Wind Energy Update: Romax Technology join host of Indian wind energy development Directors and C-level executives in New Delhi

London, UK (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Predictive Maintenance Sponsors Romax Technology have joined Suzlon, Gamesa, Acciona Energy at the two day event in order to discuss key issues that include:

Future policy framework – hear from key representatives from organisations including the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency
Maximise your revenues under the GBI – understand why MW/h produced is more important than capacity available under the generation based incentives; learn how to optimize your O&M to reap maximum profits
Secure funding amid soaring investor confidence – Get insight from leading international renewable energy financiers and understand the criteria you need to fulfil, allowing you to develop an investable project framework
Fast-track your project planning application – With the growth of IPP project development models capitalise on unique planning application approaches to ensure your project is an the ground and making money as soon as possible
Improve your power evacuation – Understand how to collaborate with state and private sector actors to improve the power evacuation of electricity generated, improving megawatt hours produced
Establish an effective maintenance strategy – understand from experienced O&M providers how proactive O&M solutions are less OPEX intensive in the long run
Gearing up for offshore wind – receive insight from leading actors in the future of offshore wind to determine where the opportunities lie for your business in 2012 and beyond

Romax Technology are the latest player to get involved, showcasing their engineering experience.

Romax Wind works with the world’s leading owners and operators of wind farms as well as investors, manufacturers, OEM’s, system designers, insurers and service providers.

Developed by the industry’s brightest minds our products and services optimise the way wind assets are designed, manufactured, operated and maintained.

Wind Power Development Forum India is Indias first commercial networking forum designed for the rapidly growing wind energy IPP market, addressing crucial wind development issues including effective O&M, supply chain development and policy and market updates. Join us to forge long term strategic partnerships with key actors to rapidly develop your wind power project.

To see more, or to join the discussion, visit

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Leading Edge Design Group Launches South Africa Division to Provide Energy Consulting Services to Southern African Territories

Enfield, NH (PRWEB) September 17, 2012

Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG), a leading national provider of energy optimization services, announced today the launch of their new division, Leading Edge Design Group South Africa, created to deliver energy efficiency consulting services to the Southern African Territories, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and more. LEDG will deliver extensive energy consulting services for commercial and industrial customers, including energy efficiency and lifecycle cost analysis, LED lighting and wireless lighting controls design and implementation, and ongoing measurement verification of energy conservation measures. In addition, the team will work collaboratively with customers and ESKOM, South Africas electric public utility, to secure project funding available for organizations planning to reduce energy consumption.

LEDG South Africa will be headquartered in Johannesburg and is comprised of a diverse team of industry veterans, including former Eskom engineers, IT integrators, and electrical contractors. Electrical engineer and power systems industry veteran, Reverend David E. Gondwe, will lead the LEDG South Africa team. Prior to joining LEDG, David was the Executive Director for a major South Africa citrus farming group and a coal mining company. In addition, he has held various engineering positions for utilities in Malawi, Scotland, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, and Canada.

The looming energy crisis in South Africa presents overwhelming economic constraints on commercial and industrial facilities, said David Gondwe, President of Leading Edge Design Group-South Africa. Tariffs on energy consumption are increasing at a rate of 20%-25% per year, forcing organizations to invest in infrastructure and technology that will improve their energy efficiency and reduce their total demand. Our comprehensive energy service offering will help facility leaders significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while reducing their reliance on the unstable electrical grid.

We are thrilled to expand our service offering to South Africa, said Todd Boucher, Principal, Leading Edge Design Group. As the country struggles to manage their shortage of electricity, we feel strongly that organizations need innovative options that reduce electrical demand and ensure long term operational savings. We look forward to introducing and delivering these progressive energy efficiency options to customers in South Africa and the surrounding territories.

New Energy Works Timberframers Expands Engineering Team

Farmington, New York (PRWEB) July 30, 2012

New Energy Works Timberframers is pleased to announce the addition of Bryan Bleier, Fred Klein, Assoc. AIA, and Owen MacDonald to their engineering group.

Bryan, Fred, and Owen will be active members of New Energy Works Timberframers engineering team connecting with architects, designers, and builders regarding timber frame engineering, plans, raisings, enclosures, and fine woodworking on residential and commercial projects.

Were glad to welcome these new members to our engineering group, says Brian Mosch, general manager at New Energy Works Timberframers. In addition to their primary skill set, each person brings professional experience in the architecture, design, build, and construction fields which will greatly benefit our partners, our clients, and our internal organization.

