ESCORT Demonstrates SmartRadar Bluetooth

New York City, NY (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

ESCORT Inc. (, designer, marketer and manufacturer of the world’s best premium automotive accessories, is demonstrating its all-new ESCORT SmartRadar Bluetooth Enabled Radar/Laser Detector at Showstoppers Digital Holidays press event in New York City this week. We continue to receive outstanding media attention for our recently introduced smartphone app, ESCORT Live. Our big news is the complimentary SmartRadar detector designed specifically for drivers who do not currently have a radar detector but want to easily and automatically connect with the ESCORT Live ticket protection app, said Ron Gividen, ESCORT PR Director.

The ESCORT SmartRadar model is a supercharged, out-of-sight radar/laser detector with built-in Bluetooth

National Treatment Network Taps Growing Addiction Treatment Market

Franklin, TN (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

National Treatment Network (NTN) is helping educate drug and alcohol addiction sufferers on the benefits of using their private health insurance PPO plans to receive up to $ 30,000 or more in substance abuse benefits. The Greater Nashville-based healthcare direct marketing agency is garnering international attention and generating substantial business growth by serving this market segment.

NTN is spiking business by aggressively and strategically placing national television and radio advertising including spots running on many popular syndicated radio programs. The company is connecting substance abuse sufferers with addiction treatment centers and helps patients with private health insurance PPO policies learn about their eligible substance abuse treatment coverage for medical detox services and residential (inpatient) rehab programs.

NTN assists its customers by helping them verify their insurance coverage amounts (up to $ 30,000 or more) for substance abuse treatment services and prepares those eligible for immediate admittance to addiction treatment centers offering customized programs for both men and women.

As a result, more and more consumers are using their private health insurance PPO plans to receive substance abuse treatment at little or no out-of-pocket expense by utilizing NTN and their network of facilities throughout the U.S. and beyond. Many drug and alcohol treatment facilities bill private insurance companies directly and assist the patient throughout the process saving them time and money.

Consumers that have substance abuse riders in their health insurance plans (with carriers such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and other premium health insurance providers) have more choices in terms of drug and alcohol treatment center locations, treatment types and amenities. Families are now realizing that they can receive treatment for any family member seeking recovery through their private PPO health insurance plan.

According to Anita Burns, Managing Partner of Medicquire (MDQ) who owns National Treatment Network, NTN is now in the final stages of releasing several national TV ads via large networks and agency relationships. It has been a natural evolution for us since we have mastered in-house internet and mobile advertising and are now moving this core competency into multi-programming TV and radio marketing.

MDQ markets under company brand names, service marks and diverse media channels combining diverse experiences, skill sets, backgrounds and perspectives to create a high end, expert team competency base. MDQ is quickly building a reputation as the go-to-firm for integrated, performance-based direct medical marketing solutions. MDQs mission is to be the leading global player in the direct to consumer medical marketing space.

Texas Energy Network (TEN) Announces Membership in Key Energy Data Standards Organizations; Releases Standards for Carrier Deployment of LTE for Energy Communications

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Citing ownership and control of the network core as a key element of service, Texas Energy Network, LLC announced today carrier deployment standards for LTE networks on the oilfield. Gregory M. Casey, Chief Executive Officer of TEN stated; “TEN is releasing these standards as guidelines for energy companies seeking to use LTE to transmit data. TEN’s network is being built to a carrier class standard and we think its important that our energy customers know what that means compared to some other service that may portend to provide critical infrastructure wireless service.” Casey was business unit head of Qwest/US West’s carrier access business before starting TEN.

The first key element of carrier class service is control of the LTE Evolved Packet Core(EPC). An LTE network uses an eNodeB (evolved node B, essentially an LTE base station), a MME (mobile management entity), a HSS (home subscriber server), a SGW (serving gateway), and a PGW (a packet data network gateway). With the exception of the eNodeB, everything is considered as part of the EPC (evolved packet core) network. At the tower the eNodeB connects to the EPC.

The MME and the HSS basically handle all duties regarding subscriber access to the network. It handles all the authentication, roaming rules for subscribers, etc. The SGW essentially acts like a giant router for subscribers, passing data back and forth from the subscriber to the network. The PGW provides the connection to external data networks. The most common data network the PGW provides a connection to is the internet.

