Shows How to Make a Geode and Bottle Topper as Part of DIY Friday

Middletown, Pa. (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Over at every Friday is DIY Friday, dedicated to showcasing the best DIY projects to beautify the home. One tutorial in particular was a favorite, the geode wine and bottle topper tutorial. Here is a little snippet from the post.

“Want to make a sophisticated statement at your next cocktail party?

With these wine and bottle toppers, youll not only be the life of the party but also increase the aesthetic as well.

In this tutorial, Emily Schuman author of Cupcakes & Cashmere was inspired by these amazing geode bottle stoppers by Michael C. Fina, which are a hefty $ 60 a piece.

Hosting a cocktail party is serious business. Little details like these really enhance the party and boost the aesthetics. Plus its a definite conversation starter.

“I take cocktails pretty seriously, so its important that our bar carts polished, well stocked, and properly accessorized. I first discovered these geode bottle stoppers when picking items for our wedding registry and fell in love with the concept of dressing up bottles of booze,” said Schuman.

Heres what is needed:

-an assortment of geodes flat on the bottom

-Cork bottle stoppers

-craft glue or E6000…”

Want to see the rest of the tutorial plus instructional photos? Check out:

Check out this link for a perfect place to bring a bottle of wine with a fancy geode bottle topper. It’s a secret garden hideout:

For more DIY tutorials check out

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New Digital Marketer RAW Training Available Online Now and Shows How to Create an App in Five Minutes

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 22, 2012

The latest RAW Training from Digital Marketer has been produced and is being made available for members of DMs subscription programs on the companys website.

Appify Your Blog: How to Create an iTunes-Ready App in Five Minutes is the title of the most recent live webinar training, and its recorded version has been published on to help businesses get their content in front of Apples millions of mobile users in the iTunes App Store.

In this training, Digital Marketers founder/CEO, Ryan Deiss, and the Lead Designer of the DM Build Team, Kevin Clanton, are going to show marketers how to turn their blog into an app ready for submission to the App Store in literally five minutes.

The RAW Training covers the tools that allow marketers to create apps with little to no computer programming knowledge. The powers of the Internet never cease to amaze, and businesses can create an addictive app that users access on a daily basis, maybe even more.

Appify Your Blog will also show how to submit an app to iTunes and get their product within one click of Apples 300 million credit card-wielding customers. Even beyond that, the Raw Training will share super effective tactics for using the app to generate valuable sales leads with very little HTML know-how.

A recent blog post on Digital Marketers own daily-updated site reiterated the importance of this feature, saying that if you dont have an app in the iTunes store, its high time you got one.

Digital Marketer encourages topic or trend investigation ideas from viewers and followers, so comments and feedback is welcomed across all of DMs channels and outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Digital Marketer releases informational and educational materials to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. Through their RAW Training courses, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, site reviews, and Special Reports, Digital Marketer supercharges every single marketing campaign it touches. For more information, visit

Digital Marketer Video Blog Post Shows How to Use Bitly to Track Engagement

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 16, 2012

Digital Marketer has published a video blog post focusing on Bitly and its new and improved capabilities.

Josh Loposer, Digital Marketers Managing Editor, both writes and appears in the video blog, sharing his expertise with marketers across the Internet.

Theres a really cool feature in Bitlys newly revamped dashboard that allows you to do all kinds of awesome new things, said Loposer in the post, like track your blog engagement, see whos sharing your posts, and even spy on your competitions traffic.

Most Internet-savvy people know Bitlys link-shortening uses, saving valuable text real estate when every character counts in social media posts. Now Bitly is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress so it can collect engagement data and create instant, custom graphic documentation of where the clicks are coming from.

Digital Marketer is keeping marketers in tune with the tools and measurements they can use to determine their own strategy effectiveness with insightful blogs and accompanying videos that explain the process.

Information like this is available on a daily basis on the Digital Marketer blog, where the best of the best online marketing gurus share their ideas on trends and news flowing through the Internet. Its part of DMs continuing efforts to keep marketers across the globe up to date on whats affecting their business on every landscape.

Digital Marketers blog is available to anyone, but becoming a member of DM Pro gains access to information-packed monthly digital newsletters from the brightest minds in the industry, as well as a collection of Special Reports on how to combine marketing with major Internet players like Apple, Amazon, Google, and YouTube. A DM Labs membership takes things a step further, with split test results, website reviews, and bonus trainings available anytime from any online device.

Digital Marketer releases informational and educational materials to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. Through their RAW Training courses, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, site reviews, and Special Reports, Digital Marketer supercharges every single marketing campaign it touches. For more information, visit

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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

Irvine, CA, June 20, 2012, AppSolutely, Inc. developers of vablet, an iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android file management platform, has launched a new application called Signage. Ideal for marketing campaign deployment and conference content management, Signage is a playlist platform that can loop product or advertising media on iPads and tablets or on HD displays using an iTouch.

According to a new market research report from Global Industry Analysts Inc. the marketing arena worldwide has witnessed dramatic transformation over the past few years, with a decline in traditional print advertisements in newspapers and static outdoor billboards and the global digital signage market should hit nearly $ 14 billion by 2017.

Signage is a supplemental technology to the vablet mobile file management system, geared for enterprise organizations. Both app products, vablet and Signage, are complementary systems and ideal for sales and marketing departments.

Signage works in three basic steps: 1) create the media using video or JPG images; 2) upload the media to the user accounts admin console on the web and set the play schedule in hours, days or months; 3) push the playlist out to any number of devices to run as scheduled.

The playlist functionality of Signage extends the enterprise file management system of vablet because the platform enables a sales person to switch out of playlist mode to a manual presentation file, with more detailed product information, on the same device.

A unique benefit of Signage is that the media runs locally on the device, without the need for a Wi-Fi or 3/4G signal for playback. Additional features beyond the multi-media display format include: interactive sales demos, lead generation, and analytical data on file usage, such as customer interactions with the content.

The intention of the vablet platform is to provide flexible and convenient access to content for all departments of an enterprise organization. explains Michael Ames, COO. So with the acceleration of tablet devices in business environments, Signage enhances the productivity of these devices with the added benefits of customer engagement and brand awareness.

vablet also plans to offer strategic marketing and media design as an optional service to their Signage customers.

The complete system was a success for Seoul Semiconductor at the recent LightFair event, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, held in Las Vegas on May 9-10, 2012. “We were looking for a solution to achieve a paperless, multi-media experience. The vablet features were impressive and offered a seamless interface,” explains Brian Wilcox, VP North America. “Our sales team and customers found the vablet experience to be very intuitive and convenient. The added benefit of vablet providing custom media design helped us streamline implementation so we could focus on the customer experience. We are deploying Signage and vablet as standard tools for our daily sales process.”

Another vablet customer, Vendavo, also used the Signage solution at their annual Summit, on June 23, 2012, in Chicago. Exhibitors were equipped with the new iPad, along with their individual collateral and lead generation tools powered by vablet. The Signage app was an intentional strategy by Vendavo to leverage technology in order to achieve a completely paperless experience for both exhibitors and customers.

Integration with the leading CRM provider,, enables further efficiency of the sales process.

Signage by vablet is currently available to download from iTunes and for Android devices through the Appaloosa appstore.

About AppSolutely, Inc.

Based in Irvine, California, AppSolutely, Inc. is a leading technology innovator. Their flagship app, vablet, is a new container technology providing secure file access, document distribution and digital signage solutions for iPad, iPhone and Android users. Their enterprise-grade application is uniquely driven by a push format, providing content management solutions that work directly with devices in addition to the convenience of a cloud. For more information, call 1.800.615.4296 or go to

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