New Energy Works Timberframers have been designing and building environmentally responsible timber frames across the USA for nearly 30 years from their facilities in New York and Oregon. Offerings include: Timber Framing (design, engineering, manufacturing, build), Enclosure Systems, Fine Woodworking, Recycled and Sustainable wood products. New Energy Works has LEED AP staff members, is a member of the US Green Building Council, and is FSC Certified.

Related Architecture Planning Press Releases Launches New Line of Energy Source Identification Tags

Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) July 27, 2012, a leading online tag provider, has launched a new line of energy source identification tags to assist workers in understanding hazardous energy sources. If handled improperly, unmarked energy sources in the workplace can pose a serious threat to employees, causing serious harm or even death, especially in lockout/tagout procedures.

Energy sources carry a number of risks that most commonly affect workers who service machines and equipment. According to OSHAs website, compliance with lockout/tagout protocol prevents an estimated 50,000 injuries and 120 deaths annually. Tagout procedure requires the use of energy source identification tags to protect against potential hazards, such as electrocution, severe burns, or exposure to dangerous chemicals.

MyLockoutTags new product line offers tags that indicate how a machine gets its energy. Each type of energy source has a tag, from electric and gas to pneumatic and hydraulic. Knowing the risks involved with the use of each energy source is important to maintaining industry safety. In a number of different industries, tags that identify energy sources are crucial to complying with OSHA standards and regulations, said Rivka Fogel, Manager at MyLockoutTags. Any business with machinery will especially benefit from these new tags.

All of the tags come with a graphic, code, and unique coloring that alert workers of the type of energy source used. Tags are available with and without a text explanation of the graphic. The tags each come in two different sizes.

The new tags are available in both a durable laminated adhesive vinyl and a long-lasting rigid plastic. For increased ease of use, each of the tags also comes with a pre-drilled hole large enough for a piece of wire or other means of attachment.

For more information, visit


MyLockoutTag is the Web’s leading site for safety and lockout tags. The company aims to provide products that alert workers of hazards in the workplace, especially in lockout procedures. Customers can choose from a wide variety of OSHA-complaint lockout tags that address nearly any hazard that could arise during lockout.

About SmartSign

SmartSign is one of America’s fastest-growing e-commerce companies and parent of,, as well as more than 50 other sites. The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of signs, tags, mats, and labels. In the past, many consumers have found it hard to find, hard to design and hard to order signs with the right message. By positioning “signs as solutions,” SmartSign has taken an entirely different approach. Through highly targeted, content-rich, and authoritative retail sites, the company provides specific solutions to specific problems, such as protecting a gas station. SmartSign is widely recognized for its quality construction; its signs come with a 3M

Improved Illumination Selects Top Rated LED Lighting Manufacturer, Expands Energy Efficiency Lighting Options and Offerings

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Over the last 12-15 months, Improved Illumination has spent a tremendous amount of time interviewing, meeting with, researching and evaluating numerous LED manufactures and supplies. Our goal, as LED reliability has improved and the fixture cost has decreased, has been to add a proven LED offering to our already existing suite of cost saving exterior and interior lighting fixtures. says James Feeney, Managing Director of Improved Illumination. We are very impressed with not only the reliability of NextGens product offerings but their commitment in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction as well.

There is no One Size Fits All in the lighting world says Feeney. The application is the key. Take for example, Parking Garages or Parking Lot Lighting. If you own, run or manage a parking facility, with Metal Halide lamps currently installed, you know they are expensive to run, labor intensive to replace and when these bulbs burn out, leave dangerous unlit areas that may increase the risk to your visitors and/or decrease the customer experience.

Improved Illumination is a third party, unbiased provider of cost saving, energy efficient lighting solutions. Unlike others who represent only one particular lighting technology product line, Improved illumination has strong relationships with leading Induction, Fluorescent and now a LED lighting technology provider. This allows Improved Illumination to expand its ability and continue to suggest the most appropriate energy savings solution for our clients individual requirements and specific lighting applications. Feeney added.

We look forward to working with NextGen Illumination and providing well designed lighting recommendations that exceeds our fast growing list of clients expectations surrounding 5 major factors:

Better Light: covering color rendering and consistency, More Energy Efficient: consume 50-85% less energy, Less Maintenance: Longer lamp life, less replacement, fewer service calls, Environmentally friendly: less greenhouse gasses, smaller carbon footprint and Saving Money: reduced monthly lighting expenses, payback in months, not years.