Therefore, ownership and control of the EPC is essential. Allen Shipman, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at TEN stated, “network control is essential when providing data transmission to critical infrastructure companies such as the energy industry. If the network isn’t controlled and is maintained by a third party, its not secure and certainly not carrier class.” Shipman is noted for his architecture of the 50,000 mile Broadwing fiber network now owned by data heavyweight Level 3.

Other key elements beside ownership and control that are essential to the provision of carrier class service are: 1) ownership and control of backhaul links over licensed spectrum, 2) ringed network topology to provide system continuity in the case of backhaul failure, 3) redundant core routers in the case of failure, 4) secure tower deployment and several other design elements. These standards will be announced on TEN’s website in September.

TEN also announced membership in two key energy data standards organizations, Energistics and PIDX. Energistics is a global industry consortium that facilitates an inclusive user community for the development, adoption and maintenance of collaborative, open standards for the energy industry in general and specifically for oil and gas exploration and production. Its website can be found at PIDX provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitates seamless, efficient electronic business within the oil and natural gas industry and its trading community. Its website can be found at Greg Casey also noted “TEN is the first carrier to become a member in both organizations. Our intention is to not only efficiently transport data at high speeds but to facilitate the use of data in energy company work flows. Membership in these organizations gives us access to key energy data constituents.”

Starting first in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale play, TEN is delivering 4G LTE to the oil and gas industry to enable the promise of the “Digital Oilfield”. The company’s website can be found at

ESCORT Demonstrates SmartRadar Bluetooth

New York City, NY (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

ESCORT Inc. (, designer and manufacturer of the world’s best premium automotive accessories, has arrived in the Big Apple and is demonstrating its all-new ESCORT SmartRadar Bluetooth Enabled Radar/Laser Detector at Propels Gift Guide show and press event in New York City Wednesday evening. We continue to receive outstanding media attention for our recently introduced smartphone app, ESCORT Live. Now we have released a complimentary SmartRadar detector designed specifically for drivers who do not currently have a radar detector on the glass and want to easily, automatically, and conveniently, link to the ESCORT Live ticket protection app, said Ron Gividen, ESCORT PR Director.

The ESCORT SmartRadar is a supercharged, out-of-sight radar/laser detector with built-in Bluetooth

SunGards Global Network Surpasses $400 Billion in Total Fund Assets

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

The SunGard Global Network (SGN) has surpassed $ 400 billion in total fund assets, including mutual funds and money market funds*. SGN Funds is an automated trade-routing solution connecting investors to fund families. SGN Short-Term Cash Management portal is a global compliance, trading and research solution for institutional cash investors.

Total fund assets traded through SGN has increased by 50% since 2009. According to the Investment Company Institutes 2012 Investment Company Fact Book, total net assets held in mutual funds from 2009 to 2011 increased by 4.3%.**

The number of fund investments and the variety of fund choices continue to grow worldwide as financial advisors react to shifts in demographics and retirement savings, trust companies seek greater operational efficiency as well as choice and flexibility to meet client needs and objectives, and corporations pursue greater liquidity and transparency in short-term investments. The growing retirement population, the transition of defined benefit to defined contribution plans, and the move to open architecture and outsourcing to third parties are driving increased variety and complexity of investments available and more complicated portfolios.

Bob Ward, chief operating officer of SunGards wealth management business, said, The growing fund activity SunGard is seeing through its SGN solutions points directly to the increasing importance of mutual funds and money market funds in fueling individual retirement savings, advisor service offerings and investment strategies of corporate treasurers. This trend is also a testament to the expanding adoption of automated solutions that help companies connect to other market participants, access a greater variety of products, and streamline operations. In addition, as a result of the need for better transparency and oversight, customers are looking to consolidate trade flow through one partner.

Launched in 1996, SGN Funds provides customers with access to global mutual funds, UCITS and exchange traded funds, facilitating straight-through processing between fund companies and a variety of bank, brokerage and retirement recordkeeping and accounting systems. Launched in 2002, the SGN Short-Term Cash Management portal is a global, multi-fund trading platform that helps corporate treasurers increase efficiency in researching, analyzing and gathering relevant information to help optimize short-term investments.

** Investment Company Institute (ICI), 2012 Investment Company Fact Book, Figure 1.1: Investment Company Total Net Assets by Type, Mutual Funds, page 9.

About the SunGard Global Network (SGN)

A trade automation and connectivity solution, the SunGard Global Network links institutions throughout the financial services value chain, offering services for equities, fixed income, listed derivatives, mutual funds, money market funds and other cash equivalents. SGN helps automate the entire trade lifecycle, from order execution through to post-trade processing. It facilitates trading on over 120 markets worldwide and links more than 2,000 asset managers with over 530 brokers, as well as interconnecting with major third-party order-routing networks. SGNs international connectivity hubs also support low-latency market data delivery from global markets.

