Study Breaks College Media Presents Must-Read Marketing Strategies for Utilizing the Popular Technology Known as GIFs in Email Marketing, Social Media and Web Graphics

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 06, 2015

A Brief History of GIFs:

The GIF has been adding motion to still imaging since 1987. In the beginning, GIF animation was reserved for the pros; the only people building them were clip art enthusiasts and pre-social media innovators looking to take their content viral. But as the development of sharing technology launched video content into the forefront, more and more GIF images started popping up within Internet space (thanks to a mixture of supply/demand and improved GIF generator technology). Today, companies like Cinegif and are making it easy for small businesses to build beautiful GIF images designed to upgrade a marketing campaign or support a new wave of premium web advertising.

Marketing with Gif:

-Email Marketing-

Looking to cut through email marketing noise? Perhaps a well-placed, high-res GIF image is just the answer for spicing up one’s ROI. With email marketing growing at about a 20% annual rate, marketers are looking harder than ever for techniques to instantly separate themselves from the rest of the competitors in their field. A unique, flowing image certainly fits that bill. In fact, companies like Coca Cola, American Apparel, and HubSpot are already rolling out GIF animation in their email marketing structure.

-Social Media-

One of the most advantageous components of modern day GIFs is how multi-dimensional they are. Video clips, memes, and multiple photography shots can all be edited to form one marketing tool. When GIF builders stumble upon a trending form of Internet culture (memes last year, for example), they can adapt their GIFs to meet that model, share it on social media pages and greatly increase their chances of promoting viral content. (Take, for example, Experian Marketing Services, a company claiming it’s seen 72% of its clients whove utilized animated GIF’s or cinemagraphs experience higher transaction-to-click rates.)

-Web Graphics-

Maintaining an updated web graphic is important to most businesses looking to stay on top of a fast-paced industry. After all, one isnt likely to view a clearly outdated site and claim, “Wow these guys really have it together!” But designing online eye candy is more important than just saving face. Recruiting GIF technology to one’s site could boost ad revenues, as ad men are continuously intrigued, fascinated and won over by both aesthetics and improved click-through rates.

Study Breaks College Media provides a one-stop solution for small businesses, providing them with big marketing strategies and delivering college students.

Study Breaks magazine is an award-winning line of monthly entertainment magazines for college students with a mission can best be explained through its slogan: We are college life. Published by the hassle-free printer and publisher Shweiki Media Printing Company, it is distributed in five Texas cities (Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos and Lubbock). (

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Full Sail Graphics & Marketing Warns Businesses of Vehicle Wrap Scams That are Hitting the Streets

Orange County, California (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

As reported by CBS, Vehicle Wraps are one of the most effective forms of advertising in the market today. One car wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

Yet with popular ventures there is always negative fallout of con artists and scams intending to rip people off and steal their money. As of late, companies are offering to pay individuals to Vehicle Wrap their cars, making high offers of as much as $ 2,000 a month. With the current and unfortunate economic crisis and the holidays around the corner people are easily falling victim to the monetary offering.

One such scam hit home for a woman named Laurel Dakini who thought that she would be receiving an additional $ 350 a week for displaying a Rock Star Energy Drink wrap on her vehicle. CBS News states that she corresponded back and forth with the alleged vehicle wrapping company discussing the details in full and feeling comfortable with the exchange. It was not until she proceeded to physically go into the bank and cash the check that the bank representatives stopped and informed her that the check was a fake.

As society becomes more immersed in technological advancements and changes in social interaction, the demand for more attention grabbing advertisements becomes prevalent. Many companies are engaging in new, bold and extravagant forms of marketing such as ‘vehicle wrapping.’ To wrap a vehicle is to cover the body of the car with the information of a business or the logos of a company, etc. Many companies use vinyl car wrap as a way to further promote their business, and in doing so are receiving great feedback and a higher rate of success.

