Strives Work Cited in White House Council for Community Solutions Report as a Leading Example of Community Collaborative Success

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

The White House Council for Community Solutions has cited the Strive Partnership in a new report, recognizing the Partnerships success in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in increasing high school graduation rates and college-attendance rates over a six-year period.

The report, titled Community Solutions for Opportunity Youth, is meant to highlight successful strategies to empower Americas youth, particularly those between ages 16-24 who have become disconnected from both school and jobs. The report, presented to President Obama this week, identified a dozen communities across the country where multiple sectors have pulled together in order to increase progress by more than 10 percent on a community-wide metric, and more than 100 additional communities that are making progress in this direction.

Specifically, the report recognized KnowledgeWorks, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, and the University of Cincinnati for creating Strive in order to strategically address ways to solve the problem of high school graduation and college enrollment rates, among others.

A shared vision, deep research, and data-driven planning and evaluation were several important factors that made the program succeed. Strategically aligning existing resources against cradle-to-career needs has led to 40 of the 54 identified indicators moving in a positive direction with several including college enrollment rates, the report said about Strive.

Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director of the Strive Network that is now expanding the cradle to career approach nationwide, said the White House report validates that communities must be strategic to find ways to solve longstanding problems related to improving student achievement.

We realized, as are so many other communities that we have to stop being program rich and system poor. A spray and pray approach to improving outcomes for children does not work, Edmondson said. Once a community begins to focus their collective efforts to improve specific outcomes, the dial on student achievement will really start to move. Thats what our work is all about and that is what this report affirms. Over the long-term, the social and economic payoff is substantial for communities who do this well.

Greg Landsman, who heads the Strive Partnership in Cincinnati, said he was honored that the partnerships work was recognized.

This is really a testament to the contributions of all of our partners on the ground that carry out the work, apply the data, and seek to continuously improve outcomes for kids, Landsman said. If our community is seen as providing lessons others can draw from to improve, that makes us proud.

President Obama created the White House Council for Community Solutions in December 2010 by Executive Order to encourage the growth and maximize the impact of innovative community solutions and civic participation. The Council was charged with: identifying key attributes of successful community solutions; highlighting best practices, tools, and models of cross-sector collaboration and civic participation; and making recommendations on how to engage all stakeholders in community solutions that have a significant impact on solving the nations most serious problems.

The report comes on the heels of the U.S. Department of Educations recently announced Race to the Top district competition, which awards school districts for developing partnerships that lead to Cradle to Career Results, Resource Alignment and Integrated Services. In essence, it gives districts working with partners a path to shift from loosely defined collaboration to concrete goals and expectations for performance and accountability among all those who are investing time, talent and treasure in the success of children.

To read the full White House Council for Community Solutions report, please click on this link.

Jewelry Designer Jenne Rayburn To Join The Winchester Cultural Council Fine Arts And Crafts Festival

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

The Fall 2012 Art At The Market event will be held on September 15th, 2012 from 9:30 AM 2:00 PM, at the Winchester Common farmers market, providing attendees the opportunity to purchase exquisite hand-made collections from Jenne Rayburn, a studio craft artist who will offer one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. Jenne will be highlighting her Ark Jewelry Collection. Combining traditional metalsmithing techniques like piercing, stamping, and etching, Ark is a collection of iconic-silhouetted images designed as earrings, necklaces and charm bracelets. These timeless shapes are inspired by the animal characters found in cultural mythologies the world over, and tell stories of how hope, strength and virtue tie us to a greater universal purpose. Expressing big ideas, aspirations, and values, through deeply rooted symbolism, Ark combines ornament with storytelling.

Jenne Rayburn is a metalsmith, enamellist, and seasoned designer who creates lovely, original jewelry and textile designs intended to compliment the vision of the woman who wears them. Jennes approach is rooted in the timeless elements and reflections of nature and natural formations, geometries and juxtapositions. She is inspired by the structure and ornamentation in architecture. She gravitates toward layering and contrasting texture and color. Her work embraces simplicity of form and intricacy of pattern. My wearable pieces are a contemporary distillation of ancient handcrafts and jewelry, the ornament of indigenous peoples, and interpretations of nature, said Rayburn. I love to blend art and history with form and function, combining traditional and innovative contemporary techniques to achieve dynamic color, texture and pattern effects. Jenne is fascinated with myths and folk stories that recount heroic adventures and strive to express the mystery and complexity of the human experience. Grounded by study and admiration of formal and classical design and traditional techniques, yet not constrained by them, Jenne is continually experimenting and seeking out innovative materials and methods that enable her to express her ideas.

