Strives Work Cited in White House Council for Community Solutions Report as a Leading Example of Community Collaborative Success

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

The White House Council for Community Solutions has cited the Strive Partnership in a new report, recognizing the Partnerships success in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in increasing high school graduation rates and college-attendance rates over a six-year period.

The report, titled Community Solutions for Opportunity Youth, is meant to highlight successful strategies to empower Americas youth, particularly those between ages 16-24 who have become disconnected from both school and jobs. The report, presented to President Obama this week, identified a dozen communities across the country where multiple sectors have pulled together in order to increase progress by more than 10 percent on a community-wide metric, and more than 100 additional communities that are making progress in this direction.

Specifically, the report recognized KnowledgeWorks, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, and the University of Cincinnati for creating Strive in order to strategically address ways to solve the problem of high school graduation and college enrollment rates, among others.

A shared vision, deep research, and data-driven planning and evaluation were several important factors that made the program succeed. Strategically aligning existing resources against cradle-to-career needs has led to 40 of the 54 identified indicators moving in a positive direction with several including college enrollment rates, the report said about Strive.

Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director of the Strive Network that is now expanding the cradle to career approach nationwide, said the White House report validates that communities must be strategic to find ways to solve longstanding problems related to improving student achievement.

We realized, as are so many other communities that we have to stop being program rich and system poor. A spray and pray approach to improving outcomes for children does not work, Edmondson said. Once a community begins to focus their collective efforts to improve specific outcomes, the dial on student achievement will really start to move. Thats what our work is all about and that is what this report affirms. Over the long-term, the social and economic payoff is substantial for communities who do this well.

Greg Landsman, who heads the Strive Partnership in Cincinnati, said he was honored that the partnerships work was recognized.

This is really a testament to the contributions of all of our partners on the ground that carry out the work, apply the data, and seek to continuously improve outcomes for kids, Landsman said. If our community is seen as providing lessons others can draw from to improve, that makes us proud.

President Obama created the White House Council for Community Solutions in December 2010 by Executive Order to encourage the growth and maximize the impact of innovative community solutions and civic participation. The Council was charged with: identifying key attributes of successful community solutions; highlighting best practices, tools, and models of cross-sector collaboration and civic participation; and making recommendations on how to engage all stakeholders in community solutions that have a significant impact on solving the nations most serious problems.

The report comes on the heels of the U.S. Department of Educations recently announced Race to the Top district competition, which awards school districts for developing partnerships that lead to Cradle to Career Results, Resource Alignment and Integrated Services. In essence, it gives districts working with partners a path to shift from loosely defined collaboration to concrete goals and expectations for performance and accountability among all those who are investing time, talent and treasure in the success of children.

To read the full White House Council for Community Solutions report, please click on this link.

C.A.R Good Neighbor Awards Give RE/MAX Agent Hasani Steele Five Reasons to Celebrate Success

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

Hasani Steele, a top-producing Chicago real estate agent with RE/MAX Premier Properties, 1205 N. Dearborn Pkwy., in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood, had to have been happy with the recently announced results of the Chicago Association of Realtors

How to Make an Email List with More Success than Imaginable Topic of Article

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Marketers have a bunch of places to go to find out how to make an email list, but none of them detail the conversion rate-boosting factors that make the lists appealing. The latest article from said that theres no magic formula that can increase email lists, but there are ways to increase opt-ins without having to increase web traffic.

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Businesses know that staying on top of marketing and outreach trends is vital to their survival in todays dynamic online world. The online article said that finding out how to create a mailing list will give companies a wonderful source of business income. Capturing as many subscribers as possible is what makes the difference.

Digital Marketer has boiled down the hundreds of ways theyve found to boost conversion rates into a 15-page digitally-downloaded e-book. The ten best practices are shared in Double Your List and each one guarantees a better conversion rate, said the article.

The Special Report also takes care to advise marketers on the mistakes that could cost them dearly. Having a guide to explain the process of building an email list is super valuable, said the article.

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Axiom Consulting Partners New Analysis Finds 5 Key Telecommuting Success Factors

(PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Typically viewed as a soft, family-friend perk, telecommuting at a Washington, DC-based university is now driving hard-number results and helping them execute their strategy to attract and retain top-level talent.

Companies looking to cut costs and attract top talent, federal agencies seeking to comply with the 2011 Telework Enhancement Act, and employees looking to make the case for working remotely can all learn from the universitys experience.

University officials estimate that their new telecommuting policy will generate an annual savings of more than $ 800,000. Furthermore, having a few hundred employees work from home two days a week is generating a projected aggregate annual carbon footprint savings of 2,851 metric tons and saving an estimated $ 1.6 million in fuel and maintenance costs. Employees are saving money too. Those that travel between 20 and 30 miles to work can save approximately $ 1,400 a year.

Juan Pablo Gonzalez of Axiom Consulting Partners, who helped the university execute its telecommuting strategy, said a significant opportunity lies in treating telecommuting like a strategic initiative, validating the potential financial and organizational impact, prior to implementation. Factors worth considering include:

Compact, High-Capacity Links for Less than $2,000 Key to Success of Small Cells

Seattle,WA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Backhaul is crucial to the LTE small-cell business case. Traditional macro-cellular networks are unable to cope with rapid growth in traffic loads and are increasingly congested. Mobile operators agree that in dense urban areas small cells in heterogeneous networks (HetNet) can provide the capacity they need to meet the expectations of their smartphone, tablet and laptop data subscribers.

