Holiday Depot Helps Create the Best Family Holiday Ever

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

A holiday can be made one of the best ever when shopping online at Holiday Depot. With a new website launching for the holidays, Holiday Depot is commemorating the special occasion with models of LeapPad available for kids, Christmas CDs that put that musical touch to your celebrations and an innovative system that allows a homeowner to put Christmas lights to music.

LeapPad learning systems are one of the hottest gifts available right now for holiday giving. Children love all models, from the LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer Learning Tablet to the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack. These popular designs are well put together and tough, so when kids roughhouse the LeapPad can stand up to the punishment. Young ones get new skills as they navigate the learning games, read e-books, play music and watch videos. Holiday Depot is proud to offer the most popular models so parents can give a gift with real meaning.

By shopping with Holiday Depot, families can create a more meaningful Christmas holiday by putting everyone instantly in the mood with Christmas music. The Christmas CDs offered by Holiday Depot can also be used for gift giving. The owner at Holiday Depot says, “Christmas music CDs make wonderful stocking stuffers. We have tried to offer all the best here. Available for purchase are Christmas Rock, Jazz, Pop or Classical music. Artists include all the greats, with additions of more recent musicians including John Lennon, Mariah Carey and the Beach Boys.

Impressing the neighbors with Christmas lights has always been a goal in neighborhoods around the country. At Holiday Depot, a homeowner can create special effects with his outdoor lights that are second to none with the kaleidoscopic choreography of light with music. An all-in-one outdoor light and sound system lets a Christmas enthusiast synchronize yard lights with as many as twenty popular holiday songs. Putting Christmas lights to music is sure to outdo all the neighbors and perhaps win prizes.

It doesnt seem that kids want stuffed animals, dolls or games anymore, but would rather have a tablet and truly enter the electronic age. Holiday Depot is launching this new holiday website to offer parents the opportunity to find the best tablet available for their children Leap Pad as well as encourage the holiday spirit with Christmas CDs and outdoor lights with seasonal music.

About Holiday Depot: Holiday Depot offers shopping for those all over the United States, with a unique choice of holiday accessories and gifts. Committed to excellence, Holiday Depot only provides the highest quality products for kids and Christmas accessories for all ages.

Related Lighting Design Press Releases Launches, Allows Users to Create Custom-Print Swimwear

Santa Monica, California (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

Anymatic LLC, the multiple award-winning innovators of and, introduce, a line of custom-print swimwear that officially launched on Monday, June 4, 2012. Initially, the line will includes two premium, interchangeable bikini styles, a sarong, and a micro short, which can be customized in minutes by uploading a personal high resolution image or graphic or by choosing a design from their gallery of Limited Edition artwork from commissioned artists and photographers. The Triangle and fully reversible Bandeau tops will be available in sizes S-XL, while the single-tie and hipster bottoms, as well as the micro short will be offered in sizes XS-L. The tops and bottoms retail for $ 49.50 each (a full bikini is $ 99.00), the sarong is $ 49.00 and the micro short is $ 75.00.

Like, product is printed, cut and sewn by hand in Los Angeles, CA at a manufacturing facility that specializes in producing high-end bikini lines. The simple customization experience starts online where the proprietary software interface guides users through a series of steps which include choosing a suit style, uploading an image, adding colors, choosing trim colors and finally, selecting the quantity and size. The single tie and hipster bottoms can be further customized to include an optional 140 character personal message or inspirational mantra inside the back panel. Once the Kinimatic bikini image is printed, they use a Dye-Sublimation process that transfers the dyes from paper to the fabric via heat in excess of 400 degrees. The print process allows for deeper saturation of color and enhances the image reproduction quality. There is so much personal style and competition applied to water bound pursuits and we think ones equipment should reflect the same level of distinction and offer superior fit and functionality, said William. For the less ambitious, Kinimatic offers a gallery of original Limited Edition designs. bikinis are made from a machine washable Nylon Spandex (80% Nylon, 20% Spandex) renowned for its high-quality, superior fit, comfort, color reproduction, and performance in water. Also chosen for their color reproduction quality, comfort and durability, the micro short is made from a Polyester Microfiber Super Suede and the 20x 57 sarong uses a lightweight Polyester Chiffon. All materials are acquired domestically to ensure a 100% Made in the USA product. The two swimsuit styles available have been chosen for their versatile, flattering fit. There are no under-wires or padded cups and each design has adjustments that allow it to be worn in multiple ways. To help users assess the fit, the site will feature multiple shots of each design on several individuals to demonstrate the fit on various silhouettes, as well as measurement conversion charts.

