Presenting Epicure Digital NutriLive Technology to Provide Foodservice Operators with an Easy-To-Use Interface to Present Nutritional Information on Menu Boards at AHF

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu boards, presents the Epicure Digital NutriLive Nutritional Menu Labeling System for Digital Menu Boards at the at The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) Annual Conference , Miami, FL, 19-22 June 2012, Booth #411

“There is a powerful trend in Hospital food services to develop nutritious and healthy food choices,” said Harvey Friedman, president and founder of Epicure Digital Systems. “Now the challenge is to educate customers to make healthy choices. By creatively combining our easy-to-use Epicure Digital NutriLive nutritional menu labeling system with motion graphics and food photography, Epicure Digital produces visually compelling multimedia menus that help customers make informed choices.”

At the AHF Conference, Epicure Digital will present the Epicure Digital NutriLive nutritional menu labeling system that allows food services to easily control and present nutritional values, information for customers with special food and nutrition needs, and creative ways to highlight special food items. These nutritional labels can display as nutritional data, nutritional scoring, and icons representing food groups, healthy choices, allergens, vegan, vegetarian, local and organic and others.

The Wildflower Cafe in the new 866,000-square-

foot Elmhurst Memorial Hospital offers healthier food choices and is the latest addition to a growing list of hospital cafeterias that serving up tasty, nutritious meals. When the Hospital decided to implement the Epicure Digital Menu Board System, “the plan was to offer more selections of food, healthier, and more cooked-to order food”, said Dave Reeves, Director of Hospitality Services at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. “Each food station features a wide-screen LCD Epicure Digital Menu Board displaying its menu with nutritional data for calories, protein, carbs, sodium, fat, saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. We wanted to display the nutritional content of our menu items so our customers would make the best menu selections for their individual needs. The Epicure Digital system accomplishes this. explained Mr. Reeves.

Epicure Digital Systems custom designs highly graphical digital menu board systems to solve each of its food service clients complex menu issues.

Epicure Digital is a digital menu board company uniquely integrating its expertise in software technology and food service operations and marketing to create digital signage products and services for the food service industry.

Its core product is the Epicure Digital Menu System. Its core services are menu engineering, nutritional menu labeling, and content creation. Its tools increase efficiency, revenues and profitability.

The company differentiates itself from other signage suppliers by specializing in digital menu boards, Epicure Digital is not a general-purpose signage company. Some of the unique Epicure Digital features include:

Epicure Digital NutriLive

Easily control nutritional menu labeling on your digital menu boards

Epicure Digital LiveMenu

Easily rearrange the layout of your digital menu boards

Epicure Digital LiveText

Instantly change and update your menu items, descriptions, prices and icons

Epicure Digital OnlineMenu

Automatically post your digital menus & promotions on your website

Epicure Digital WebAccess

A secure online interface designed to be quick and easy-to-use by non-technical food service personnel

Epicure Digitals clients include hospitals, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

Epicure Digital is a Cisco EcoPartner and provides Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS) compatible digital menu board solutions using the Cisco DMP 4400 player.

The companys website ( has an extensive portfolio of its clients multi screen and multi station digital menu board projects.

Visitors at the AHF Conference will be able to view animated versions of the Epicure Digital Menu Board System with sustainability and nutritional menu labeling on large LCD screens, including systems recently installed at hospitals across the country.

For more information, contact:

Tommy Orpaz,



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Small Business Tax Preparation Experts Partner with Business Planners to Provide Holistic Business Solutions

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 11, 2012, an expert business tax preparation and consulting firm announces a strategic partnership with, a site focused on expert business planning support for small and medium businesses. The partnership will help expand and fill desperately needed gaps within both firms, allowing for an increase in available resources and tools for clients across the corporate spectrum.

The strategic partnership has been built on the understanding that great consulting is a healthy meld of marketing, finance, accounting and strategy. Luckily, the agreement between and works to attain a proper meld. Understanding the financial, accounting and tax nuances in a particular field, niche or industry is extremely helpful for anyone looking to plan their next business venture, says expert tax planner Will Clive. Having strategic planners work directly with tax and bookkeeping experts will provide business owners with an excellent combination for success in their small businesses.

In addition, each company will utilize the relationship for strategic referrals and leads, allowing for cross-pollination and growth. While the partnership is non-exclusive, it is expected the partnership will help in the growth and expansion of both companies. Each client company will also benefit from working directly with experienced business professionals with the abilities and time-tested expertise from which to draw.