If a vehicle wrap is in the best interest of a business, don’t be fooled by scammers seizing the chance to take advantage of consumers. Avoid falling for companies offering you to make money if you put down a deposit. Do NOT wire money to anyone, regardless of how legitimate they seem. Also, if possible go to the physical location of a vehicle wrap company, don’t negotiate finances through email or over the phone. It is important to have visual reassurance that the organization appears to be authentic.

To avoid similar scams, it is a good idea to seek out a certified professional with years of experience and admirable customer feedback.

In light of these terrible scams, there is a plus side for honest business owners. Benefits that come from wrapping a vehicle almost seem endless. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing is a well-known company with an outstanding reputation for successful marketing. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing seeks to help businesses promote themselves through vehicle wraps and more. The company does not pay patrons to advertise for them but instead provides graphic design and car wraps to businesses. Vehicle wraps have become a no brainer for a number of companies. As part of the companies assurance for a favorable outcome with Vehicle Wraps, Full Sail states, For the cost of about one month of outdoor advertising in other media, vehicle wraps can create millions of impressions per year and last for several years providing you with the most cost effective form of advertising.

About Full Sail Graphics & Marketing

Full Sail Graphics & Marketing offers a wide range of advertisement opportunities to help business’ grow by using high resolution, digital images to promote various companies, events and more. Included in Full Sail’s services are Trade Show Signs & Banners, Exhibition Displays, Retail Displays, Street Banners, Booth Banners, real Estate Signs, Window Signs & Banners, Trade show & Exhibition Signage, Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Wraps, Window/Wall & Floor Decals. What is most unique about Full Sail Graphics & Marketing is the company’s ability to print on almost every surface, with these services they put the Power behind your brand.


Pete Brunner

15611 Product Lane, #B-15

Huntington Beach, CA 92649


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Absolute Automation Releases First in Series of Home Protection Info Graphics

(PRWEB) October 02, 2012

In this first info graphic from Absolute Automation Inside the Mind of a Burglar, info graphic researcher Renee Laurin relayed statistics detailing the average conceptual burglars state of mind at the time of robbery. This particular info graphic is aimed at helping consumers understand where the weak points in their security system are from an outside perspective.

Absolute Automation Inc. marketing manager Nathan McBride reports, Wed noticed a lot of customers calling in, not really sure what the best way to protect themselves and their property was, which was leading to purchases they didnt feel 100% confident in achieving the security results they had in mind. With this info graphic series, were hoping to help customers and home owners make educated purchases to achieve their home protection goals.

McBride believes that info graphics are one of the most effective methods at delivering information quickly and efficiently to consumers. The compact and visual presentation allows readers to quickly grasp the key points and leave with a better understanding of the facts. Long blog articles or other forms of communication seem not to have the same impact on readers as visual representations such as info graphics.

Laurin shows that 85% of burglars reported having been deterred from breaking into a home which had a television set or radio on. This information is quickly viewable at the top of the display for viewers to assess. She also goes on to show that 85% of burglars cased out a home before hitting it. Laurin comments, These types of statistics are not known to the average homeowner, and we felt that visually seeing some of these sobering facts would be beneficial. While home owners cannot prevent criminals from scouting out their homes or looking to burglarize, they can be better informed on what to keep an eye out for. Being better informed means homeowners can make safer security choices in their own homes.

The infographic also shows that 75% of burglars accessed the home through the window as opposed to the door, McBride says, This helps to show that while having a heavy door and dead bolt is important, realistically it will not stop most burglars. However simple window break sensors, or motion sensors inside the home can be easily programmed into an alarm system to sound both local alarms or sirens and to scare the intruder away or call out to neighbors, an alarm company etc.

Absolute Automation has been in the home security industry since 1995. Specializing in DIY security systems, security cameras and other home automation or security equipment Absolute Automation Inc. offers free technical support on all of their products and most orders are eligible for free shipping.

