Local Dental Marketing & Lead Generation: New IDA Plans Feature Latest Tools

(PRWEB) September 06, 2012

Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) understands that the goal of online dental marketing is to deliver new local patients to the dental practice. Where generic web designers may provide a website and promise to drive traffic to it, IDA’s new programs feature complete online toolkits that create a stream of high-value patients to fill dental chairs.

IDA’s New Patient Marketing Machine programs include dental websites (Portals), dynamic search engine optimization (SEO), automated lead tracking, mobile web pages, listings in online Dental Directories and much more. The programs are designed to make it easy for dentists to launch internet dental marketing campaigns centered on the specific types of patients they choose, and that match their clinical skills. Doctors can select their primary focus area from more than 20 of the most in-demand and high-value dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, dentures, dental implants, orthodontics, wisdom teeth, etc.

To generate local leads, every page of each New Patient Portals (dental website) is automatically optimized for local search based on the dental practice address, and features geo-location data such as city name, ZIP code, county and state. In addition, each page can target up to 5 more neighborhoods, towns, cities or local areas. IDA’s unique LeadFire technology makes it possible to optimize hundreds of web pages with just a few clicks of the mouse.

“Online lead generation has become a major marketing strategy for doctors who want to grow their dental practice. Many see an increase of 5 or 10 new patients every month even up to 15 or 20,” says Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. and dental marketing guru. The dental marketing plans we offer go far beyond providing a conventional website. For example, the Web Portals are instantly customizable, and they provide market segmentation tools that allow dentists to strategically grow their practice!

For extra local web presence, dentists who subscribe to IDA’s Professional and Premium New Patient Marketing Machine packages will also get help setting up their Google Plus Local pages. Google dominates local search for consumers, so having the practice’s Google Plus Local page properly set up and optimized is one more way to find new patients who live in the area.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest provider of dental directories, websites for dentists and online dental marketing tools in North America. In 2012, it completed its unique Lead Fire lead generation system, which automates dental SEO and content marketing. LeadFire technology allows doctors to begin generating new patient leads within minutes of set up. It uses organic geo-targeted local search which is customized and optimized for each dental office. The Internet Dental Alliance provides dental practices with internet dental marketing services such as dental website design and other dental management advice and resources.

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Indiana Tech Plans New Academic Center

Fort Wayne, Ind. (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Indiana Tech is planning construction of a new academic center to accommodate growth in enrollment and expansion of degree programs. The estimated cost of the project is $ 15 million, and the university has a goal of raising half that total before starting construction.

Weve been very purposeful about developing academic programs and improving our campus to attract more students, and weve been successful in doing that, said Dr. Arthur E. Snyder, president. So successful, in fact, that we now need to add classroom space and other amenities that contribute to our learning environment.

Ground-breaking for the project is tentatively planned for May 2013. Construction is expected to take about 18 months, making the academic center ready to open in January 2015.

The 60,000-square-foot building will be constructed north of the Wilfred Uytengsu Sr. Center on the Fort Wayne campus. It will have an academic wing and a library wing, joined at a rotunda area with a multi-flex auditorium and theater.

The academic wing will have two stories plus an unfinished lower level for future completion as needed. It will house Indiana Techs fastest growing college, the College of General Studies. This wing will include multimedia-equipped classrooms, as well as laboratories for the School of Education and the Center for Criminal Sciences, two of the universitys programs that are increasing the most in enrollment. The academic wing also will have student study rooms and offices for the vice president for academic affairs, and the dean and faculty of the College of General Studies.

The library wing also will have two levels. Since todays information is largely digitally based, the library will have two state-of-the-art computer facilities. It also will have technically enhanced spaces for collaborative research and learning, with a multi-functional seminar room for instruction, faculty development, and video conferencing with satellite campuses. There will be group and individual study rooms, space for traditional print media, and offices for the library director and staff.