Whether bold and bright or subtle and sexy, Kinimatics custom-print bikinis reflect the distinctive personality of their creator. With an emphasis on fit, durability, comfort and performance, these customizable swimwear designs appeal to confident, imaginative customers who want affordable couture. Due to the custom nature of the swimwear, all sales will be final with no refunds. Kinimatic tops and bottoms retail for $ 49.50 (each), the sarong for $ 49.00 and the micro short retails for $ 75.00. Users can now visit to create one-of-a-kind swimwear in time for summer. Please allow 14-21 days for delivery.

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For more information on, please contact:

Karen D. Webb

PR Squared Public Relations

(323) 375-6376 or (310) 595-4646

Find Kinimatic:

On Twitter: @Kinimatic

On Facebook: Kinimatic (

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Wise Business Plans and the Music and Entertainment Industry Working Together to Create the Perfect Business Plan

National Business Plan Company (PRWEB) August 24, 2012

Even in a down economy the likes of which the nation has experienced over the course of the last five years, there is always room for music. Music and entertainment are typically segments of the economy that are fairly durable during tough economic times, says Joe Ferriolo Director of Wise Business Plans. People want an escape from the struggles of the household and the difficulties of finding and maintaining employment. This is why the music and entertainment industry is relatively unscathed, says Ferriolo.

The music industry has over the course of the last decade seen some difficult times but this has nothing to do with the waning of consumer interest. Consumer interest is at an all-time high with artists realizing immense levels of popularity. Record labels have on some levels struggled to revamp their business models to fit this new digital world that we live in. This has been the primary struggle of the labels as they work to remain viable and functional, says Mr. Ferriolo. It has been a struggle for some with many passing by the wayside but with the new formats that are being introduced, new labels are coming on the scene giving artists a great deal more freedom and creativity, says Mr. Ferriolo.

Research conducted via shows that the Recording Industry is projected to have a 2.0% growth rate from 2012 to 2017. This is extremely healthy when you consider all of the seismic shifts that this industry has undergone over the course of the last decade. It speaks to the resilience of the industry and bodes extremely well for entrepreneurs and existing labels that are looking to capitalize on the next frontier of business opportunities. Wise Business Plans has developed several record label projects for clients throughout the nation and helped them chart a path towards success. All Wise Business Plans developed for record labels include the following items:


How to Create a Mailing List That Online Article Says People Actually Want to Be On

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

Marketers who want to know how to create a mailing list have a tough problem to solve, said the latest article. How do they ensure potential customers will be interested in their company enough to receive monthly, weekly, even daily emails? How do they keep mailing list content relevant and compelling? And, the most important question: how do they turn opt-ins into profits?

The online article said Digital Marketer is assisting companies trying to answer these questions with their latest Special Report Double Your List: How to Double Your Subscribers without Doubling Your Traffic. The email marketing guide features the ten best practices devised from years of online research and tests.

Companies know that learning how to build mailing lists the non-complicated way means increasing website traffic. The more visitors who see opt-in forms and squeeze pages, the more people will be convinced to sign up. But according to the article, that tends to get very expensive very quickly, expending valuable marketing resources.

The Special Report zooms in on the most effective methods to grow lists into the income generators they should be. The methods dont need to rely on more traffic, said the artile. Opt-ins can be produced naturally.

The experts behind Double Your List used the very same techniques in the Special Report to turn a list of 8,000 into 400,000 in less than a year. There were no unethical practices or spammy, unwanted strategies. Now companies can skip the guesswork and implement the same tactics that work immediately, said the article.

Optimizing both email lists and the methods of growing them is critical to marketers, said the article. No matter what industry a business is in, mailing lists work across the Internet landscape. The real world examples and case studies shared by the Special Report prove the effectiveness of their techniques.

Digital Marketer releases Special Reports to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. Through their training courses, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, site reviews, and Special Reports like this one, Digital Marketer supercharges every single marketing campaign it touches. For more information, visit

Double Your List comes from the innovative team at Digital Marketer, which is known for their forward-thinking information and recommendations. The article said they have deconstructed the methods of attracting list subscribers so any business can use them. Learn how to create a mailing list from the people who know online marketing the best.