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QA Graphics Provides HVAC Graphic Solutions for Data Centers

(PRWEB) August 23, 2012

QA Graphics, a leading provider of HVAC graphic design solutions, has expanded their services to provide high-end system graphic development for data centers. These graphic solutions will help data center operators better visualize and review critical information.

QA Graphics can provide custom system graphics and 3D equipment models for almost any type of building automation system (BAS). These HVAC data center graphics can be integrated within the existing building automation system to provide facility managers better visualization when reviewing critical information such as electrical monitoring, server tracking, air flow simulation, etc. QA Graphics also provides floor plan graphic development services to better illustrate data center layouts and rack space.

High-end custom graphics can help data center operators better visualize and view critical information such as:

Motion Graphics Studio Leftchannel Unveils Sophisticated Character Animation at Columbus Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

The artistry of motion graphics studio leftchannel came alive Wednesday when Columbus Nationwide Childrens Hospital opened its doors for the first time since completion of a $ 450 million expansion and environmental installation, seven years in the making.

In October, 2011, leftchannel overshadowed six other design firms bidding for the coveted job of translating static graphics to elegant, organic and sophisticated motion graphics in the Hospitals magic forest and two entry corridors. Under the creative direction of leftchannel President Alberto Scirocco, Taehee Lee, leftchannels lead designer/animator on this project, while working with other leftchannel designers created a gentle and sophisticated character animation that brings birds, deer, bunnies and other woodland creatures to life with an organic quality that works with the Nationwide Childrens Hospitals child-centric, eco-friendly design.

According to Aki Carpenter, art director at Ralph Applebaum Associates, Inc. of New York, four Columbus design firms, two New York firms and one Chicago firm were close contenders for the project ultimately awarded to leftchannel.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates is the design firm overseeing the entire Nationwide Childrens Hospital expansion project, and Carpenter is the projects art director.

We had seven big players from Columbus, Chicago, and New York bidding on this project, Carpenter said. All of the firms came out on top with solid graphic design, but it all boiled down to leftchannels perfect execution of the media we provided during the bidding process.

They have a great cosmopolitan background, and theyre based in Columbus. We felt that working with a Columbus firm was important, and once we met with leftchannel we knew we had the right design team.

Scirocco says he knew leftchannel had exactly what was needed to complete the hospitals motion graphics design, but was nonetheless humbled when the project was awarded to his team.

We knew we were the ideal candidate for this project but we were up against some talented firms, Scirocco said. Earning this contract was a genuine affirmation of our teams capabilities.

Columbus Nationwide Childrens Hospital is a healthcare network that provides wellness, preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative care for infants, children, adolescents and selected adult patients. A medical staff of more than 800 and a hospital staff of almost 4,000 provide state-of-the-art pediatric care for 500,000 patient visits annually.

The Nationwide Childrens Hospital is home to Ohios first Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, and its Columbus Childrens Research Institute is one of the top 10 Nationwide institutes of health-funded, free-standing pediatric research. Each year, more than 75,000 people receive health and wellness education at the facility. Two thousand students from 93 institutions, and 500 physician residents receive training at Columbus Nationwide Childrens Hospital.

Find out more about leftchannel at

About leftchannel:

Established in 2003 and headed by Alberto Scirocco, leftchannel is a motion design company comprised of multidisciplinary graphic design artists specializing in motion graphics, TV spots, music videos, broadcast identities, program titles and opens, animation and graphic design, advertising and broadcast graphics. Scirocco began his career in design and art in Italy before moving to the U.S., where he helped establish leftchannel in Columbus. An adjunct professor and head of the CCAD Motion Design program, Sciroccos passion for computer animation and motion graphics is a driving force behind the firms decisively individualistic and pioneering capabilities adaptable in a multitude of fields including film, advertising, broadcast graphics, architecture, retail planning, digital installation, projection mapping and environmental design.

