Wind Energy Update: Romax Technology join host of Indian wind energy development Directors and C-level executives in New Delhi

London, UK (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Predictive Maintenance Sponsors Romax Technology have joined Suzlon, Gamesa, Acciona Energy at the two day event in order to discuss key issues that include:

Future policy framework – hear from key representatives from organisations including the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency
Maximise your revenues under the GBI – understand why MW/h produced is more important than capacity available under the generation based incentives; learn how to optimize your O&M to reap maximum profits
Secure funding amid soaring investor confidence – Get insight from leading international renewable energy financiers and understand the criteria you need to fulfil, allowing you to develop an investable project framework
Fast-track your project planning application – With the growth of IPP project development models capitalise on unique planning application approaches to ensure your project is an the ground and making money as soon as possible
Improve your power evacuation – Understand how to collaborate with state and private sector actors to improve the power evacuation of electricity generated, improving megawatt hours produced
Establish an effective maintenance strategy – understand from experienced O&M providers how proactive O&M solutions are less OPEX intensive in the long run
Gearing up for offshore wind – receive insight from leading actors in the future of offshore wind to determine where the opportunities lie for your business in 2012 and beyond

Romax Technology are the latest player to get involved, showcasing their engineering experience.

Romax Wind works with the world’s leading owners and operators of wind farms as well as investors, manufacturers, OEM’s, system designers, insurers and service providers.

Developed by the industry’s brightest minds our products and services optimise the way wind assets are designed, manufactured, operated and maintained.

Wind Power Development Forum India is Indias first commercial networking forum designed for the rapidly growing wind energy IPP market, addressing crucial wind development issues including effective O&M, supply chain development and policy and market updates. Join us to forge long term strategic partnerships with key actors to rapidly develop your wind power project.

To see more, or to join the discussion, visit

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London Sets the World Alight as Global Superstars Rihanna and JAY Z Join Coldplay to Close London 2012 Paralympic Games

(PRWEB) September 11, 2012

The London 2012 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony saw Coldplay, one of Britains best selling music acts, joined by global superstars Rihanna and Jay-Z in a spectacular celebration of achievements of the Paralympic athletes and an amazing summer of sport.

Ceremony of fire takes audience through circle of seasons honouring the spirit of Festivals.

Flame extinguished on an amazing summer of sport and celebration.

The Ceremony, called Festival of the Flame started at 8.30pm on Sunday 9 September, paid tribute to the UK as a nation famous for hosting festivals and the exuberance of festivals which is felt the world over. Lead by Closing Ceremonies Artistic Director Kim Gavin, Music Director David Arnold and Designer Misty Buckley, the Ceremony was overseen by the same team of Executive Producers who have been in charge of all four Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies including Oscar winning film director Stephen Daldry.

In a dramatic opening section a storm created by Wind Gremlins on motorbikes attempted to blow away the Agitos the symbol of the Paralympic Games whilst a motorcade made its way through London to the Olympic Stadium.

The Ceremony then honoured servicemen and women, particularly through the work of charity Help for Heroes, in a section that saw Captain Luke Sinnott, a double amputee, climb to the top of the flag pole to fly the Union flag to the accompaniment of the National Anthem performed by Lissa Hermans, who is blind and autistic. During a moving speech by Rory Mackenzie, who lost his leg on a patrol due to a roadside bomb, flags from the competing nations formed a heart shape on the field of play before the shape was burnt into the ground.

The motorcade of weird and wonderful vehicles then stormed the Olympic Stadium, including a Clamposaurus, Hellcopter, Beast from the East, Bug, Time Machine and The Car that had to be Toad. The large tricks were built by a team led by Joe Rosh who specialise in taking old battered vehicles and turning them into amazing mechanical floats and machines, and the smaller vehicles were built by Mike Patterson and a team at Kinetika, an outdoor arts design company. The noisy, chaotic and vibrant possession burnt an intricate pattern of crop circles into the field of play before forming the centre stage.

Following the presentation of awards to Michael McKillop (Athletics, Ireland) and

Mary Zakayo (Athletics, Kenya) from Dr Whang Youn Dai for sporting excellence, recognition of six newly elected members of the IPCs Athletes Council, and recognition of the 70,000 Olympic and Paralympic Games Maker volunteers, Coldplay were revealed on the central Sundial Stage to lead the celebrations with Us Against The World.