Improved illumination ( provides exterior and interior lighting solutions to commercial, industrial, educational and government clients. Based in Metro West, Boston, Improved illumination works with Parking Facilities, Warehouses, Hospitals, Lodging Organization, Auto Dealerships and a host of others to evaluate and make cost savings suggestions to reduce our clients lighting/energy consumption. These benefits provide a solid ROI and a payback measured in months not years.

James Feeney can be reached at 508 801 9205 or jfeeney(at)improvedillumination(dot)com and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current lighting configuration and undertake a no-obligation LEAP evaluation for your organizations locations.

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Texas Energy Network (TEN) Announces Membership in Key Energy Data Standards Organizations; Releases Standards for Carrier Deployment of LTE for Energy Communications

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Citing ownership and control of the network core as a key element of service, Texas Energy Network, LLC announced today carrier deployment standards for LTE networks on the oilfield. Gregory M. Casey, Chief Executive Officer of TEN stated; “TEN is releasing these standards as guidelines for energy companies seeking to use LTE to transmit data. TEN’s network is being built to a carrier class standard and we think its important that our energy customers know what that means compared to some other service that may portend to provide critical infrastructure wireless service.” Casey was business unit head of Qwest/US West’s carrier access business before starting TEN.

The first key element of carrier class service is control of the LTE Evolved Packet Core(EPC). An LTE network uses an eNodeB (evolved node B, essentially an LTE base station), a MME (mobile management entity), a HSS (home subscriber server), a SGW (serving gateway), and a PGW (a packet data network gateway). With the exception of the eNodeB, everything is considered as part of the EPC (evolved packet core) network. At the tower the eNodeB connects to the EPC.

The MME and the HSS basically handle all duties regarding subscriber access to the network. It handles all the authentication, roaming rules for subscribers, etc. The SGW essentially acts like a giant router for subscribers, passing data back and forth from the subscriber to the network. The PGW provides the connection to external data networks. The most common data network the PGW provides a connection to is the internet.

Therefore, ownership and control of the EPC is essential. Allen Shipman, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at TEN stated, “network control is essential when providing data transmission to critical infrastructure companies such as the energy industry. If the network isn’t controlled and is maintained by a third party, its not secure and certainly not carrier class.” Shipman is noted for his architecture of the 50,000 mile Broadwing fiber network now owned by data heavyweight Level 3.

Other key elements beside ownership and control that are essential to the provision of carrier class service are: 1) ownership and control of backhaul links over licensed spectrum, 2) ringed network topology to provide system continuity in the case of backhaul failure, 3) redundant core routers in the case of failure, 4) secure tower deployment and several other design elements. These standards will be announced on TEN’s website in September.

TEN also announced membership in two key energy data standards organizations, Energistics and PIDX. Energistics is a global industry consortium that facilitates an inclusive user community for the development, adoption and maintenance of collaborative, open standards for the energy industry in general and specifically for oil and gas exploration and production. Its website can be found at PIDX provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitates seamless, efficient electronic business within the oil and natural gas industry and its trading community. Its website can be found at Greg Casey also noted “TEN is the first carrier to become a member in both organizations. Our intention is to not only efficiently transport data at high speeds but to facilitate the use of data in energy company work flows. Membership in these organizations gives us access to key energy data constituents.”

Starting first in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale play, TEN is delivering 4G LTE to the oil and gas industry to enable the promise of the “Digital Oilfield”. The company’s website can be found at

SmartWatt Energy, Inc.s Corporate Albany Office Gains Two New Interns

Albany, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

SmartWatt Energy, Inc. is pleased to announce that Patrick Shea and Ellen Uhlig have joined the company as interns in the corporate office in Albany. Patrick Shea will be interning with both the Human Resources Department and the Mechanical Division, while Ellen Uhlig will be interning with the Marketing Department.

We are excited to welcome Patrick and Ellen into SmartWatt Energys internship program, said Lindsey Speach, SmartWatt Energys Human Resources Director. Interns have historically provided a fresh vantage point to our business, while simultaneously gaining experience that will provide them with a strong professional foundation. We have had great success in the past and currently with our internship program. Last year, an intern at our corporate office quickly became a full-time employee. The former intern/current full-time employee will be working closely with an intern this summer. SmartWatt Energys nationwide growth provides a demand for hard-working, talented and eager individuals interested in growing their careers; a mutually successful internship can be the first step in that process.

Patrick Shea is currently a junior at the University at Albany, State University of New York, where he is pursuing a degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Environmental Policy. Patrick currently works for H2O Solutions as a Water and Air Analyst and Sales Specialist. In these roles, Patrick performs in-home water testing for various contaminants, analyzes air quality for pollutants, and determines appropriate purification and filtration products based on the results. He has also served as the Director of Research for District Attorney candidate Michael Kogut, where Patrick conducted detailed candidate and current issue research. At the University at Albany, Patrick is the Vice President of Research and Development of the Student Entrepreneur Association. At SmartWatt Energy, he will be working with both the Human Resources Department and the Mechanical Division.

