Leading Edge Design Group Launches South Africa Division to Provide Energy Consulting Services to Southern African Territories

Enfield, NH (PRWEB) September 17, 2012

Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG), a leading national provider of energy optimization services, announced today the launch of their new division, Leading Edge Design Group South Africa, created to deliver energy efficiency consulting services to the Southern African Territories, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and more. LEDG will deliver extensive energy consulting services for commercial and industrial customers, including energy efficiency and lifecycle cost analysis, LED lighting and wireless lighting controls design and implementation, and ongoing measurement verification of energy conservation measures. In addition, the team will work collaboratively with customers and ESKOM, South Africas electric public utility, to secure project funding available for organizations planning to reduce energy consumption.

LEDG South Africa will be headquartered in Johannesburg and is comprised of a diverse team of industry veterans, including former Eskom engineers, IT integrators, and electrical contractors. Electrical engineer and power systems industry veteran, Reverend David E. Gondwe, will lead the LEDG South Africa team. Prior to joining LEDG, David was the Executive Director for a major South Africa citrus farming group and a coal mining company. In addition, he has held various engineering positions for utilities in Malawi, Scotland, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, and Canada.

The looming energy crisis in South Africa presents overwhelming economic constraints on commercial and industrial facilities, said David Gondwe, President of Leading Edge Design Group-South Africa. Tariffs on energy consumption are increasing at a rate of 20%-25% per year, forcing organizations to invest in infrastructure and technology that will improve their energy efficiency and reduce their total demand. Our comprehensive energy service offering will help facility leaders significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while reducing their reliance on the unstable electrical grid.

We are thrilled to expand our service offering to South Africa, said Todd Boucher, Principal, Leading Edge Design Group. As the country struggles to manage their shortage of electricity, we feel strongly that organizations need innovative options that reduce electrical demand and ensure long term operational savings. We look forward to introducing and delivering these progressive energy efficiency options to customers in South Africa and the surrounding territories.

Knaak Design Group Releases Its New Virtual Landscape Design Division that Gives Homeowners and Investors Several Budget Friendly Options for Do-It-Yourself Projects

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 12, 2012

PlanWorx is a new concept in residential landscape design that gives homeowners and investors in the United States and Canada a variety of options to address their front and backyard projects that suit their budget and time frame. Delivered by registered landscape architects, the virtual landscape design services are at a fraction of the cost compared to most custom designed projects delivered by the same professionals in the industry. Homeowners and real estate investors can benefit from an increased savings of up to 40% by buying the materials should they choose a do-it-yourself approach providing their own installation resources. In addition to creating a custom landscape designs that gives guidance to plan their project, PlanWorx helps people avoid the common mistakes that occur during do-it-yourself projects that further cause delay and waste valuable dollars. KDG will also provide scheduling options to help phase various parts of the project over time due to life events and budget constraints.

With the recession, many homeowners dont have the same discretionary income as they did 5 to 7 years ago. Times are tough, and people need to find innovative and efficient ways to beautify their front and backyards, without feeling like it isnt worth the effort, says Robert Kn