The band then celebrated the seasonal cycle of ancient and modern festivals that take place throughout the year taking the audience on a journey of their most iconic songs set to cycle through Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. In a story of fire and flame the band were accompanied by spectacular performances by Candoco Dance Company, disabled ariel performers trained at Circus Space thanks to funding from Arts Council England, and The British Paraorchestra founded by Charles Hazlewood as part of a 200 strong professional cast, 1,300 volunteers, 120 child volunteers from schools in the east London Host Boroughs.

Autumn continued with a performance of Yellow accompanied by Candoco and 12 flame dancers, Up In Flames accompanied by a display by ariel artists Denis Remnev and Lyndsay Care, then Paradise with 19 fireflies descending from the roof.

Coldplays performance of 42 signalled the start of Winter with snow-like confetti explain from cannons on the Stadium roof and was accompanied by a performance by crews on stilts, blue painted Iceni warriors and a Snow Queen played by Vikoria Modesta, a lower-leg amputee, model and singer/songwriter. Finally God Put A Smile On Your Face saw motorcycle aerialists Lyndsay Adams and Laszlo Simet ride to the top of the Stadium by motorbike to ignite a ball of energy to signify the beginning of Spring.

In Spring Coldplay performed Clocks whilst a giant laser spread across the Stadium, and Charlie Brown accompanied by 120 children, before Rihanna, who has sold more than 25 million albums and 60 million singles worldwide, was revealed on a Steamship truck travelling around the track for the performance of a Princess of China as a duet with Coldplay.

Summer opened with Strawberry Swing accompanied by the British Paraorchestra, before Rihanna performed We Found Love from a swing raised above the stage, and Coldplay finished the season with a performance of Viva La Vida, the song which was performed by musicians simultaneously around the UK earlier at 2.00pm as part of Bandstand Marathon the final event of the London 2012 Festival.

Then came the handover of the Paralympic Flag from the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to the President of the International Paralympic Committee Sir Philip Craven who entrusted it to Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes. This was followed by a joyful and colourful artistic segment by Rio 2016 of musical performances by Brazilian pop stars and playful dance battles with wheelchair dancers and visually impaired ballerinas.

Speeches by Sir Philip Craven, IPC President, and Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London 2012 Organising Committee were followed by The Final Flame a section to mark the Closing of the Paralympic Games and the last night of London 2012.

Thomas Heatherwicks Cauldron opened and as the Flame began to fade Paralympic gold medallists Ellie Simmonds and Jonnie Peacock arrived to transfer the final flame to a London Paralympic Torch. They then proceeded to light hundreds of torches held by members of the cast throughout the field of play, whilst fourteen-time Grammy award winner JAY Z arrived on stage with Rihanna to perform Run This Town followed by a reprise of Paradise by Coldplay with JAY Z.

Coldplay then made an emotional performance of The Scientist as sporting highlights of the past 11 days played on the big screens in the Stadium, before being joined by all the cast to perform Every Teardrop is a Waterfall whilst the circular stages released fountains of water to finally extinguish the Paralympic Flame.

The Ceremony ended with a spectacular firework display over the Olympic Stadium and Park, as the worldwide broadcast left the Olympic Park to showcase a firework display along the River Thames as part of the Mayors Thames Festival, a stunning display lighting up the Paralympic logo, the Agitos, on Tower Bridge and finally a projection on the Houses of Parliament of the words Thank you London, thank you UK.

Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair, said: ‘The Paralympic Games has set new records every day, sporting records, records for crowds for television audiences, for unbridled spirit. In this country we will never think of sport the same way and we will never think of disability the same way. The Paralympians have lifted the cloud of limitation.

In the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games I said that we would ignite a flame that would ignite the world. I am proud tonight to say we have done this.

There are some famous words you can find stamped on the bottom of a product. Words, that when you read them, you know mean high quality, mean skill, mean creativity. We have stamped those words on the Olympic and Paralympic Games of London 2012: London 2012. Made in Britain..