The rotunda will accommodate gatherings, a caf

Professional Business Plan Writers Now Available in Every State, by Wise Business Plans

(PRWEB) August 30, 2012

The expert team of consultants, researchers, financial modelers, writers and designers produce superior business plans for a variety of industries. With the mission of easing the difficulty of communicating innovative business models through a professional business plan, Wise Business Plans has quickly become a nationally preferred provider of business plan services.

If you can dream it, Wise Business Plans can communicate it!

Crucial to Wise Business Plans model for success is their national presence supported by a team of experienced, MBA holding, business plan writers as well as a team of creative designers. With years of experience in writing business plans, Wise Business Plans has developed an effective business plan model including:

Executive Summary: Summarizes the key elements of the entire business plan. This facet of the business plan appears first; however, it is typically the last element of the business plan to be written.

Company Description: Outline of the business’ legal structure and management resources, including; internal management team, external management resources, and human resource needs.

Product or Service Description: Detailed descriptions of products or services are included within this section. The most intriguing part of the product or service will be communicated to express the companys competitive edge.

Market and Industry Analysis: Examination of the primary target market, including: industry gross revenue, geographic location, customer demographics, target market’s needs and how these needs are being met currently.

Marketing Plan: The marketing plan will provide a detailed explanation of the company sales strategy, pricing plan, proposed advertising or promotion activities, and the product or service benefits.

SWOT Analysis: Strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in relation to the business.

Financial Analysis: Description of the funding requirements, 5 years of detailed financial statements, and a loan analysis.

Appendices and Exhibits: Any additional information that will help establish the credibility of the business idea, such as marketing studies, photographs of the product, contracts or other legal agreements pertinent to the business.

Through the business plan development process business owners will be able to identify their target market, marketing budget, staffing needs, break-even point, operating costs, revenue, profit margins, and funding needs.

About Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans is a professional business plan writing company that writes professional business plans. The firm is committed to increasing the fundability and success rates of businesses through strategic planning. To learn more, visit http://www.wisebusinessplans.com or call 1-800-496-1056 to schedule a consultation.

Wise Business Plans and the Music and Entertainment Industry Working Together to Create the Perfect Business Plan

National Business Plan Company (PRWEB) August 24, 2012

Even in a down economy the likes of which the nation has experienced over the course of the last five years, there is always room for music. Music and entertainment are typically segments of the economy that are fairly durable during tough economic times, says Joe Ferriolo Director of Wise Business Plans. People want an escape from the struggles of the household and the difficulties of finding and maintaining employment. This is why the music and entertainment industry is relatively unscathed, says Ferriolo.

The music industry has over the course of the last decade seen some difficult times but this has nothing to do with the waning of consumer interest. Consumer interest is at an all-time high with artists realizing immense levels of popularity. Record labels have on some levels struggled to revamp their business models to fit this new digital world that we live in. This has been the primary struggle of the labels as they work to remain viable and functional, says Mr. Ferriolo. It has been a struggle for some with many passing by the wayside but with the new formats that are being introduced, new labels are coming on the scene giving artists a great deal more freedom and creativity, says Mr. Ferriolo.

Research conducted via IBISworld.com shows that the Recording Industry is projected to have a 2.0% growth rate from 2012 to 2017. This is extremely healthy when you consider all of the seismic shifts that this industry has undergone over the course of the last decade. It speaks to the resilience of the industry and bodes extremely well for entrepreneurs and existing labels that are looking to capitalize on the next frontier of business opportunities. Wise Business Plans has developed several record label projects for clients throughout the nation and helped them chart a path towards success. All Wise Business Plans developed for record labels include the following items:


Healthcare Business Plans, the Experts at Wise Business Plans Now Have Dedicated Writers Just For Healthcare Professionals