About SunGard

SunGard is one of the worlds leading software and technology services companies. SunGard has more than 17,000 employees and serves approximately 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries. SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financial services, education and the public sector. SunGard also provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software. With annual revenue of about $ 4.5 billion, SunGard is the largest privately held software and services company and was ranked 480 on the Fortune 500. Look for us wherever the mission is critical. For more information, please visit

Mutual fund and short-term cash management assets or securities are not held by SunGard.

SGN Brokerage Services offered in the United States and Canada are provided by SunGard Institutional Brokerage Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC

SGN Brokerage Services offered throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific are provided by SunGard Global Execution Services Limited which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, No. 469919 Incorporated and registered in England and Wales No. 3127109 Registered Office: 25 Canada Square, London E14 5LQ.

SunGard Global Execution Services Limited (ARBN No. 132 508 742) is exempted from licensing under Australia Securities & Investments Commission Class Order 03/1099 and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority under UK laws, which differ from Australian laws.

Trademark Information: SunGard, the SunGard logo and the SunGard Global Network are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Vendors in California & Georgia to be Featured on the Online Network

(PRWEB) June 18, 2012 recently announced free wedding invitations and an RSVP website for any engaged couple in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The company has re-purposed their 2012 marketing budget in hopes of building brand awareness and loyalty. According to reports from within the Southern California based company, its working. features over 2 million highly accomplished and professional companies in the event planning industry including: Central Valley Party, Divine Characters and More, and Yard Party Events.

Located in Sacramento, CA, Central Valley Party is a family owned and operated company. Offering a full line of party rental equipment and services, Central Valley Party is dedicated meeting all party needs and exceeding service expectations. Their focus is to make any event a success with a smooth planning process right through to the delivery and pick up.

Central Valley Party carries a full line of event rentals and concession supplies including: chairs, tables, linens, food service, concession equipment, stage equipment, carnival games, canopies, and lighting. From home parties to school carnivals, church functions to office meetings, or just simple holiday and family gatherings, Central Valley Party assists in all aspects of events. For a detailed list of products and services visit

Serving the Riverside, CA area, Divine Characters and More offers a range of costume characters for any occasion. Whether hired for corporate, holiday, birthday, or a special events, Divine Characters will work with local companies to accommodate customer’s needs and requests. The company provides Animals For Parties, Jump houses, Children’s Party Themes, Child Birthday Party, Childrens Party Games, Children’s Parties, Birthday Parties, Birthday Party Ideas, Costumed Characters, Costumed Performers, Bouncers, Balloon Twisters, Balloons, Balloon Animals, Clowns & Entertainers, Clowns, Princess & Tea Parties, Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Characters For Kids, Characters For Kids Parties, Kids Birthday, Birthday Party Characters, Characters For Kids, Character Grams, Party Characters, Characters & more! For a complete list of details and contact information, visit Divine Characters and More’s profile at

Yard Party events is a family owned and operated business located in Henry County, Georgia. The company began their inflatables and jumpers business in 1998 to help supplement income when they gave birth to their second child. After an unexpected job loss in 1999, they were faced with getting another job or taking the business full time. Today, Yard Party Events is one of the largest party and special event rental companies in the area. Yard Party Events providers jumpers, giant slides, water slides, inflatable games, toddler activities, fun foods, rock walls & carnival rides, ponies, and even a petting zoo. The company specializes in all types of parties and gatherings with special discount offers for church, school and business events. More information can be found online at


PartyPOP is the largest party, wedding and event planning online network.

Before the Internet era, the professionals at were successful hands-on party planners and special event producers. For more than a decade PartyPOP has translated 30 years of party planning experience onto the Internet. Millions of vendors are listed on the network consisting of 60+ websites and tens of millions of customers have used the network to plan their parties, weddings and events. also provides party and event related tips, themes and ideas, as well as a free full wedding planning software called Seating Arrangement.

About Free Printed Invitations by

PartyPOP provides every bride and groom across the USA, Canada and the U.K. with free beautifully designed wedding invitations, printed on 80lbs card stock paper with matching envelopes and wedding website. Even door to door shipping is included at no cost. There are no hidden fees, no obligations to buy and no strings attached!

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