MA and Part D Marketing Experts Provide Innovative Strategies for Overcoming a Compressed Schedule for this Falls AEP

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Health Plan Week and Medicare Advantage News, is pleased to announce its June 27 webinar, Medicare Advantage and Part D Marketing for 2013: Innovative Strategies for Overcoming a Compressed Fall Calendar. See webinar details at

The Annual Election Period for 2012 with its new abbreviated schedule was already very challenging for Medicare Advantage and Part D marketers. And this falls AEP for 2013 will have Election Day in the middle of the compressed schedule, leaving plan sponsors to compete with major political campaigns for advertising space and the attention of beneficiaries.

So what should plans do to avoid getting lost in the noise surrounding the elections? Its not only the message thats important. Its also the media, the events, the technology and the right kinds of arrangements with outside sales agents. Then there is the whole question of getting marketing materials cleared by CMS in a timely manner and adapting to changes in what CMS will review and how it will conduct surveillance this year.

On June 27 two MA and Part D marketing experts from Gorman Health Group will give webinar participants specifics on what to expect and what to do in marketing for this years ultra-challenging AEP. In a lively 60-minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of responses to questions, the webinar will provide reliable strategic information on key issues, such as:

Why the election year might hurt enrollment, and what big picture strategies could mitigate this impact;
How to evaluate various communication channels for MA and Part D marketing, including new elements to consider when it comes to outreach;
What the key contributors are to the speed and accuracy needed for a streamlined enrollment process;
Emerging best practices nationwide for chasing down sales leads in MA and Part D despite the tighter timeline; and
Critical distribution-channel decisions: crucial tactics, tools and questions that must be asked now.

Visit for more details and registration information.

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