The annual Art at the Market, presented by the Winchester Cultural Council, is a juried art fair. The jury is comprised of WCC members, practicing artists, art teachers, and committee members who annually judge original artwork of professional quality in any medium for acceptance. The Winchester Cultural Council is a group of volunteers, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, who work to serve the artistic and cultural life of Winchester, MA.

Art at the Market will be held at the Farmers Market on the Common

Waterfield and Church Streets, Winchester, MA

Saturday, September 15, 2012 9:30 AM 2:00 PM

Visit Jenne Rayburns collections

Visit Jenne Rayburn on Facebook


Jenne Rayburn is a Boston-based jewelry/textile artist who also studied interior design and architecture, and her work explores the convergence of architecture, design, technique and identity. Jenne is known for her work that combines vintage textiles, findings and components, with contemporary jewelry and accessory designs. A graduate of the University of Washington where she studied metalsmithing and fiber arts, and of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a MS in Design, Jenne has been designing jewelry and accessories for over 20 years. Perpetual curiosity and a passion for experimentation resulted in her first jewelry collection made from etched copper and brilliantly colored enamel. Since then, Jenne has created six unique collections of jewelry and fashion accessories that combine careful workmanship with unique materials and designs. It is her hope that the wearers of her pieces will find joy in a delightful artistic statement, and also something that enhances their individuality and confidence. Her work is carried in local galleries and online. Please visit for Jenne Rayburns online flagship store. For wholesale information, please visit

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ReSource Pros Innovation Advisory Council Meeting Titled Change or Die Features Two Prominent Change Management Experts

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 16, 2012

ReSource Pro LLC, the leading provider of insurance process efficiency solutions, is pleased to announce the second 2012 meeting of its Innovation Advisory Council. The event, which takes place at the YOTEL in New York City on July 18 will be featuring change management experts Mike Manes and Beth Montag-Schmaltz. Its theme is Change or Die.

With focus on change management, this event is a unique opportunity to tackle an issue that the insurance organizations need to face since the outlook for 2020 predicts a different distribution system from the one today. In order to successfully transition through the coming changes, agencies must embrace effective change architecture strategies.

Attendees will learn how to:

Discover and define their own starting point in order to plot the journey to their future destination.
Consider strategies and processes necessary to leverage the to be discovered future technologies.
Commit to alignment with the client-defined and client-driver market that will be 2020.
Commence dialogue regarding the culture needed to assure passion, profit, and perpetuation.

Michael G. Manes has been described as a “Cajun Philosopher.” His 38 years of experience in the insurance industry and the scar tissue accumulated serve as the foundation for his consulting practice and educational presentations on issues of planning, innovation, organizational operations and change management and architecture. He facilitates planning retreats, mergers and acquisitions, and agency rollups. Mike is a recognized speaker and writer on a broad range of industry and organizational issues. Mike has authored two books on strategic planning.

Beth Montag-Schmaltz, founding partner of PeopleFirm, is a recognized researcher, practitioner, innovator, and thought leader in the field of change management methodologies and tools. Throughout her 18 year professional journey, she has frequently been sought after to architect and manage complex change management programs for strategic and high-risk corporate initiatives.

ReSource Pro CEO Dan Epstein says that We are very fortunate to have not only one, but two established industry thought leaders like Mike and Beth. They bring ideas, stories and tools that are both inspiring and educational and we believe that attendees will walk away with great ideas on how to manage change in their organizations and position themselves for industry leadership.