Leftchannel has earned numerous industry awards including: Addy Awards (Nationwide Silver, multiple regional); Boards Magazine (multiple); Brooklyn Film Festival (Festival Identity Selection); Communication Arts Design Annual (multiple); Cracow Film Festival (Poland); Digital Arts Magazine; IdN Magazine (Music Video Annual, 15th Anniversary Book/Featured Artist); Int’l Fest of Cinema and Technology (2nd Place); iTunes Video Store (Inaugural Day Top 10);; Lumen Eclipse;; (Top 5 Music Video Pick of the Week); Nemo Film Festival (France); The One Show (Merit Award); OneDotZero Film Festival (InterNationwide); RES Film Festival (InterNationwide); RES Magazine (multiple); Rushes Soho Shorts Festival (UK); STASH DVD (multiple); SXSW Film Festival (multiple); Vice Magazine.

Leftchannels client list includes A&E Network, Absolut, American Express, AOL, CMT, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Canon, The Discovery Channel, Eli Lilly, ESPN, Ford, Honda, Humana, Express, Huntington Bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Luxottica Group, Merck, MTV, NASCAR, Nike Golf, Panasonic and Sony.

For more information, visit the leftchannel website at

CPR Awareness Key to Saving Lives: CPR Techniques and Stats Explained through Brand New Info Graphics

Woodbridge, New Jersey (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

According to the American Heart Association, Nearly 383,000 out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests occur annually and 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when electrical impulses in the heart become rapid or chaotic, which causes the heart to suddenly stop beating. With more than 70 percent of people either being untrained or having lapsed training in CPR, CPR Select has embarked on a new campaign to educate the masses with a comprehensive Info Graphic section on their website

The central purpose of the new info Graphic section is proper education, citing that public misconception about CPR and first aid is one of the main contributors to unnecessary injuries.

The page explores the Top 15 First Aid Myths, why widespread training of CPR saves lives, CPR and AED myths, seven outdoor first aid myths, as well as CPR CAB steps for adults and infants.

All the info graphics were professionally created by graphic artists and are designed in the most intuitive way possible. At a glance visitors can supplement their education and CPR Select encourages all visitors to display the images on their own websites.

Each individual info graphic delves into myths such as the necessity for mouth to mouth resuscitation during CPR, the falsehood that tourniquets are used to stop bleeding, and that AED is only to be used by professionals.

The comprehensive CPR Info Graphics show that use of CPR techniques from updated guidelines along with chest compressions can increase the likelihood of survival through to hospital discharge from 46 percent to 78 percent. Additionally, patient survival with good brain function increases from 34 to 51 percent, and one-year survival rates double from 27 percent to 49 percent.

CPR Selects online classes help individuals and groups to obtain two-year CPR and BLS certification as well as CPR recertification. The goal of the info graphics and the website as a whole are to show that Online CPR/AED and First Aid certification classes are a simple, affordable and effective way to save lives, said a company spokesperson. By encouraging every American to learn CPR and defibrillation techniques, we can save thousands of lives every year.

For more information about CPR Select, please visit

About CPR Select:

CPR Select is proud to be the only physician-created and endorsed online provider of CPR and First Aid certification. American Heart Association (AHA) training for its physicians ensures the most up to date, accurate and highest quality online healthcare courses and certification available. All courses are based on 2010 AHA guidelines and each course follows recommended guidelines from Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, OSHA, U.S. Department of Health Services, American Dental Association and U.S. Department of Education and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) standards.

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Drupal Website Design and Development Firm, Project6 Design, Launches New Website For Litigation Graphics and Trial Strategy Firm

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

San Francisco Bay Area branding and website design & development firm, Project6 Design, proudly announces the launch of a new website for Cogent Legal. The new website features a compelling home page design with an easy-to-use navigation. Additionally, the site boasts a customized portfolio review section that provides sample images and videos of their litigation graphics and trial strategy work, as well as compelling news items and testimonials. The site also includes a client login area for Cogents clients to login and view secure documents related to trials. Project6 built the new website with the Drupal content management system (CMS), which allows Cogent Legal to easily add new content to keep the site both relevant and engaging.