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New Digital Marketer RAW Training Available Online Now and Shows How to Create an App in Five Minutes

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 22, 2012

The latest RAW Training from Digital Marketer has been produced and is being made available for members of DMs subscription programs on the companys website.

Appify Your Blog: How to Create an iTunes-Ready App in Five Minutes is the title of the most recent live webinar training, and its recorded version has been published on to help businesses get their content in front of Apples millions of mobile users in the iTunes App Store.

In this training, Digital Marketers founder/CEO, Ryan Deiss, and the Lead Designer of the DM Build Team, Kevin Clanton, are going to show marketers how to turn their blog into an app ready for submission to the App Store in literally five minutes.

The RAW Training covers the tools that allow marketers to create apps with little to no computer programming knowledge. The powers of the Internet never cease to amaze, and businesses can create an addictive app that users access on a daily basis, maybe even more.

Appify Your Blog will also show how to submit an app to iTunes and get their product within one click of Apples 300 million credit card-wielding customers. Even beyond that, the Raw Training will share super effective tactics for using the app to generate valuable sales leads with very little HTML know-how.

A recent blog post on Digital Marketers own daily-updated site reiterated the importance of this feature, saying that if you dont have an app in the iTunes store, its high time you got one.

Digital Marketer encourages topic or trend investigation ideas from viewers and followers, so comments and feedback is welcomed across all of DMs channels and outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Digital Marketer releases informational and educational materials to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. Through their RAW Training courses, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, site reviews, and Special Reports, Digital Marketer supercharges every single marketing campaign it touches. For more information, visit

Kidpreneurs Create Pinterest Marketing Graphic for Launch

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

The founders of http://www.PinAlerts, formed a unique partnership with two talented kidpreneurs to help launch their new Pinterest tool.

From their research, co-founders Janet Thaeler and Paul Wilson found businesses have found success a how to graphic. This type of graphic outlines the steps to sign up and use a service, aligned in a vertical format to fit Pinterest. A how to graphic is a way to market a business on Pinterest which lacks a physical product to display. partnered with the Sabra sisters to create the graphic. They came up with 5 steps to register and start getting PinAlerts. The free service sends an email whenever someone pins something from a tracked website. Pinterest already sends an email whenever a pin thats already on the site gets repinned. However, Pinterest doesnt alert people when someone saves content from another web site.

A how to graphic not only shows people how to use the tool but also markets the service at the same time. founders Paul Wilson and Janet Thaeler enlisted the Sabra sisters (ages 10 and 11 years) to come up with a way to show how to use the service. The sisters took screenshots of each step as well as creating original graphics. The sisters are entrepreneurs (or as they say – kidpreneurs).

Not only are the kids good at graphic design, theyre also professional bloggers (who blogged about the process of creating the graphic). Based on their Alexa ranking and being under the ages of 18, their blog KidbloggersClub is the worlds #1 kids blog.

This is not the first time the girls have partnered with a business. Under the direction of their mom, Ponn Sabra of AmericanMuslimMom, the sisters have turned what started out as a homeschooling project into an actual business. As such theyve been able to secure their own sponsors and advertisements.

The Sabra girls beta test, review, and advise on product development for nearly a dozen educational software, virtual worlds, and websites. They were recently accepted to Stanford Universitys Education Program for Gifted Youth and community college. Next the sisters (along with their youngest sister) will add the title author to their list of credentials. The three have a contract to write a series of books that helps make history fun for kids – due to be published this Fall. They certainly made the launch of PinAlerts more fun through their enthusiastic and professional contribution.

About was developed by Pinterest experts Janet Thaeler, Paul Wilson, and John Benson of Pinnnable Business develops Pinterest marketing tools and solutions. PinAlerts is the companys first release and is currently in beta. Check out the PinAlerts media kit for more information, and watch for future Pinterest tools by subscribing to the Pinnable Business blog.

Follow PinAlerts


LinkedIn Group:

Twitter: @pinnable


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iCONECT and Mindseye Create Seamless Workflow

Reston, VA (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

iCONECT Development, LLC, the industry leader in litigation support and eDiscovery software, and pioneers of the revolutionary web-based XERA eDiscovery Review Platform, introduce a new intelligent integration solution with Mindseye, producers of TunnelVision Software. The new system streamlines the way law firms and corporations interface with technology in an intuitive, efficient and easy to use fashion, helping reduce time and costs involved in the eDiscovery process.

