Study Breaks College Media Presents Must-Read Marketing Strategies for Utilizing the Popular Technology Known as GIFs in Email Marketing, Social Media and Web Graphics

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 06, 2015

A Brief History of GIFs:

The GIF has been adding motion to still imaging since 1987. In the beginning, GIF animation was reserved for the pros; the only people building them were clip art enthusiasts and pre-social media innovators looking to take their content viral. But as the development of sharing technology launched video content into the forefront, more and more GIF images started popping up within Internet space (thanks to a mixture of supply/demand and improved GIF generator technology). Today, companies like Cinegif and are making it easy for small businesses to build beautiful GIF images designed to upgrade a marketing campaign or support a new wave of premium web advertising.

Marketing with Gif:

-Email Marketing-

Looking to cut through email marketing noise? Perhaps a well-placed, high-res GIF image is just the answer for spicing up one’s ROI. With email marketing growing at about a 20% annual rate, marketers are looking harder than ever for techniques to instantly separate themselves from the rest of the competitors in their field. A unique, flowing image certainly fits that bill. In fact, companies like Coca Cola, American Apparel, and HubSpot are already rolling out GIF animation in their email marketing structure.

-Social Media-

One of the most advantageous components of modern day GIFs is how multi-dimensional they are. Video clips, memes, and multiple photography shots can all be edited to form one marketing tool. When GIF builders stumble upon a trending form of Internet culture (memes last year, for example), they can adapt their GIFs to meet that model, share it on social media pages and greatly increase their chances of promoting viral content. (Take, for example, Experian Marketing Services, a company claiming it’s seen 72% of its clients whove utilized animated GIF’s or cinemagraphs experience higher transaction-to-click rates.)

-Web Graphics-

Maintaining an updated web graphic is important to most businesses looking to stay on top of a fast-paced industry. After all, one isnt likely to view a clearly outdated site and claim, “Wow these guys really have it together!” But designing online eye candy is more important than just saving face. Recruiting GIF technology to one’s site could boost ad revenues, as ad men are continuously intrigued, fascinated and won over by both aesthetics and improved click-through rates.

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Survey Methods

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World EV Traction Battery Market Research Study by IDTechEx Now Available at

London, UK (PRWEB) August 20, 2012

The growing market for traction batteries is predicted to exceed USD 55 billion in only ten years, making it a hot market to develop. This includes high performance batteries of up to USD 500,000 for military, marine and solar aircraft use. Interestingly enough, a growing number of low cost batteries are happily used for e-bikes even though several new technologies will appear and should disrupt the scenery. While its not easy deciphering expert calls and prognostics, this trend shows it will only grow and become an everyday reality in the world of automobiles.

New market research study Electric Vehicle Traction Batteries 2012-2022 prepared by IDTechEx has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Electric Vehicle Traction Batteries 2012-2022

Published: August, 2012

Pages: 325

Price: US$ 3,995.00

The market research study features detailed assessments and forecasts for all the sectors using and likely to use traction batteries.

The report shows a glimpse of the future ten years from now, with unit sales, prices and total market value forecast for each sector for 2012-2022. The replacement market is quantified and ten year technology trends by sector are also looked at, with a view on winning and losing technologies and companies.

Report Contents:

1. Executive Summary and Conclusions

1.1. The decade of hybrid vehicles

1.2. Market 2012-2022

1.2.1. Strong numbers growth

1.3. Replacement business

1.3.1. China

1.3.2. Replacement market

1.3.3. Lithium polymer electrolyte now important

1.3.4. Winning chemistry

1.3.5. Winning lithium traction battery manufacturers

1.3.6. Making lithium batteries safe

1.4. Price war

1.4.1. $ 30 billion industry – two thirds vehicle traction

1.5. Massive investments

1.5.1. Government support

1.5.2. Stronger value growth, hybrids pull ahead

1.5.3. Mark ups through the value chain

1.6. Largest sectors

1.6.1. Trends

1.6.2. Battery chemistry

1.6.3. Battery shape and photovoltaics

1.6.4. Ribbon and conformal batteries

1.6.5. Heavy industrial sector

1.6.6. The light industrial and commercial sector

1.6.7. Mobility for the disabled

1.6.8. Two wheel and allied vehicles

1.6.9. Cars

1.6.10. Golf

1.6.11. Military

1.6.12. Marine

1.6.13. Other

1.7. Market for EV components

1.7.1. Timelines

1.7.2. Watch Japan, China and Korea

1.7.3. Full circle back to pure EVs

1.7.4. Range extenders

1.7.5. Envia breakthrough in 2012

1.7.6. Winning strategies

1.8. Who is winning in lithium-ion traction batteries – and why

1.8.1. The needs have radically changed

1.8.2. It started with cobalt

1.8.3. Great variety of recipes

1.8.4. Other factors

1.8.5. Check with reality

1.8.6. Lithium winners today and soon

1.8.7. Reasons for winning

1.8.8. Winner will be Toyota?

1.8.9. Lithium polymer electrolyte now important

1.8.10. Genuinely Solid State Traction Batteries

1.8.11. Winning chemistry

1.8.12. Titanate establishes a place for Li-ion anodes

1.8.13. Laminar structure

2. Introduction

2.1. Definitions, scope, history

2.2. The EV value chain

2.3. Pure electric vs hybrid vehicles

2.4. Battery cells, modules, packs

2.5. Construction of battery packs

2.5.1. Changing factors

2.5.2. NiMH vs lithium

2.5.3. Replacement traction battery pack market 2011-2021

2.5.4. Plug in hybrids take over from mild hybrids

2.6. Pure electric and hybrid converge

2.6.1. Two options converge

2.7. Fuel cells

2.8. The ideal car traction battery pack

2.9. Traction batteries today

2.10. First generation lithium traction batteries

2.11. Second generation lithium traction batteries

2.12. The future

2.12.1. Third generation lithium traction batteries

2.12.2. Trends in energy storage vs battery pack voltage

2.12.3. Companies wishing to make the new batteries

2.13. How to improve lithium traction batteries

2.13.1. Basic needs

2.13.2. Life

2.13.3. Energy density

2.13.4. Safety

2.14. USA and Europe play catch up

2.15. Technological leapfrog

2.16. Academic research and small companies

2.17. Industrial leverage

2.17.1. Major funding can have strange impacts

2.17.2. Rapid profits for some

2.17.3. Impediments

2.18. Benefits of EVs

2.19. Traction battery design considerations

2.20. Future evolution of hybrids and pure electric cars

2.20.1. Specification changes

2.20.2. Move to high voltage

2.20.3. Battery performance over time – battery life

2.20.4. Battery state of charge

2.20.5. Depth of discharge affects life

2.20.6. Capacity rating

2.20.7. Daily depth of discharge

2.20.8. Charging and discharging rates

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