While hopes to shore up marketing, writing and strategy professionals at also hope added help in finance, accounting and business tax issues, like tax increases and changes in tax policy which could have a significant impact on business. The upcoming fiscal cliff is one such drastic tax change which intends to help. As the fiscal cliff looms before us, there must be pragmatist business services professionals present, prepared to offer up expert business advice for avoiding potentially damaging tax obligations in the near future, says Clive.

Both company hopes to help in the introduction of new businesses opportunities as well, opening up options for growth in strategic areas. Newbie entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals alike can benefit from the services the companies have partnered to provide for their clients.


As an expert business tax planning firm, works with franchise owners and small business operators across the country to provide management support, consulting and advice in all things tax. From small business bookkeeping service solutions to tax preparation services, and its affiliates has helped countless business owners to decrease the internal headache of properly managing the books and ultimately decrease tax obligations to the IRS. For more information, please visit


A Seattle-based business plan writing service, provides expert MBA-level business plan writing solutions for businesses small and large. The company management includes MBAs, JDs, JD/MBAs and a mix of marketing and finance experts who assist in crafting high-quality business plans which often aid in the receipt of business funding. For more information, please visit

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Leading Edge Design Group Launches South Africa Division to Provide Energy Consulting Services to Southern African Territories

Enfield, NH (PRWEB) September 17, 2012

Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG), a leading national provider of energy optimization services, announced today the launch of their new division, Leading Edge Design Group South Africa, created to deliver energy efficiency consulting services to the Southern African Territories, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and more. LEDG will deliver extensive energy consulting services for commercial and industrial customers, including energy efficiency and lifecycle cost analysis, LED lighting and wireless lighting controls design and implementation, and ongoing measurement verification of energy conservation measures. In addition, the team will work collaboratively with customers and ESKOM, South Africas electric public utility, to secure project funding available for organizations planning to reduce energy consumption.

LEDG South Africa will be headquartered in Johannesburg and is comprised of a diverse team of industry veterans, including former Eskom engineers, IT integrators, and electrical contractors. Electrical engineer and power systems industry veteran, Reverend David E. Gondwe, will lead the LEDG South Africa team. Prior to joining LEDG, David was the Executive Director for a major South Africa citrus farming group and a coal mining company. In addition, he has held various engineering positions for utilities in Malawi, Scotland, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, and Canada.

The looming energy crisis in South Africa presents overwhelming economic constraints on commercial and industrial facilities, said David Gondwe, President of Leading Edge Design Group-South Africa. Tariffs on energy consumption are increasing at a rate of 20%-25% per year, forcing organizations to invest in infrastructure and technology that will improve their energy efficiency and reduce their total demand. Our comprehensive energy service offering will help facility leaders significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while reducing their reliance on the unstable electrical grid.

We are thrilled to expand our service offering to South Africa, said Todd Boucher, Principal, Leading Edge Design Group. As the country struggles to manage their shortage of electricity, we feel strongly that organizations need innovative options that reduce electrical demand and ensure long term operational savings. We look forward to introducing and delivering these progressive energy efficiency options to customers in South Africa and the surrounding territories.

MA and Part D Marketing Experts Provide Innovative Strategies for Overcoming a Compressed Schedule for this Falls AEP

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Health Plan Week and Medicare Advantage News, is pleased to announce its June 27 webinar, Medicare Advantage and Part D Marketing for 2013: Innovative Strategies for Overcoming a Compressed Fall Calendar. See webinar details at

The Annual Election Period for 2012 with its new abbreviated schedule was already very challenging for Medicare Advantage and Part D marketers. And this falls AEP for 2013 will have Election Day in the middle of the compressed schedule, leaving plan sponsors to compete with major political campaigns for advertising space and the attention of beneficiaries.

So what should plans do to avoid getting lost in the noise surrounding the elections? Its not only the message thats important. Its also the media, the events, the technology and the right kinds of arrangements with outside sales agents. Then there is the whole question of getting marketing materials cleared by CMS in a timely manner and adapting to changes in what CMS will review and how it will conduct surveillance this year.

On June 27 two MA and Part D marketing experts from Gorman Health Group will give webinar participants specifics on what to expect and what to do in marketing for this years ultra-challenging AEP. In a lively 60-minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of responses to questions, the webinar will provide reliable strategic information on key issues, such as:

Why the election year might hurt enrollment, and what big picture strategies could mitigate this impact;
How to evaluate various communication channels for MA and Part D marketing, including new elements to consider when it comes to outreach;
What the key contributors are to the speed and accuracy needed for a streamlined enrollment process;
Emerging best practices nationwide for chasing down sales leads in MA and Part D despite the tighter timeline; and
Critical distribution-channel decisions: crucial tactics, tools and questions that must be asked now.

Visit for more details and registration information.

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