Weve studied extensively how people interact, process and interpret information throughout the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, said Bob Krantz, CEO of Mindseye. Our philosophy is to focus extensively on our core business and look to integration efforts to blend advanced technologies together to provide firms with best of breed solutions that streamline workflow throughout all EDRM stages.

Built upon a powerful multi-threaded distributed architecture, Mindseyes TunnelVision enables organizations to process, investigate and filter documents using a simple web interface to create pre-formatted load files that import seamlessly into iCONECTs intuitive XERA eDiscovery Review Platform.

Built with HTML5 technology, XERA is designed with universally used web technologies to streamline the review, analysis and production of electronically stored information (ESI). XERA enables worldwide multi-party review via the most popular browsers and iPad devicesdelivering instantaneous collaboration to a new generation of tablet toting lawyers, paralegals and experts anytime, anyplace.

Our commitment to combine best of breed technologies like TunnelVision and XERA saves the results-driven legal professional valuable time while reducing the high cost of litigation, said Ian Campbell, Chief Business Development Officer at iCONECT. Pulling the strength of two industry-leading technologies together makes this a very powerful eDiscovery offering.

XERA, the next era in eDiscovery technology, is an easy-to-administer solution and the first to deliver established web tools such as faceted search, social collaboration and intuitive navigation in a powerful review platform.

TunnelVision maximizes technology investments to process data faster with minimal resource requirements through a simple web-based interface that delivers maximum effectiveness and efficient management of multiple document types.


Providing hosted litigation and eDiscovery software for more than a decade, iCONECT Development, LLC is a trusted technology partner for law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and legal service providers. Whether deployed on-premise or hosted by a legal service provider, iCONECTs products reduce the excessive costs and process inefficiencies associated with eDiscovery. With the release of its XERA platform, iCONECT raises the bar for user-friendly application interfaces in eDiscovery. The company is based in Reston, VA (Wash D.C.), with offices in Los Angeles and London, Canada. For more information, visit


Mindseye was formed in 2008 as a privately held organization and launched its flagship product, TunnelVision, the following year. TunnelVision was purpose-built to address the challenges that organizations are facing when supporting eDiscovery and Information Governance. The technology is a simple yet flexible platform, designed to scale, and delivers full transparency. TunnelVision carries a predictable cost model and helps in managing risk, identifying exposure, and eliminating wasted time throughout the process. Discover More. Review Less. by visiting

iCONECT and the iCONECT logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of iCONECT Development, LLC or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Full Sail University and ESPN Technology Group Create Opening Sequence for UEFA European Football Championship 2012

Winter Park, FL (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Full Sail University joined forces with ESPN’s Creative Content Unit, ESPNs Emerging Technology Group, and production company Victory Pictures to create The Fire Within, a pyrotechnic and stunt-filled opening sequence, scheduled to air prior to every game of the UEFA EURO 2012 soccer championships.

During the production, a total of twenty-five Full Sail University students and staff contributed to areas ranging from camera, grip, electric, makeup, and behind the scenes documentation.

“Each project that comes out of our relationship with ESPN offers a unique educational experience for the students, said Mike Retherford, Full Sail’s Director of Production. For example, this was the first project with ESPN that was produced at a remote location and off of our campus. We are extremely proud to have been a part of this professional production.”

About ESPN Technology:

ESPN Technology develops the ideas and applications that bring the fan closer to the game with new, innovative production enhancements. ESPNs technology team designed and supports two of the most technologically-advanced production centers in the world, the Digital Center in Bristol, Conn. and the Los Angeles Production Center which is the first 1080p capable production facility. In addition, the Emerging Technology Group has developed many on-air advancements over the past 30 years, including ESPN 3D, virtual graphics applications, Huck-O-Meter, and the Emmy-winning EA Virtual Playbook.

About Full Sail University:

Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment and media industry. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has been recognized as one of the Top Five Game Degree Programs by Electronic Gaming Monthly, one of the Best Music Programs by Rolling Stone Magazine, and one of the Best Film Programs by UNleashed Magazine. In 2011, Full Sail received the 21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning Award from the United States Distance Learning Association, was named the School/College of the Year by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Social Media Colleges by

Full Sail offers on-campus and online Masters, Bachelors, and Associates degree programs in areas related to animation, art, business, education, graphic design, film, marketing, web development, music, recording arts, sports, and video games. Full Sail graduate credits include work on OSCAR