San Diego Playground Equipment Company, Pacific Play Systems, Acquires New Carlsbad Facility, Increasing Southern Cal Playground Installation Capacity

(PRWEB) May 23, 2012

Pacific Play Systems, leading supplier of commercial playground equipment in southern California, acquired and relocated its headquarters to 3226 Grey Hawk Court, Carlsbad, CA 92010. Prior to the recent move, the company leased a smaller facility at 3142 Tiger Run Court, Carlsbad, CA 92010. Pacific Play Systems has more than tripled its floor area, which includes office and warehouse space. The new facility will improve the effective delivery of customer service throughout southern California.

Company President, Ali Bemanian explains that the new larger warehouse can store several dozen commercial playgrounds. The storage facility gives Pacific Play Systems a competitive advantage, making it possible to handle the bulky goods of playground equipment for large projects, while serving multiple customers. Bemanian adds that the company is experienced with large projects, having completed several multi-million dollar projects, which is unusual in the commercial playground equipment market. Bemanian reports that the seasonal strategy for timing the move was critical as Pacific Play Systems is scheduled to have a busy summer with commercial playground equipment projects throughout southern California, in: San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Imperial, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. These projects are either already in progress or in the planning stages.

Aside from the new facility upgrade, Pacific Play Systems has added two new playground equipment designers: one with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and the other with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts. Bemanian, the company President has an educational background in architecture with expertise in manufacturing, construction, and commercial playground equipment design. With such extensive knowledge of the business market, Bemanian works closely with the company staff to create outstanding designs for playground equipment projects. Pacific Play Systems has won several key commercial playground equipment projects this year, including a prestigious playground project at US MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA. Pacific Play Systems also earned a high score of 98.2% in a recent design build competition for a playground equipment renovation project at a major park for the City of San Diego; this is presently in the planning stage.

In addition to working closely with the design staff at Pacific Play Systems, Bemanian creates outstanding designs by closely collaborating with designers and engineers at Playcraft, a west coast leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment. Pacific Play Systems and Playcraft have a strategic geographic business relationship that benefits their customers.

About Pacific Play Systems, Inc.

Located in Carlsbad, CA, Pacific Play Systems, Inc. specializes in commercial playground equipment design and installation. The company has installed for parks, schools, preschools, HOAs, military bases, and churches throughout southern California: including San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, and Los Angeles counties. As a full service playground equipment company, Pacific Play Systems provides clients a complete package, where site evaluation and custom design are offered at no cost or obligation. Pacific Play Systems holds several construction licenses that allow it to deliver a complete turnkey project from design through installation. In addition to its state-of-the-art Playcraft commercial playground equipment, Pacific Play Systems offers a wide variety of shade structures, sports equipment, soft-contained indoor playground equipment, water park equipment, playground safety surfacing and site furnishings.

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Mark Adams Joins Ross & Baruzzini as Senior Systems Project Manager

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Ross & Baruzzini, a globally recognized engineering and architectural planning, design and consulting firm, has announced the appointment of Mark Adams as Senior Systems Project Manager for the Advanced Engineering Systems practice. Adams will provide technical leadership, detailed project management, and execution of the world-class systems engineering projects domestically and internationally.

Adams brings over 25 years of experience with systems design and engineering. His expertise includes design of large scale, complex airport systems, intelligent transportation systems, and critical operation facilities. Prior to his position at Ross & Baruzzini, Adams served as a Senior Systems Engineer in the Aviation Division of URS Corporation in Denver, Colorado. In this position, he provided airport systems design, consulting and project management for a variety of clients, primarily in the aviation market.

Arizona AC Service Center Announces Sales and Service For All Liebert Precision Cooling Systems

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

Reliable mission-critical applications demand reliable data center cooling solutions. Every increase in temperature carries with it the risk of unnecessary downtime. For dependable equipment performance, you must maintain precise data room temperatures. Liebert precision cooling CRAC systems supply a data center solution that eliminates frustrated workers, confused technicians and disappointed customers.

We provide the data center cooling solutions that ensure daily mission-critical success.

Dont Get Frustrated Get Liebert CRAC

Arizona business managers are no strangers to record-breaking heat. The battle to balance soaring energy costs with the necessity for consistent data room temperatures cannot be fought without some degree of frustration. You save a dollar on equipment, work with the most dependable Arizona AC service center in the business and still the outside temperature demands greater work from your system.

