TREQ-VMx Mobile Data Terminal Now Features 3G Cellular Communications


The TREQ-VMx mobile data terminal by Beijer Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of rugged human machine interface products, is now available with 3G UMTS/HSPA+ and CDMA EV-DO modems for faster connection speed and broader network reach. Currently used for managing delivery vehicles, truck fleets and other mobile assets, the removable TREQ-VMx with 3G capabilities allows fleet managers to access a larger communication network, quickly send and receive information and utilize more data capacity.

The 3G technology is designed by Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, developing secure embedded software for banking, wireless services, identity protection and government applications, and within its Cinterion M2M business line the full range of highly robust connectivity devices, embedded software and data management services. Gemaltos Cinterion PVS8 and PHS8 modules provide high speed, high bandwidth data communications for CDMA EV-DO and HSPA+ networks with seamless reliability extended to 2G and 3G networks as well. Offering integrated GPS technology, the modules provide precise location data plus an advanced power management system for extended operation in the field. In addition, Gemaltos Cinterion M2M modules are designed for longevity and flexibility sharing the same footprint with next generation LTE products allowing cost effective solution evolution as technology needs advance.

Additional features of the TREQ-VMx include a bright, LED lighted, 800 x 480 WVGA, 7 LCD display with touch screen, Marvell

Healthcare Market Resources’ New Data Negates Assumptions on In-House Home Health Agencies

Dresher, PA (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

In the Post-Obama Care realm, post-acute providers feel pressured to integrate services and optimize partnerships and alliances. Todays home health agencies, jockeying for position in order to become a preferred provider for their services, often feel like second class citizens to in-house or captive agencies.

Healthcare Market Resources, (HMR) a leading provider of custom market data for hospices and home health agencies, announces a new set of metrics to dispel the myths associated with hospital-based home health referrals.

Theres a commonly held belief in the home health industry, particularly among freestanding organizations, that hospital-based and hospital-affiliated home health agencies(HHAs) monopolize all the in-house referrals, Richard Chesney, HMR CEO said.

Healthcare Market Resources set out to examine that myth with a new analysis by linking Medicare hospital inpatient claims to home health admissions or readmissions within a four day window.

Based on an analysis of 2009 Medicare claims data, HMR was able to determine the specific home health agencies that patients went to from each hospital. The research goes beyond the boundaries of previous analysis which was limited to examining competition within a geographical area, explained Chesney. Our analysis gives insight into the referral patterns established by specific hospitals bringing market share analysis down to the micro level. More than 67% of the hospitals did not have a dominant provider.

Whether you operate in the state of Alaska with over 86% of high market share hospitals that year or in Louisiana with just over 6% of hospitals considered to have a dominant agency in 2009, the research details how hospitals behave in a particular market.

Healthcare Market Resources offers a glance at the state data used for its analysis with a comprehensive chart at The data is an effective tool for home health agencies to discover referral opportunities to support their goals with strategies for growth in market share. Healthcare Market Resources new market research is inclusive of any hospital and can be leveraged by any home health agency.

A review of the data in a particular market can reveal that while some of the states in the highest quartile have CON restrictions on access, that regulatory-limited provider base did not automatically lead to a high percentage of single-agency dominated institutions.

Our data analysis can take into account that a hospital may attract patients beyond the service area of the captive agency or even go as far as to make note that in many metropolitan areas, patients can easily cross state lines to get care, while agencies cannot, Chesney explained. The research identifies the hospitals that have a dominant agency, with more than 70% market share, but this HHA may not be a captive organization

By effectively connecting our research with a custom report on your market, Home health agencies looking to expand their market share can now take their sales strategies to a micro level, Chesney said.

A sampling of the detail inherent in the state-specific report can be found at and additional descriptions of specific reports can be obtained by calling 215-657-7373.

The consistent takeaway from all of our data, regardless of the state you operate in, is that home health agencies that look at their market share based on assumptions or myths will be off the mark when it comes to meeting their quotas, Chesney stated.

About Healthcare Market Resources

Healthcare Market Resources, Inc., a leading provider of reliable data enables home health agencies and hospices to make market decisions based on data and not perceptions. Its customized local market reports give healthcare executives a competitive edge for business development and strategic planning initiatives.

Extraprise Releases Roadmap for Marketers to Harness Big Data

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Extraprise, the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, released Big Data for Marketers: The Big Elephant in Marketing, a white paper designed to help marketers harness Big Data to create customer intelligence and drive multi-channel marketing. The release of the white paper is in conjunction with a webinar jointly sponsored by Extraprise and SDL Alterian titled New Ways to Harness Customer Intelligence from Big Data. The webinar will take place on June 13th at 11:00 AM EST and is offered at no cost. To attend, please register here.