Yet without high-capacity, ultra-compact, low-cost backhaul to transport this traffic, the small-cell market will struggle to grow, according to a new report from Senza Fili, Backhaul for small cells. Finding the right cost/performance tradeoffs to meet the backhaul challenge.

Backhaul for small cells requires more than just re-purposing existing backhaul solutions. This is a new market for backhaul vendors a big opportunity but also a big challenge as they strive to meet a very different set of requirements from what they are used to in the macro-cellular environment. says Monica Paolini, the reports author. Backhaul products for small cells are not only required to be smaller and cheaper, but they have to operate in more challenging RF environments.

No single solution will suffice, and operators will need to combine line-of-sight (LOS) and non-LOS (NLOS) technologies in their networks to provide the right mix of coverage and capacity, and to support a sustainable and scalable business case. Per-link costs of $ 2,000 with high capacity and extremely compact form factors are needed to close the business case, for both sub-6 GHz licensed and millimeter wave (60 GHz and e-band) spectrum the two bands expected to dominate the small-cell backhaul market.

Based on a financial/TCO model and an extensive set of interviews with mobile operators and vendors, the report examines the tradeoffs in cost and performance that mobile operators face when choosing between LOS and NLOS options, between licensed and license-exempt spectrum, or between point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) architectures, and provides an in-depth review of backhaul vendors plans to provide innovative solutions to this emerging market.

Among the findings of the report:

1. Fiber will be crucial to the success of small cells, but will be mostly used in aggregation points. At a $ 2,500/year lease price, fiber becomes more cost-effective than wireless. But in most markets lease prices are higher than this, and wireless backhaul is expected to be prevalent.

2. Backhaul costs for small-cells account for approximately twice as much of the TCO as they do in the macro-cell layer. This is why backhaul has become a major focus point for mobile operators planning small-cell networks.

3. Integrating backhaul within the small-cell enclosure allows operators to install one piece of equipment instead of two at the small-cell site, and allows operator to reduce their TCO by up to 27%. But it also reduces their flexibility in selecting solutions and vendors.

4. Backhaul sharing among operators is another way to keep small-cell costs down, allowing operators to save up to 20% of their TCO.

The report is available at

Vendors mentioned in the report include Airspan, Alcatel-Lucent, Aviat, BLiNQ, Bluwan, BridgeWave, Cambridge Broadband Networks, Ceragon, DesignArt, Dragonwave, E-Band, Ericsson, Huawei, Intracom, NEC, Nokia-Siemens, Powerwave, Ruckus Wireless, Siklu, Skyfiber, Sub10, Taqua, Ubiquiti.

About Senza Fili

Senza Fili is an analyst and consulting firm that provides advisory services on wireless data technologies and services. At Senza Fili we have in-depth expertise in financial modeling, market forecasts and research, white paper preparation, business plan support, RFP preparation and management, due diligence, and training. We provide a bridge between technologies and services, helping our clients assess established and emerging technologies, leverage these technologies to support new or existing services, and build solid, profitable business models. Independent advice, a strong quantitative backing, and an international perspective are the hallmarks of our work.

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Top Trainer Wendy Stevens, Targets New Heights of Success, As She Partners With Elena Fraga and Team Energy in a Breaking Announcement

(PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Top Trainer Wendy Stevens, Targets New Heights of Success, As She Partners With Elena Fraga and Team Energy in a Breaking Announcement with a Patented Exclusive Product that radically changes the market in Energy Deregulation and Global Expansion.

Top Trainer Wendy Stevens is highly recognized as a social media marketing expert. She is also a renowned motivational speaker, a dynamic coach, a popular trainer, and a championship coach and mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style inspires and empowers audiences from all walks of life, coaching them to overcome their own personal obstacles and succeed in their goals. Her dynamic and inspiring flare is reflected in all of her endeavors as she teaches, trains, and coaches new business partners and entrepreneurs in success in this new endeavor.

Recognized as one of the top income earners in the Direct Sales Industry, Wendy has been showcased as a speaker and trainer as a multiple seven-figure Internet entrepreneur. She has helped thousands of clients in increase their productivity and profits, using highly strategic and aggressive social media marketing positioning. She will now transition her social media marketing expertise toward her joint venture with Elena Fraga in building the Team Energy empire by expanding the leadership team in energy deregulation around the globe.

Wendy has leveraged her experience as a former All American, MVP and NCAA National Champion as well as a Division I Lacrosse Coach at Vanderbilt University. She continues to exemplify that the basic principles of success carry over in ones life – whether playing on the field or coaching business partners and entrepreneurs to reaching their financial goals in this dynamic and financially rewarding arena.

Due to Wendy Stevens recent health challenges, she had made a proactive decision to reduce stress, and retire as the CEO of Local Guerrilla Marketing to focus on the success of her own health and well-being while assisting, coaching and training Team Energy.

Team Energy is a leadership team that is a part of the innovative marketing arm of a successful billion-dollar, publicly held company. Headquarters offices reside in Toronto, Ontario and Dallas, Texas to support its Independent Representatives. Team Energy is creating a national and international sales force assisting individuals to become successful entrepreneurs as we expand our unique patented exclusive solutions as the first energy company to rapidly expand in all 50 states with aggressive global expansion plans within the next five years.

Wendy Stevens embraces her partnership with Elena Fraga and Team Energy as she braces herself in anticipation of greater successes in this winning venture.

Top Trainer Wendy Stevens, Targets New Heights of Success, As She Partners With Elena Fraga and Team Energy in a Breaking Announcement with a Patented Exclusive Product that radically changes the market in Energy Deregulation and Global Expansion.