Yet right planning can eliminate some if not all of the frustrations. The AC service experts at American Cooling and Heating recommend that you use the following points during the design of your mission-critical data room cooling plan:

Flexibility and Scalability To achieve optimal operational and capacity functionality, data center facilities must be designed for flexibility and scalability.

Key Design Plans The key design factors of an efficient data room include, building selection, floor plan, layout of the electrical system, mechanical environment, site location and a modular approach that permits rapid change while promoting minimum renovation.

Client Issues Apply the principles of flexibility by measuring the impact of new hardware technologies, cost elements, acceptable levels of fault tolerance and data center organization.

Forces of Change Identify the complications that typically force change, including cost pressures, the need for new equipment, requirements for extended redundancy, floor space constraints, changes in safety regulations, incremental power requirements, advanced security regulations and more.

HVAC Equipment Data room design must include a cooling plan that corresponds to rack layout, power demands, situations that require “spot” cooling, and various other mechanical configurations.

American Cooling and Heating Dedicated To Precision Performance

Efficient data room cooling calls for more than a standard air conditioning service center. To be effective, your Arizona AC installation and repair technicians must know the heating and cooling process, but they must also understand the purpose behind the architecture and engineering of a data center. Quality Liebert CRAC support partners comprehend the equipment, the associated client issues and the forces of change.

The experts at American Cooling and Heating appreciate critical-design features including, electrical layout, power distribution, MDF arrangement, intermediate distribution frame systems, pre-action wet systems and HVAC responses to each individual data room design plan. The ACH service crew has the experience, the training and the skills to deal with:

Liebert CRAC installation

Liebert CRAC repair

Liebert CRAC maintenance

And all of the associated client issues.

American Cooling and Heating is proud to present Arizona businesses with the latest innovation in AC sales, service, installation and repair for all Liebert Precision Cooling Products. It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun, but the heat is rising, and meeting the needs of modern businesses requires a new approach to data room heating and cooling processes.

For over twenty years, American Cooling and Heating has been meeting the needs of residential and commercial customers in AZ. The companys success involves three factors:

Qualifications Every ACH Arizona AC technician is fully trained and equipped to meet the toughest heating and cooling challenges in any environment.

Quality Every ACH Arizona AC repair, sale, service or installation is performed with experience, skill and dedicated attention to details.

Adaptability Every ACH Arizona AC service technician remains up-to-date with current heating and cooling technology, and is ready to adapt to advanced and changing customer needs.

Dealing With Arizona Heat Conditions

Arizona weather can be extremely hard on data room heating and cooling equipment. Customers are concerned about energy costs and using energy wisely. Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Systems provide a reasonable, cost-effective solution to continuous changes in the external temperatures. American Cooling and Heating ensures that the Liebert systems work right in your data room environment.

American Cooling and Heating provides satisfaction-guaranteed installation and 24 hour, same-day A/C service for Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Sun City AZ, Tempe AZ, Queen Creek AZ, All Other Areas

With so much going for them, you cant afford to ignore the performance of Liebert Precision Cooling Systems. Count on the Arizona AC installation and service pros at American Cooling and Heating to install your Liebert system with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Then sit back and enjoy the reliability and the and savings of a new Liebert CRAC system!

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Tegile Systems Unveils Next-Generation MASS-Based Flash Array Bringing Powerful, Cost-Effective Features to Market

Newark, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Tegile Systems, a pioneer in primary storage de-duplication in virtualized server and desktop environments, today announced innovative enhancements to its high-availability MASS architecture and the extension of its product line with the addition of two new powerful storage arrays, the Zebi HA2400 and Zebi HA2800. Tegiles Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) technology separates metadata from the primary data path and optimizes functions such as de-duplication, compression, RAID and snapshot pointers, allowing for up to 75% capacity savings, while accelerating IO by up to seven times when compared to traditional storage systems.

The major flaw we see in the all-flash arrays introduced in the market is the performance and data reduction claims that are dependent on 100% flash designs, said Rob Commins, vice president of marketing at Tegile Systems. Their cost per GB claims compare with 15,000 RPM-based systems in a RAID 1 or mirrored configuration.

Commins added: Tegile’s MASS architecture enables us to differentiate and deliver performance at or above those all-flash arrays, while including high-capacity disks to address the $ /GB issue others have. All-flash arrays sell in the market at $ 5-10/GB, while Tegile’s MASS based arrays sell well below $ 2/GB. We raise the performance of near-line SAS hard disk drives to rival extremely expensive high-RPM SAS or Fibre Channel drives, thus enabling the acceleration of every storage function within the array.