In Big Data for Marketers: The Big Elephant in Marketing, Extraprise sheds light on how Big Data represents a tremendous revenue opportunity, although it is one that marketers often miss due to the inability to create a complete customer profile that includes mobile and social media brand conversations to drive multi-channel marketing and revenue performance.

In order to drive revenue from multiple and across channels through real-time customer interactions, the collection of Big Data must be transformed into customer intelligence that effectively delivers an optimized message at the right place and time. To drive this behavior, Extraprise references its experience in handling tens of millions of customer interactions and outlines a step-by-step guide on how to effectively harness Big Data to meet and exceed revenue goals:

Use all forms of customer engagement
Make customer intelligence strategic
Transform Big Data
Manage data as part of the strategy
Implement a true closed loop sales and marketing system

As a result, sophisticated segmentation and profiling can be applied to every stage of the customer life cycle. A multi-channel marketing campaign will then optimize revenue performance at the right time with the right offer to the right customer.

Extraprise is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, creating customer intelligence and using it to drive multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time and in the right places throughout the customer lifecycle. Offering an expansive list of its i2i marketing services spanning data management, customer intelligence, marketing strategy, lead generation, lead nurturing and qualification and marketing operations, Extraprise services are scalable and seamlessly compatible with marketing automation and CRM solutions. Clients of all levels of marketing maturity have the flexibility to start and grow with the services they need.

About Extraprise Group Inc.

Extraprise is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, offering the only demand generation services that combine customer intelligence with multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time in the customer life cycle. Spanning a comprehensive set of services from lead generation to nurturing to closed sale, and upsell and cross-sell, Extraprises i2i demand generation services are suitable for clients at all levels of marketing maturity. Delivered through its Guaranteed Success Program as a hosted service, Extraprise continually meets the evolving marketing needs of its customers by driving tens of millions of customer interactions resulting in hundreds of thousands of buying opportunities from every country and continent. For more information, visit or call +1(888)i2iMKTG or email info(at)extraprise(dot)com.

Extraprise is a registered trademark of Extraprise Group Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Copyright

QA Graphics Provides HVAC Graphic Solutions for Data Centers

(PRWEB) August 23, 2012

QA Graphics, a leading provider of HVAC graphic design solutions, has expanded their services to provide high-end system graphic development for data centers. These graphic solutions will help data center operators better visualize and review critical information.

QA Graphics can provide custom system graphics and 3D equipment models for almost any type of building automation system (BAS). These HVAC data center graphics can be integrated within the existing building automation system to provide facility managers better visualization when reviewing critical information such as electrical monitoring, server tracking, air flow simulation, etc. QA Graphics also provides floor plan graphic development services to better illustrate data center layouts and rack space.

High-end custom graphics can help data center operators better visualize and view critical information such as:

NJIT Offers Online Data Mining Graduate Certificate

Newark, New Jersey (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

The online data mining graduate certificate program prepares students for our world of information economy where data is being generated in every aspect imaginable. Every time you swipe your card at the grocery store or are on Facebook or LinkedIn, data are being extracted and downloaded into a database. Today more than any time in history, organizations are storing, processing and data mining this information for marketing, advertising, eCommerce, healthcare and supply chain processes. The results are extracting actual information for companies to draw on to increase productivity and efficiency.

NJIT s Online data mining graduate certificate classes teach the mathematical methods in understanding data mining. Emphasis is on large-scale databases as a source of knowledge generation and competitive advantage within many areas of business.

What will you learn?

The fundamentals of relational database technology, concurrency, and recovery
Methods of database design and conceptual modeling
The principles of information-retrieval system design
Techniques essential for building text databases, document-processing systems, office automation systems, and other advanced information management systems
And more in two elective courses, each worth 3 graduate credits.

Information on the Online Graduate Certificate in Data Mining:

12 credits four classes

One year to complete (on average)

Study is fully online, or in a classroom. You can mix and match between online and on-campus classes too.

The graduate certificate is a stand-alone credential that can lead to a corresponding – NJIT masters degree in Computer Science or Information Systems

Financial Assistance is available for students who study part-time (6 credits or more). U.S. income tax education credits can be applied as well.

New Jersey residents studying online and/or on campus are charged, as always, in-state tuition rate. Residents living anywhere in the world outside New Jersey qualify for the affordable graduate online tuition rate. This rate is significantly lower than the out-of-state fee to attend graduate classes on campus.