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

Since entering the market, the business plan professionals at Wise Business Plans have developed a wide variety of plans for clients on both a domestic and international basis. From MBA writers to professionals with the ability to develop predictive financial models that give the client an accurate perspective of the potential their business holds. All of the members of the Wise Business Plan team are expertly trained and are committed to delivering a project that accurately reflects the client vision and sets them on a pathway for success. Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to connect with the client and put their vision into the types of language key decision-makers are looking for says Wise Business Plan Director, Joe Ferriolo. One industry that Wise Business Plan routinely services is Healthcare. With more and more consumers looking to healthcare for solutions, organizations that operate in this industry are in need of the expert services that can only be found at Wise Business Plans! All Healthcare business plans come with the following elements:

FurnitureInFashion Announces plans to join partnership with Malaysian Manufacturer

(PRWEB UK) 26 July 2012

FurnitureInFashion, an online retail store is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Malaysia based furniture manufacturing company Marcoco. Marcoco is an established name in the furniture market of Malaysia and is a supplier of home and office furniture. Marcoco has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years by setting up its own excellent manufacturing facilities. Asad Shamim, the owner of FurnitureInFashion said, The manufacturing facilities at Marcoco when combined with FurnitureInFashion will not only increase the production capacity of both the companies but it will also help in creating a sophisticated combination of home and lifestyle collection that mixes with modern accents and vintage inspirations.

The partnership will be a complete resource for import of bedroom, dining and living room furniture along with coffee tables, TV stands and bar stools. All these products will express the designs of FurnitureInFashion. The new association will bring together two of the most respected and successful companies in the furniture industry.

Asad Shamim commented on Marcocos business status and revealed, Marcoco exports diverse range of classic and modern furniture products that cater for living, dining, bedroom, kitchen and office furniture to over 80 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, United States of America, Pacific Islands and the African regions. With such a great business exposure and diverse market, we are very excited to form partnership with Marcoco. This new partnership continues our desire at FurnitureInFashion to progress to exquisite quality. This is a dream come true and we cant wait to get started with this partnership.

Talking about the successful business of FurnitureInFashion, the C.E.O of Marcoco said, FurnitureInFashion has a global reputation for value, quality, fashion, solutions and beauty of designs in the furniture industry. FurnitureInFashion has cultivated a fantastic dominance as a brand name by manufacturing dozens of products along with adhering to quality and companys mission statement to provide cheapest furniture items. He also added, The quality, innovation and practical application of the designs make FurnitureInFashion one of the best online retail stores in UK. We look forward to working with FurnitureInFashion and its brilliant team to implement the creative solutions and innovative designs and bring the best product designs in the market.

Asad Shamim while discussing the focus of this partnership said, FurnitureInFashion in partnership with Morcoco will focus on increasing the production of furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom along with coffee tables, TV stands and other home accessories. We will able to launch various new designs and variety in furniture items with the help of excellent and innovative manufacturing processes installed at Marcoco. With the increase in manufacturing capacity, we will also be able to cater big orders and that too by providing specific individual requirements of the clients and customers. Asad also added, Everyone at Marcoco has welcomed us warmly. We cannot wait to begin this strategic voyage between FurnitureInFashion and Marcoco. All of our furniture designs will now coordinate seamlessly.

Asad also said that the synergy added by this partnership will help us achieve our primary goals of expanding the global operations. The information provided by Marcoco about the global demands and innovative manufacturing processes will enable FurnitureInFashion to serve its customers in a much better and unique way.

About FurnitureInFashion

FurnitureInFashion is a UK based online retail store with a warehouse based in Germany. It is one of the leading furniture stores in the UK for its incredible range of products for living room, dining room furniture, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and office at cheapest possible prices. FurnitureInFashion has been into business since 2008 and has earned great reputation among the retailers in the UK. For further information about FurnitureInFashion, visit http://www.furnitureinfashion.net

About Marcoco

Marcoco Furniture Industries was established in 1980 and is based in Malaysia. The business of Marcoco has expanded enormously and it is now exporting diverse range of classic and modern furniture products to Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East and some African regions as well. For further information about Marcoco, visit http://www.marcoco.com

AtHomeNet Announces Plans to Integrate with Village Management Software (VMS) from Team Soft Solutions

Suwanee, GA (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

AtHomeNet, Inc., a provider of web-based services for community associations, announces their planned integration with Las Vegas based property management software provider, Team Soft Solutions, creators of Village Management Software (VMS). The integration will allow residents of communities to view their account information by logging into their AtHomeNet community website.