Ellen Uhlig recently graduated with honors from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Marketing and a minor in English. Ellen works for Entek Environmental and Technical Services, where she assists in the writing and editing of professional reports. While at the University of Connecticut, Ellen was an active member of the Professional Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, serving as both the Vice President of Chapter Operations and the Vice President of Alumni Relations. In the latter role, Ellen wrote and edited the Alumni Newsletter and communicated frequently with alumni members. At SmartWatt Energy, Ellen will be working with the Marketing Department on all tasks, including press releases, email marketing, marketing collateral, and trade show marketing.


SmartWatt Energy, Inc., is a leading nationwide provider of turnkey energy-efficiency solutions. SmartWatt Energy is dedicated to lowering businesses operational costs through energy-reduction strategies. SmartWatt Energy provides whole building energy assessments and implements lighting retrofits, VFD upgrades, control system enhancements, ECM upgrades and more to help commercial, industrial, government and utility customers meet their sustainability goals. SmartWatt Energys energy-efficiency services include construction-grade energy audits, value-engineered designs, self-performed installations, utility incentive procurement, facilitation of EPAct 2005 tax deductions and maintenance support. For more information, visit

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Appalachian Energy Summit Helping North Carolina College Campuses Slash a $226 Million Energy Bill

Boone, North Carolina (PRWEB) July 09, 2012

July 9, 2012Today, college leaders from North Carolina meet for the first time, making a signatory commitment to work toward carbon neutrality by 2050 and slash their $ 226 million energy bill.

The three-day Appalachian Energy Summit, hosted by Appalachian State University in partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute, convenes representatives from all 17 campuses in the University of North Carolina system, including the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, plus five private colleges: Catawba College, Davidson College, Duke University, Warren Wilson College, and Wake Forest University.

The inaugural event is designed to aid in the creation of actionable energy plans that benefit students, the environment, and the local economy.

The University of North Carolina is exploring opportunities to educate its 221,000 students at their 17 campuses on the principles and practices of sustainability. According to the North Carolina State Energy Office, The University of North Carolina system spends $ 226 million per year on energy, approximately $ 1,000 per student per year. At current levels, a 25-year reduction in energy usage would yield a 20-year savings in excess of $ 1 billion.

Todays college-bound students want to know about campus sustainability plans, said RMI Senior Consultant Michael Kinsley, author of RMIs Accelerating Campus Climate Initiatives. The answer to which could be a deciding factor for a growing number of applicants.

As college campuses across the country are raising tuition in a tough economy, the summit has implications beyond North Carolina. With 677 college and university signatories to the Presidents Climate Commitment, more campuses are looking to lower operating costs. RMIs recently published Reinventing Fire provides a long-term vision and strategies to dramatically cut energy use by retrofitting buildings, addressing the fuel in fleets, and exploring on-site renewable generation that can be readily adaptable to a complex campus ecosystem.

If college campuses can champion the efficient use and renewable supply of energy, Kinsley said, they stand to not only gain a competitive edge but can serve as a living lab for cities and regions trying to implement similar strategies at a larger scale.

The summit launches a multi-year commitment in which participating campuses will collaborate to set goals, share best practices, and educate leadership on integrated design and the latest technologies. Ultimately, the UNC campuses are looking to cut the universitys average annual energy costs by 50 percent while promoting environmental leadership through their academic programs.

Hosting this University of North Carolina system-wide transformational initiative at Appalachian State University is a true honor, said Chancellor Kenneth E. Peacock. The collaborative nature of the Summit reinforces the commitment Appalachian and our sister institutions have to sustainable practices and programs. In light of our campus’ commitment to sustainability, including receiving the prestigious U. S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 People’s Choice Award and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Educations STARS Gold rating for excellence in sustainable practices in our curriculum, operations, and administration, I am proud for Appalachian to welcome RMI CEO and Physicist Amory Lovins and his colleagues as well as all of the other distinguished speakers.

For more information, visit


About Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. RMI emphasizes integrative design, advanced technologies, and mindful markets in fulfilling its mission to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources. RMIs strategic focus is to map and drive the U.S. transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables by 2050. Visit for more information.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand Architect Tropo Design Creates Fibonacci-Inspired Energy Efficient Custom Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

Chiang Mai architect Robert Hupertz of tropo-design, at the request of a client, is currently designing a house using the Fibonacci spiral and the ratio of the golden rectangle. This spiral is pleasing to the eye and found in nature, art and architecture. Everyday examples of the geometric wonder are seashells, roses, and sunflowers to name a few.