Even though Im an attorney and our clients are other attorneys and law firms, I didnt want Cogent Legals site to look like a law firm site, said Morgan C. Smith, Esq., president and founder of Cogent Legal. I wanted it to look more like an architecture firms site, with clean, modern lines and a visually engaging, easy-to-navigate portfolio of images. Searching for a web design and branding firm that could understand and implement this vision, I went outside the circle of design and marketing firms that have built sites for many law firms to find a design firm whose portfolio conveyed the look and feel I wanted to emulate: Project6 Design in Berkeley. They guided us through a process that dovetailed with my firms strategic planning insofar as it forced me to really think about and better understand the client base and their needs, as well as refine the firms goals.

Our team was just the right size for Cogent. Small enough to have excellent customer service and attention to detail, yet large enough to have the experience and expertise that really fit with their vision, said Esten Sesto, Founder and President of Project6 Design. Its really fulfilling when we can help a business in their efforts to grow and evolve. Cogents new website will serve as a marketing vehicle as well as a communication tool thats customized for their unique needs. Cogent Legal was a great partner in this project and we are really proud of the new website we have created for them.

About Cogent Legal

Cogent Legal designs persuasive, engaging, accurate and legally admissible demonstrative graphics for litigation. Cogent Legal also provides strategic case consulting and trial support. They help attorneys prepare and present their cases for maximum results with minimum stress. Morgan C. Smith, is a longtime litigator who successfully tried complex, high-value cases. His in-depth understanding of litigation, combined with the firm’s talented design team, enable Cogent Legal to offer clients unparalleled and invaluable collaboration. For more information, visit

About Project6 Design, Inc.

Project6 Design, established in 2001, is an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, CA) based graphic design firm that specializes in strategic brand, print, and web design and development services. Project6 Design is unique because of its strong emphasis on design and usability while still having the ability to implement web projects in-house (leveraging several years of expertise in the Drupal CMS). From non-profit to Fortune 500, clients include the University of California – San Francisco, eBay, CA Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Gap, United Way, Serena Software, and Old Navy. For more information, call (510) 540-8005, email info[at]project6[dot]com, or visit


For Project6 Design, Inc.

Esten Sesto, Founder & President

(510) 540-8005 ext. 100


Space Exploration and Higher Education Will Both Benefit from New Partnership with NASA, Triad Semiconductor, Mentor Graphics and HBCU Communities

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

An Agency-wide effort, the NASA Science and Technology Institute for Minority Institutions, or NSTI-MI, is a three-year competitive program designed to enhance the science, technology, engineering and math capabilities of HBCU students. The unique nature of Goddard’s arrangement is that it also involves a partnership with two private commercial companies.

Goddard, Alabama A&M University, Tuskegee University, along with Mentor Graphics in Wilsonville, Ore and Triad Semiconductor of Winston-Salem, N.C., have entered into a collaboration that will have university professors knowledgeable in microelectronics and computer science working with their students to build a library of electronic designs that can be rapidly and affordably built and used to design electronics for future spacecraft and instrument control.

“One of the challenges in undergraduate education is to have relevant and real design and build projects for students, said Lucy McFadden, Chief for Higher Education at Goddard. With efforts such as this, we have a ready structure to motivate students and give them a real learning environment with an exciting outcome.

Microelectronics design for space missions is demanding. Being able to optimize the size, weight and power of electronics is a mission critical activity for all projects. At the same time, outer space presents a harsh radiation environment requiring electronics to be able to operate under extreme conditions.

“Rapid development of electronics that meet size, weight and power requirements along with radiation-hardening will be critical to NASA’s future exploration efforts” said Lavida Cooper of the Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate at Goddard.

The researchers will utilize a design environment provided by Triad known as ViaDesigner. ViaDesigner is a new electronic design automation tool that enables system-level engineers, who have no previous integrated circuit design experience, to create their own application-specific integrated circuits. ViaDesigner is based on the Mentor Graphics SystemVision