About ReSource Pro: ReSource Pro is the leading provider of insurance process efficiency solutions. ReSource Pro’s mission is to transform insurance processing operations for agents, brokers, and carriers into an engine of revenue growth, profitability and competitive advantage. For more information, visit

aecKnowledge and The AIA California Council Announce Renewed Partnership

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

aecKnowledge, a leading provider of advanced online continuing education (CE) for architects, engineers and construction professionals, and The AIA California Council (AIACC) announce the renewal of their knowledge partnership. The partnership was formed in 2010 based on a shared mission to help design professionals advance their careers, enrich their firms and elevate their practices through knowledge sharing.

The AIACC is pleased to have renewed this partnership, stated Paul W. Welch, Jr., Hon. AIACC, Executive Vice President, AIACC. Joining forces with aecKnowledge will continue to allow the AIACC to deliver relevant, useful, and important knowledge to our members.

To date, AIACC and aecKnowledge have produced twenty-five online continuing education courses under this partnership, including a series on accessibility that addresses the California requirement for license renewal. The 2010/2011 series was viewed by more than 12,500 individuals including over 40% of Californias licensed architects, making it the most popular online venue for this content. The 2012/2013 series, which includes four courses totaling five hours, will be released in early August. A significant portion of course revenue goes to the AIACC and its 22 local components to fund other initiatives.

According to Michael Strogoff, FAIA, Founder & President, aecKnowledge, Our renewed partnership with the AIACC is a testament to the strong demand for online knowledge sharing. We are thrilled to have such a strong partner and to know that we are elevating the practice of architecture throughout California.

aecKnowledge’s online courses are approved for continuing education units by AIA/CES and/or GBCI. The courses are also accepted by many states to fulfill mandatory CE requirements for ongoing licensure. Additional materials, including free course previews, written transcripts, course descriptions, learning objectives and presenter biographies are also available.

About aecKnowledge

aecKnowledge, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is an established web-based, peer-reviewed knowledge sharing platform for the AEC industries. aecKnowledge enables members of the architecture, engineering, construction and land use planning industries to share unbiased knowledge and to leverage their collective intellectual capital. With a mission to transform how design and construction professionals throughout the AEC industries collaborate with and learn from each other, aecKnowledge targets the more than 6 million professionals and tradespeople across the fragmented AEC industry, and provides a venue for allied professionals and knowledge providers to strengthen their presence among a large and engaged audience. Visit for more information.

About The AIA California Council

The AIACC represents the interests of more than 11,000 architects and allied professionals in California. Founded in 1944, The AIACC’s mission supports architects in their endeavors to improve the quality of life for all Californians by creating more livable communities, sustainable designs and quality work environments. Today, The AIACC is the largest component of the national AIA organization. For more information, visit

Filta Franchise Owners Complete their First Franchise Advisory Council Meeting

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

The Filta Franchise Network recently held its first Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) meeting for the 2012 2014 session. The FAC is made up of seven Filta Franchise Owners elected by their peers for a two year term. The 2012 2014 Filta FAC members are: John Lopez from Atlanta, GA, JJ Paul from Birmingham, AL, Allen Whitehead from Philadelphia, PA, Terry Walkerly from Cleveland, OH, Quinn Holub from Austin, TX, Ethan Cohen from San Diego, CA and Bob Smith from Chicago, IL. The FAC members and Filta meet multiple times throughout the year to share best practices, develop new products, offer suggestions to improve the business model and ultimately enhance the communication between the franchisor and Franchise Owners. The elected members have a voice in the strategic plan of franchise and promote common interests among Franchise Owners. Tom Dunn, Filtas COO and Certified Franchise Executive said, The Filta FAC is comprised of individual business owners that volunteer their expertise to grow and develop the brand. This is critical to the success of any franchise company.

A Franchise Advisory Council provides many benefits to the franchise system; the main benefit being candid and open communication. In addition, it ensures Franchise Owners are an integral part of the planning process as the franchise system develops. The FAC annual meeting will be held in Orlando, Fl right before the annual Filta Franchise Conference in July.

About Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

Established in the United Kingdom in 1996 and brought to the USA in 2002, Filta is the worlds leader in commercial fryer and cooking oil management services and offers its services through a worldwide franchise network. Filta is dedicated to saving its clients money, creating a safer working environment, and providing customers with the tools to increase the quality of their product, all while preserving the environment. Filta services over 5,000 customers every week and has recycled over 1/3 of a billion pounds of oil and counting!