Kim Gavin, Closing Ceremonies Artistic Director, said: ‘What better way to demonstrate our respect and commitment to these athletes than by celebrating with Britains most internationally renowned band, two global superstars and a fantastic cast of professionals and volunteers.

Coldplays Chris Martin said; ‘Being asked to play at the closing celebrations for the Paralympic athl

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Jewelry Designer Jenne Rayburn To Join The Winchester Cultural Council Fine Arts And Crafts Festival

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

The Fall 2012 Art At The Market event will be held on September 15th, 2012 from 9:30 AM 2:00 PM, at the Winchester Common farmers market, providing attendees the opportunity to purchase exquisite hand-made collections from Jenne Rayburn, a studio craft artist who will offer one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. Jenne will be highlighting her Ark Jewelry Collection. Combining traditional metalsmithing techniques like piercing, stamping, and etching, Ark is a collection of iconic-silhouetted images designed as earrings, necklaces and charm bracelets. These timeless shapes are inspired by the animal characters found in cultural mythologies the world over, and tell stories of how hope, strength and virtue tie us to a greater universal purpose. Expressing big ideas, aspirations, and values, through deeply rooted symbolism, Ark combines ornament with storytelling.

Jenne Rayburn is a metalsmith, enamellist, and seasoned designer who creates lovely, original jewelry and textile designs intended to compliment the vision of the woman who wears them. Jennes approach is rooted in the timeless elements and reflections of nature and natural formations, geometries and juxtapositions. She is inspired by the structure and ornamentation in architecture. She gravitates toward layering and contrasting texture and color. Her work embraces simplicity of form and intricacy of pattern. My wearable pieces are a contemporary distillation of ancient handcrafts and jewelry, the ornament of indigenous peoples, and interpretations of nature, said Rayburn. I love to blend art and history with form and function, combining traditional and innovative contemporary techniques to achieve dynamic color, texture and pattern effects. Jenne is fascinated with myths and folk stories that recount heroic adventures and strive to express the mystery and complexity of the human experience. Grounded by study and admiration of formal and classical design and traditional techniques, yet not constrained by them, Jenne is continually experimenting and seeking out innovative materials and methods that enable her to express her ideas.

The annual Art at the Market, presented by the Winchester Cultural Council, is a juried art fair. The jury is comprised of WCC members, practicing artists, art teachers, and committee members who annually judge original artwork of professional quality in any medium for acceptance. The Winchester Cultural Council is a group of volunteers, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, who work to serve the artistic and cultural life of Winchester, MA.

Art at the Market will be held at the Farmers Market on the Common

Waterfield and Church Streets, Winchester, MA

Saturday, September 15, 2012 9:30 AM 2:00 PM

Visit Jenne Rayburns collections

Visit Jenne Rayburn on Facebook


Jenne Rayburn is a Boston-based jewelry/textile artist who also studied interior design and architecture, and her work explores the convergence of architecture, design, technique and identity. Jenne is known for her work that combines vintage textiles, findings and components, with contemporary jewelry and accessory designs. A graduate of the University of Washington where she studied metalsmithing and fiber arts, and of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a MS in Design, Jenne has been designing jewelry and accessories for over 20 years. Perpetual curiosity and a passion for experimentation resulted in her first jewelry collection made from etched copper and brilliantly colored enamel. Since then, Jenne has created six unique collections of jewelry and fashion accessories that combine careful workmanship with unique materials and designs. It is her hope that the wearers of her pieces will find joy in a delightful artistic statement, and also something that enhances their individuality and confidence. Her work is carried in local galleries and online. Please visit for Jenne Rayburns online flagship store. For wholesale information, please visit

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FurnitureInFashion Announces plans to join partnership with Malaysian Manufacturer

(PRWEB UK) 26 July 2012

FurnitureInFashion, an online retail store is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Malaysia based furniture manufacturing company Marcoco. Marcoco is an established name in the furniture market of Malaysia and is a supplier of home and office furniture. Marcoco has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years by setting up its own excellent manufacturing facilities. Asad Shamim, the owner of FurnitureInFashion said, The manufacturing facilities at Marcoco when combined with FurnitureInFashion will not only increase the production capacity of both the companies but it will also help in creating a sophisticated combination of home and lifestyle collection that mixes with modern accents and vintage inspirations.