The idea behind partnering was based on requests from both companies clients. Team Soft Solutions Owner, Michael Renaldo explains, We have clients who have been asking for integration with AtHomeNet, and we are very pleased that we will soon be able to provide it.

Initial integration will provide clients residents access to their Account Balances, Last Payment Information, and Charges & Payment Account History – all through their communitys AtHomeNet website. Future additions as a result of the partnership include providing access to violations, architectural requests, and more.

Serving more than 650 association management companies in the US and 7 other countries, AtHomeNet is focused on helping them provide better services to their community clients. One of our goals is to make it easier for our management company clients to do their job, says Susan Sanders, AtHomeNet CEO and Co-Founder. This new collaboration will do just that by helping our VMS clients reduce phone calls and emails to the association manager while putting important information in the hands of their residents.

VMS provides interactive, real-time property management tools to thousands of homeowners associations, condominium associations, and apartment/rental management companies. For more information visit http://www.villagemanagementsoftware.com.


Commodity Software Provider iRely LLC Opens New Office in Bangalore, Plans Additional Hiring

Fort Wayne, IN (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

iRely LLC, a leading developer of commodity software solutions, announced today the opening of its new office and future hiring plans in Bangalore, India.

Currently employing 125 in Bangalore, iRely will be seeking to nearly double its staff at the expanded offices to up to 225 employees total.

iRely, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind., provides commodity software solutions for 400+ customers in over 12 counties and operates additional offices in USA, UK, India, and the Philippines. With offices in Bangalore for over 15 years, iRelys growth has resulted in the need for additional office space.

The move will relocation iRelys current offices in G.V. Towers, at Kodigehalli Main Road, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore – 92.

The demand for leading edge technology in the commodity industry continues to grow every day, Sudhakar Kaup, Chief Technology Officer at iRely, said. We plan to grow with it, nearly doubling our work force in the revamped Bangalore office.

Candidates should have experience building software products, primarily with Microsoft tools. A strong understanding of service oriented architecture, web architecture, web services, and databases is also encouraged.

The great thing about working with this type of software is that there is a real sense of ownership between the employees and the products. Kaup added. Were able to dive deep into the individual commodity domains, understand the industry needs and transfer that knowledge right into the field.

About iRely

360clean Strategically Plans For Future of Office Cleaning Services to be Hygienic and Environmentally Conscious

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

There is one thing for sure about office cleaning services, the need for the service is not going to be replaced by machines or outsourced to another country. But there are those who debate the direction of cleaning services – Green or Hygienic?

360clean announced that they are strategically planning the company’s future for what they feel is important to clients and what’s best for the environment. 360clean specializes in providing janitorial services to medical offices and offers the same hygienic cleaning service to other commercial offices that desire to have a clean, yet germ free environment. The company accomplishes this through their specialized approach to cleaning, the JaniMed system.

“At 360clean, our goal is to educate potential and current clients on the importance of having a hygienic cleaning service versus the traditional cleaning service that does not address anything beyond dust and dirt,” said Barry Bodiford, Founder & CEO of 360clean,”they are very receptive to the 360clean approach and even more attracted when they learn our janitorial service is also environmentally conscious.”

The JaniMed system consists of specialized training, hospital grade disinfectants, state of the art equipment including micro-fiber technology, Hepa Vacuums with four levels of filtration and a focus on touch surfaces.

