnaments were designed for the growing market of people seeking to commemorate their departed loved ones and pets in a more heart warming and expressive way. By matching their decorative appeal with an eyelet at the top, Urnaments can displayed on a Christmas tree or anywhere else in the home

Oldfields Advance Scaffold Witness Continuing Surge in Demand for Their Project Expertise

Revesby, New South Wales (PRWEB) July 30, 2012

With over 25 years experience, Oldfields Advance Scaffold are widely renowned for being the leading supplier of aluminium mobile towers and scaffolding to both domestic and commercial customers. Their specialised project arm has reported an ever-growing demand for their expertise, innovative advice and high quality products from companies right across Australia who need to complete a diverse range of residential and commercial projects.

General Manager, Mr Maurice Rivera believes that the reasons why so many companies are seeking out Oldfields Advance Scaffold each and every week for help with their projects are simple.

As Mr Rivera explains, Specialist projects are not something that everybody does in this industry. Customers look to us for specialised systems and often they dont know what they need, particularly if the project is somewhat unique or difficult. This is where our team shines.

Our team of scaffolding experts continue to use their depth of knowledge to produce high-end solutions for our growing number of project customers and as such, if we ever need to enter into a quoting or tender process, our proven track record, years of experience, specialist advice and cost-effective solutions see us come to the fore.

Currently, Oldfields Advance Scaffold have a range of projects underway and have previously been linked to some of Australias biggest brands including leading Australian airline, Qantas.

We were extremely pleased to have been able to lend our scaffold hire expertise to Qantas for the project nicknamed The Big Red Tail, which involved re-painting the tail on the Qantas Founders Museum’s Boeing 747 aircraft exhibit, remarks Mr Rivera.

As you can appreciate, the tail on a Boeing 747 is huge as it measures up to half the size of a football field. Being such a difficult shape and height, the project presented plenty of challenges to those co-ordinating it, but was made easier by the solution we provided which included more than 20 vertical metres (65 feet) of high-quality scaffolding support.

Oldfields Advance Scaffold have also been called upon for providing a swing stage to perform maintenance on the big screen at Queenslands Skilled Stadium, event staging at several high calibre events, beach staging for the Iron Man Competition, stadium seating for the Australian Baseball League Season, and many more unique and challenging projects.

They have also been involved in more delicate areas, such as providing the scaffolding platform for professional painters to revive the Regent Theatre roof. As Mr Rivera points out, this historic theme also continues with one of their current projects.

Were currently undertaking a major project at Ayers House in Adelaide. Our company is extremely excited to be involved in this, as Ayers House is considered to be one of the finest examples of Colonial Regency architecture in Australia and remains the largest and best preserved of the houses designed by George Strickland Kingston.

Our project specialists were brought in to advise on the best scaffolding solution and the result of our teams advice has seen the installation of our Aluminium Modular Systems Scaffold to assist them to complete refurbishments on this historical Adelaide building.

Oldfields Advance Scaffold are committed to leading the leading the way as Australias chief provider of scaffolding solutions and their project team is always excited to be able to bring together the best value scaffold hire equipment with guaranteed reliability and expert advice for their growing number of project customers right across the country.

For more information about previous and current Oldfields Advance Scaffold projects or how to contact them for more information, visit http://www.oldfields.com.au/scaffolding

About Oldfields Advance Scaffold

After operating in the industry for over 25 years, Oldfields Advance Scaffold can boast to be Australias leading manufacturers and wholesalers of Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Towers and other scaffolding products.

Oldfields Advance Scaffold is part of the larger publically listed Oldfields Holdings Group, which was established in 1916.

With locations nationwide, they are committed to providing the best value scaffolding equipment solutions for both hire and sales, including a full range of innovative, high quality, safe, reliable products and services to cover all scaffolding needs.

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Content Writing King Announces Cancellation Of Experimental Video Creation Process For Their Article Marketing Website

(PRWEB) July 01, 2012

Today, Content Writing King announced that they will be cancelling the experimental video creation process for their article marketing website. They said that it is taking up too many resources that they need in other projects. They have reassured their search engine optimization customers that they will be continuing with their regular video creation services.

As a matter of fact, Content Writing King is diverting some of the resources they were putting into the experimental project back into their normal video content marketing services, among other things. However, they said they are happy to announce that once their website is re-launched that their video content creation services will be available to their search engine optimization customers as a solo service. Originally, this service was offered exclusively in their search engine optimization packages alongside their blog post writing service and article writing service.

The launch of the newly designed content creation website is due within a few days, announces Content Writing King. This is another reason they have cancelled their experimental video creation process. They need the resources put toward finishing up their new website design to make sure it is completed in full on time. This include putting time in to generate content for the website, since that is on of their specialties anyway.

Content Writing King also made mention that their new graphic design artist is almost ready to be a part of their core video creation team, as well as take charge of image creation. She will be the head of this department, and will also start her first major project with the firm once they have their new website design finished.

About Content Writing King Content Writing King is an online company that helps consumers to find and obtain content writing services. For more information about Content Writing King, please visit their website at http://www.contentwritingking.com.

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Todd Heckman Joins Smart Devine as Managing Director in Their Business Advisory Practice

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Todd works with his clients on a wide range of management advisory services focusing on strategic planning, cost containment, performance improvement, and information technology. He has nearly 20 years of experience assisting clients with large-scale business transformations and has specialized in ERP implementations, shared services, and post-merger integration. He has conducted numerous business reorganization projects for clients and has done extensive work with ERP implementations, shared services, and post-merger integration.

Todd has taught seminars on project management, change enablement, performance improvement and strategic planning. He presents regularly at numerous industry conferences and is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

Prior to joining SMART DEVINE, Todd was a Partner at several international accounting and advisory firms where he led the companys higher education practice. He was formerly a Partner for SMART Business Advisory and Consulting and also spent nearly 8 years with Arthur Andersen.

We are extremely pleased to have Todd join the talented team at Smart Devine. Todd has been a significant addition to our growing business advisory practice and has a proven record of being an excellent resource for clients with his considerable expertise and ability to lead complex projects, said Jim Smart, CEO of Smart Devine.

Todd holds a bachelors degree from Shippensburg University and a masters degree from Penn State University.

Smart Devine, is headquartered in Philadelphia and provides a full range of accounting, advisory, tax and investigative forensic accounting services to companies across a variety of industries.