The partnership will be a complete resource for import of bedroom, dining and living room furniture along with coffee tables, TV stands and bar stools. All these products will express the designs of FurnitureInFashion. The new association will bring together two of the most respected and successful companies in the furniture industry.

Asad Shamim commented on Marcocos business status and revealed, Marcoco exports diverse range of classic and modern furniture products that cater for living, dining, bedroom, kitchen and office furniture to over 80 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, United States of America, Pacific Islands and the African regions. With such a great business exposure and diverse market, we are very excited to form partnership with Marcoco. This new partnership continues our desire at FurnitureInFashion to progress to exquisite quality. This is a dream come true and we cant wait to get started with this partnership.

Talking about the successful business of FurnitureInFashion, the C.E.O of Marcoco said, FurnitureInFashion has a global reputation for value, quality, fashion, solutions and beauty of designs in the furniture industry. FurnitureInFashion has cultivated a fantastic dominance as a brand name by manufacturing dozens of products along with adhering to quality and companys mission statement to provide cheapest furniture items. He also added, The quality, innovation and practical application of the designs make FurnitureInFashion one of the best online retail stores in UK. We look forward to working with FurnitureInFashion and its brilliant team to implement the creative solutions and innovative designs and bring the best product designs in the market.

Asad Shamim while discussing the focus of this partnership said, FurnitureInFashion in partnership with Morcoco will focus on increasing the production of furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom along with coffee tables, TV stands and other home accessories. We will able to launch various new designs and variety in furniture items with the help of excellent and innovative manufacturing processes installed at Marcoco. With the increase in manufacturing capacity, we will also be able to cater big orders and that too by providing specific individual requirements of the clients and customers. Asad also added, Everyone at Marcoco has welcomed us warmly. We cannot wait to begin this strategic voyage between FurnitureInFashion and Marcoco. All of our furniture designs will now coordinate seamlessly.

Asad also said that the synergy added by this partnership will help us achieve our primary goals of expanding the global operations. The information provided by Marcoco about the global demands and innovative manufacturing processes will enable FurnitureInFashion to serve its customers in a much better and unique way.

About FurnitureInFashion

FurnitureInFashion is a UK based online retail store with a warehouse based in Germany. It is one of the leading furniture stores in the UK for its incredible range of products for living room, dining room furniture, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and office at cheapest possible prices. FurnitureInFashion has been into business since 2008 and has earned great reputation among the retailers in the UK. For further information about FurnitureInFashion, visit

About Marcoco

Marcoco Furniture Industries was established in 1980 and is based in Malaysia. The business of Marcoco has expanded enormously and it is now exporting diverse range of classic and modern furniture products to Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East and some African regions as well. For further information about Marcoco, visit

Business leaders join University Campus Suffolk

(PRWEB UK) 17 July 2012

University Campus Suffolk (UCS) has appointed four highly regarded business leaders as visiting professors and senior fellows within the School of Business, Leadership and Enterprise to contribute to the research, enterprise and teaching and learning within their specialised fields.

These latest appoints add to the fifteen prominent visiting professors and senior fellows already appointed within the School of Business, Leadership and Enterprise at UCS and adds further gravitas to its reputation globally.

Strategic Management guru, television presenter and award-winning copywriter Professor Tony Eccles joins UCS as Visiting Professor of Leadership for Competitiveness and Change. He was Professor of Strategic Management at London Business School for 15 years and has also held positions at Manchester, Glasgow, Cranfield and Bath management schools and has experience of consulting with major international organisations as well as leading many senior executive workshops.

Those joining UCS as visiting senior fellows include Michael Parker, Chairman of national charity Street League, David Ralph, Chief Executive of the Haven Gateway Partnership, and sought after business advisor and trouble-shooter Christiane Wuillamie.

Professor David Weir, who joined UCS as Head of School of Business, Leadership and Enterprise in 2011 having previously guided four university Business Schools, said of the appointments: The School of Business, Leadership and Enterprise is delighted that our colleagues and students can benefit from the experience and skills of these leading players.

Links with business are strong within the School, especially locally in the East of England, with involvement in curriculum development, continuing professional development, research and consultancy. The School is planning for significant growth in student numbers, further development of its external links and on-going internationalisation of the curriculum.

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