NJIT, New Jersey’s science and technology university, enrolls more than 9,558 students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in 120 programs. The university consists of six colleges: Newark College of Engineering, College of Architecture and Design, College of Science and Liberal Arts, School of Management, College of Computing Sciences and Albert Dorman Honors College. U.S. News & World Report’s 2011 Annual Guide to America’s Best Colleges ranked NJIT in the top tier of national research universities. NJIT is internationally recognized for being at the edge in knowledge in architecture, applied mathematics, wireless communications and networking, solar physics, advanced engineered particulate materials, nanotechnology, neural engineering and e-learning. Many courses and certificate programs, as well as graduate degrees, are available online through the Division of Continuing Professional Education.

New Reed Construction Data Service Provides Free Project Leads to Construction Contractors

Norcross, GA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Reed Construction Data, a leading provider of construction information, market intelligence and marketing solutions, announces the release of Local Bid Alerts, a new project alert service that connects contractors and other construction professionals to local projects coming up for bid. Local Bid Alerts offers its customers high quality leads completely free of charge and with no subscription or obligation of any kind.

Local Bid Alerts gives contractors who havent yet tried a lead service, and those who have tried other services, a risk-free, cost-free way to see the outstanding value and quality of our project leads, stated Iain Melville, CEO, Reed Construction Data. Our new service delivers active, first-rate leads not just static samples to give our customers a more complete view of construction activity in their area and open new opportunities for them to find projects they might otherwise miss.

Leveraging projects and contracts from Reed Construction Datas powerful database, Local Bid Alerts introduces contractors to jobs that can help drive success and growth. The service delivers not only project leads, but also details such as contact information and all available plans and specifications. Contractors can reduce time spent researching and focus on jobs with the most potential for profit.

With the Local Bid Alerts package, contractors receive:

Free weekly email alerts, with accurate and exact information about construction projects bidding in their area

Free access to summary-level information for thousands of projects from Reed Construction Datas industry-leading project database

Free exclusive content on cost estimating and construction management content from RSMeans, the most used and most quoted name in construction

Local Bid Alerts automatically delivers new project leads to the contractors inbox on a weekly basis. Once received, the contractor owns the lead and can follow it through all building stages for added value through the duration of the project the lead never disappears. There are no hidden charges, no gimmicks and no surprises.

Local Bid Alerts is an exceptional opportunity for contractors of all specialties to find and bid on projects in their area, stated Iain Melville. We are excited to offer this free new service to give construction professionals the ability to win more jobs and gain an advantage over their competition.

To learn more about Local Bid Alerts, go to

About Reed Construction Data

Reed Construction Data, a division of Reed Business Information and the Inaugural Strategic Partner of the AIA, is a leading North American provider of construction information. Reed Construction Datas diverse portfolio of innovative products and services includes national, regional and local construction data, building product information, construction cost data, advertising channels and market intelligence solutions for construction industry professionals in the United States and Canada. For more information, please go to

MuleSoft Selects CloverETL to Enrich the Data Integration Capabilities of the Mule ESB Enterprise and CloudHub Platforms

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) July 19, 2012

Javlin today announced that CloverETL data integration software will play an important role in MuleSofts Mule ESB and CloudHub offerings platforms that act as transit systems for carrying data between applications, simplifying the process of maintaining and growing application integrations.

As part of the partnership, CloverETLs Designer and Engine support Mule Studio, MuleSofts Eclipse-based graphical designer that drives Mule ESB and CloudHub. With Mule Studios visually intuitive DataMapper, users can easily interact with complex data sets and formats to create maps and transformations that support their integration use cases. Integrated into Mule Studio, the visual part of MuleSofts DataMapper builds upon a variety of CloverETL Designer APIs to provide integration developers with intuitive screens for development and design-time validation of data payload mapping.

The payload mapping is then translated into the CloverETL data transformation format utilized by the CloverETL Engine, which performs the actual payload transformation based on user-defined mapping. The CloverETL Engine has also been fully integrated into the Mule ESB Enterprise and CloudHub deployment platform environments to provide a seamless experience and support in production.

Business analysts looking for the value in their data can easily work with the common data integration functions such as:

Communication with databases, accessing message queues, exchanging data with packaged or custom applications (including legacy apps)
Working with data in different modern formats (XML, JSON), or legacy (CSV, fixed-length or Cobol)
Direct integration with data structures of Java programming language (POJOs, hash-maps or JavaBeans)

Built into Mule Studio, CloverETL helps drive data mapping with the easy-to-use, analyst-friendly GUI. As an Eclipse-based developer tool, Mule Studio allows users to graphically create and test Mule ESB flows. With the help of Clover, the need for direct programming knowledge is significantly reduced, said Ken Yagen, VP of Products for MuleSoft.