360clean is currently providing services in twelve states and announced that they estimate having a presence in twenty states by 2013.

ABOUT 360clean

360clean is a rapidly growing franchised commercial cleaning service based in Charleston, S.C. Through its expanding network of independently owned cleaning businesses, 360clean is establishing itself as one of the nations most affordable business opportunities for eager entrepreneurs. Using a two-pronged approach to growth, including area development and single business franchises, 360clean is broadening its reach throughout the Southeast U.S. and beyond. 360clean was founded by Barry Bodiford, who is now its CEO. For more information about the company, visit its website.

The House Designers Unveil Three New House Plans, Custom T-Shirts and Fathers Day Promo

Portland, OR (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

The House Designers, which is comprised of the leading architects and designers in the United States, is pleased to announce the addition of three new house plans to its collection of over 6,000 best-selling online house plans.

These new designs all feature an open floor plan for easy living, sustainable building products and design techniques and offer flexible living spaces like bonus rooms to meet the changing needs of homeowners.

Our designers and architects are committed to providing the best quality, most innovative house plans for consumers and builders at the most affordable price, said Tammy Crosby, COO of The House Designers. Our pre-drawn house plans are designed by the countrys top architects with cutting-edge design details like master bedrooms on the first floor, home offices, mudrooms and outdoor living areas.

The House Designers offers an easy-to-navigate website that allows visitors to browse specific architectural styles and popular collections as well as an advanced search page with lots of design preference options. Visitors can narrow search results with options like porch preferences, garage location and master bedroom placement just to name a few.

Each plan page includes detailed information about the layout including foundation options, cost-to-build estimates, high quality color photography and renderings and lots of interior images of actual homes built.

In addition to offering thousands of best-selling house plans, The House Designers has an in-house modification department to customize plans, a customized cost-to-build estimator and home plan specialists to assist consumers and builders in finding the perfect house plan. Visitors who purchase a house plan can receive a free custom t-shirt by visiting The House Designers on Facebook.

Here are three new home designs fresh from the drawing board, which have been recently been added to thehousedesigners.com:

The sleek, modern one story Riverside House Plan is an extremely efficient floor plan for 2,334 square feet. It features an office, three generously sized bedrooms, optional basement foundation and a three-car garage. The kitchen is a cooks dream with plenty of countertop space, storage and the latest in high-end appliances. View additional images and the floor plan of this new modern house plan: http://www.thehousedesigners.com/plan/riverside-3058/

This small contemporary green house plan was designed to be economical to build and maintain while not compromising functionality and aesthetics. It features a perfectly square building envelope that is 1,350 square feet. An open floor plan makes for easy living and entertaining and features all the latest in energy efficient kitchen, lighting and HVAC products. View additional images and the floor plan of the Hummingbird h3 floor plan: http://www.thehousedesigners.com/plan/hummingbird-h3-4382/

The Chambre de Benissez House Plan is a new Craftsman house plan with a charming rustic exterior featuring a wraparound porch and covered lanai. The dining room has a butler’s pantry, which leads to an island kitchen and view into the vaulted great room with a comfortable and open gathering space. The master suite is secluded and features a spa bath, coffee bar and over 100 square feet of closet space. View additional images and the floor plans, including two alternate second floor plans and a bonus room above the garage: http://www.thehousedesigners.com/plan/chambre-de-benissez-4440/

In honor of Fathers Day The House Designers is pleased to offer up to $ 100 off of all house plans as well as free shipping from Friday, June 15 through midnight of June 17, 2012. Consumers simply need to like The House Designers on Facebook to receive the promo code.

ABOUT THE HOUSE DESIGNERS: The House Designers is a leading, online residential house plan provider representing top U.S. architects and designers who comprise the majority of pre-drawn plans in America. THD has the best-selling, most popular house plans in America all under one roof owned and operated directly by the designers. THD has clients who have built their homes in every state in the U.S. and in 56 countries around the globe.

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