This new home will be built in Lamphun Province of Thailand, 20 km from Chiang Mai. The building is situated in Lanna Airpark, to the north of the privately owned Lanna airport.

Architect Robert Hupertz described the design challenge:

“It is so exciting to work for demanding customers! In this case our client is an engineer and flight instructor who has been fascinated by mathematics and the Fibonacci sequence (Fibonacci-spiral) in particular, since he was young.”

This project will be very elegant when completed The design of the main staircase starts at the middle of the Fibonacci spiral, and room sizes, heights, and openings are based on the ratio of the golden rectangle. Other elements of the design such as orientation, roof overhangs and protruding walls are defined by the track of the sun during the day to provide shade throughout the year.

The shape and slope of the roof was chosen to increase natural ventilation, provide shade and give protection from the rain.

This custom home will not need air-conditioning to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Instead, the house will be cooled by using thick, aerated concrete blocks for all walls which are exposed to the sun. West facing walls will have an additional ventilated skin to reduce heat transfer in the afternoon. Ventilated metal sheets with thermal insulation reduce the heat gain through the roof.

Additionally, to keep the inside cool, the entire structure will have concrete for structural floors, beams, and columns. All windows are shaded from direct sun and located so as to increase the natural flow of air in the house. These passive measures will save the owner thousands of dollars overall in cooling costs.

Swiss architect Robert Hupertz has been working in Thailand for 16 years and understands the climate and culture. His green architecture firm in Chiang Mai practices sustainable and climate responsive design. His goal is to design poetic buildings while conserving energy resources and reducing long term costs. He does commercial architecture in addition to residential architecture in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas.

Robert and his client are looking forward to seeing the completion of this Fibonacci inspired home that will not only be beautiful, but impressively energy efficient.

About tropo-design

tropo-design is a custom architectural firm based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Owner Robert Hupertz and his team create modern, cost effective buildings for the tropics.

tropo-design, Architects, Engineers

4/9 Soi 3, Loi Kroh Rd.

Chiang Mai 50100


+66 53 449 667 (Telephone/Fax)

+66 81 993 90 67 (Mobile)


This press release was prepared by Bobrow Consulting Group (BCG) for tropo-design. BCG works with building design professionals to build their business by optimizing their online strategy, teaching marketing for architecture firms as well as offering web design and SEO consulting services.

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Dock & Door Tec’s Focus on Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Creates a Need for New Hires

Nowthen, MN (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

Dock & Door Tec (DDT), a loading dock and door installation and service provider, is planning to hire an outside field sales representative to keep up with growing demand in the Minnesota, North Dakota, and Western Wisconsin areas.

Individuals with experience in sales and customer service and who are willing to travel have a unique opportunity to join a thriving company with an eye on innovation and staying at the top of its industry.

Dock & Door Tec owner, Jay Anderson, is especially wanting a sales representative who can exude the company’s passion and effectively relay information about the products and services DDT is offering.

“We have a lot of exciting things happening right now at Dock & Door Tec., and all of it benefits our customers,” Anderson said. “We need someone who’s not afraid to work hard for our clients and provide them with the knowledge and equipment to make their operations super-efficient.”

Part of what’s driving the growth and need for new hires is DDT’s increased focus on energy efficiency and pro-active maintenance. Anderson explained, “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and services while still controlling costs in all aspects relating to loading docks. And a major way we make that happen is through energy efficient solutions and preventative maintenance.”

To reduce energy costs, DDT outfits its customer’s loading docks with products such as dock seals, shelters, LED light fixtures, and dock management systems. Additionally, the DDT team stresses the importance of keeping dock doors properly maintained and undamaged to prevent drafts that can overwork heating and cooling systems.

Anderson feels Dock & Door Tec’s clients are seeing real benefits from the company’s efforts. “Those who take advantage of a regular, preventative maintenance program are able to avoid most major problems that cause significant loading dock downtime,” he explained. “Also, our customers who switch to energy efficient equipment feel great about the money they are saving and their smaller environmental footprint.”

Rounding out Dock & Door Tec’s growth is its new website design by Spark Logix Studios. On the site, visitors can see all DDT’s products and services, read their blog, or contact the company.

To learn more about DDT’s new job posting or its energy efficient and maintenance offerings, visit Dock & Door Tec.

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