The Mule Studio DataMapper works on top of CloverETL Designer to provide users with the tools to quickly design data transformations: CloverETL and MuleSoft embrace the opportunities an OEM relationship offers, said Peter Cresse, EVP of Sales, Javlin. With Clover, MuleSoft can approach clients data integration needs with heightened strength, agility, and real usability to offer a greater overall ESB package.

Complete information on the partnership and ESB solution can be found at:

About CloverETL and Javlin

CloverETL is the fast-growing ETL and data integration software for both the OEM and direct software data business. CloverETL can be used for data management projects such as data integration, data migration, or data quality; it can run as a standalone application or be embedded into wider solution such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Intelligence (BI) or Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. CloverETL integrates data from disparate formats, in both small and large volumes for critical business data. CloverETL is developed and supported by Javlin, a data solutions company with a long record of experience in providing data software and services to the largest global enterprises. | | Follow us on Twitter: @CloverETL

About MuleSoft

MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise. With the rise of cloud and mobile, enterprises face a choice: get overwhelmed by the resulting explosion of end points or seize the opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Founded on the idea that connecting applications should not be hard, MuleSoft lets organizations harness the power of their applications through integration. MuleSoft’s Anypoint technology eliminates costly, time-intensive point-to-point integration, enabling business agility. Delivered as a packaged integration experience, CloudHub (formerly Mule iON) and Mule ESB are built on proven open source technology for the fastest, most reliable integration without vendor lock-in. Supporting billions of transactions per day, MuleSoft is used in production by thousands of enterprises, including Walmart, MasterCard, Nokia, Nestl

Texas Energy Network (TEN) Announces Membership in Key Energy Data Standards Organizations; Releases Standards for Carrier Deployment of LTE for Energy Communications

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Citing ownership and control of the network core as a key element of service, Texas Energy Network, LLC announced today carrier deployment standards for LTE networks on the oilfield. Gregory M. Casey, Chief Executive Officer of TEN stated; “TEN is releasing these standards as guidelines for energy companies seeking to use LTE to transmit data. TEN’s network is being built to a carrier class standard and we think its important that our energy customers know what that means compared to some other service that may portend to provide critical infrastructure wireless service.” Casey was business unit head of Qwest/US West’s carrier access business before starting TEN.

The first key element of carrier class service is control of the LTE Evolved Packet Core(EPC). An LTE network uses an eNodeB (evolved node B, essentially an LTE base station), a MME (mobile management entity), a HSS (home subscriber server), a SGW (serving gateway), and a PGW (a packet data network gateway). With the exception of the eNodeB, everything is considered as part of the EPC (evolved packet core) network. At the tower the eNodeB connects to the EPC.

The MME and the HSS basically handle all duties regarding subscriber access to the network. It handles all the authentication, roaming rules for subscribers, etc. The SGW essentially acts like a giant router for subscribers, passing data back and forth from the subscriber to the network. The PGW provides the connection to external data networks. The most common data network the PGW provides a connection to is the internet.

Therefore, ownership and control of the EPC is essential. Allen Shipman, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at TEN stated, “network control is essential when providing data transmission to critical infrastructure companies such as the energy industry. If the network isn’t controlled and is maintained by a third party, its not secure and certainly not carrier class.” Shipman is noted for his architecture of the 50,000 mile Broadwing fiber network now owned by data heavyweight Level 3.

Other key elements beside ownership and control that are essential to the provision of carrier class service are: 1) ownership and control of backhaul links over licensed spectrum, 2) ringed network topology to provide system continuity in the case of backhaul failure, 3) redundant core routers in the case of failure, 4) secure tower deployment and several other design elements. These standards will be announced on TEN’s website in September.

TEN also announced membership in two key energy data standards organizations, Energistics and PIDX. Energistics is a global industry consortium that facilitates an inclusive user community for the development, adoption and maintenance of collaborative, open standards for the energy industry in general and specifically for oil and gas exploration and production. Its website can be found at PIDX provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitates seamless, efficient electronic business within the oil and natural gas industry and its trading community. Its website can be found at Greg Casey also noted “TEN is the first carrier to become a member in both organizations. Our intention is to not only efficiently transport data at high speeds but to facilitate the use of data in energy company work flows. Membership in these organizations gives us access to key energy data constituents.”

Starting first in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale play, TEN is delivering 4G LTE to the oil and gas industry to enable the promise of the “Digital Oilfield”. The company’s website can be found at