With MASS, Tegiles Zebi storage system organizes and stores metadata independently to the data on high-speed devices with optimized retrieval paths. IT administrators benefit from top-end disk drive performance without the need to invest in costly storage.

This is an improvement over traditional storage systems which store data and metadata together, with metadata being interspersed with data on disks. Over time, as data is modified, deleted and rewritten, metadata becomes very fragmented. Additionally, certain storage system features, such as de-duplication, can cause metadata to multiply and grow rapidly. Inordinate growth of metadata causes significant deterioration in a systems behavior over time.

Were seeing a dramatic uptick in the number of customers who are deploying or refreshing virtual environments and finding that their legacy storage environments may not meet these new performance requirements at a reasonable cost, said Terri McClure, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. Our recent Lab Validation Report on Tegiles MASS architecture highlighted the fact that Tegiles Zebi arrays were able to provide excellent performance, were extremely flexible and optimized the use of SSD and HDD to enhance IO or throughput performance, while maintaining a very aggressive $ /GB. With this new release, Tegile is enabling customers to significantly improve their legacy storage environments and better meet the new demands imposed by virtual environments.

New FlashVols Maximize Performance

The Tegile MASS architecture has now been enhanced with an all-flash controller and the addition of FlashVols to maximize performance. Now, large and medium enterprise customers who need high-performance and high-availability storage will benefit from flash-grade performance without incurring the costs traditionally associated with top-grade disk drives.

FlashVols are volumes that are pinned in SSD so applications run at maximum performance without the potential for delay due to caching algorithms or tiering polices. Several competitive offerings use sub-volume tiering to address performance spikes found in these types of use cases. These policies are usually set to analyze usage patterns every three hours or migrate data across tiers in off-hours. But by that time, a boot storm may have completed or a spike in sales at an online retailer may have passed. Pinning critical volumes in SSD ensures these types of problems do not occur.

HA2400 and HA2800: Performance, Flexibility, Simplicity and Cost Effectiveness

Tegiles two new storage arrays, the HA2400 and the HA2800, are considerably faster than legacy HDD arrays and significantly less expensive than all solid-state disk-based arrays. Featuring both NAS and SAN connectivity, the HA2400 and the HA2800 are easy-to-use, fully redundant and highly scalable. Additionally, they come complete with built-in snapshot, replication, near-instant recovery and virtualization management features.

Highlights of the HA2400

Tegiles HA2400 enables customers to break through HDD-born performance barriers in order to better manage large-scale VDI projects that often double the number of desktops under management. Featuring a multi-protocol hybrid array with de-duplication and compression that delivers up to 125,000 IOPS, the HA2400 enables organizations to double the number of applications under management.

Highlights of the HA2800

The Tegile Zebi HA2800 is a multi-protocol, all-flash array that can be placed in front of a large pool of hard disk drives to deliver leading performance while not abandoning the aggressive cost constraints customers operate within. It delivers superior performance and can be augmented with expansion chassis to expand capacity up to 146 raw TB and resolve the $ /GB challenge other all-flash arrays cannot address.

At raw capacity, before deduplication and compression, the HA2800 reaches 200,000 IOPS and sells for $ 2.00 per GB, demonstrating significant cost savings over legacy flash systems priced at $ 5-10 per GB. After compression and deduplication, the HA2800 sells for $ 1 per GB.

Desktop virtualization was an important consideration for us as we were planning our server virtualization implementation, said Ben Croxton, IT director, Global Directories, the parent company of U.S.-Yellow Pages. We looked at several hybrid arrays and Tegile won our evaluation hands down because performance was key, yet storage systems from incumbent vendors didnt have the performance we needed. Tegile had the most powerful platform, the richest feature set and the best value for our dollar.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for Tegile Zebi arrays start at $ 60,000. Both the Zebi HA2400 and HA2800 are currently shipping and are priced at:

A New Simple Touch Screen HMI Controller for Embedded Systems

Corwen, UK (PRWEB UK) 31 July 2012

The Artila M-9G45A is a credit card size SOM powered by a 400MHz Atmel AT91SAM9G45 ARM Thumb Processor with memory management unit, and equipped with 128MB DDR2 RAM, 128MB NAND Flash, and 2MB DATAFlash. The M-9G45A stands out by acting as a Touch Screen Controller for LCDs up to 1280 x 860 pixels in size making it ideal for HMI applications. This feature allows users to choose a LCD from 3.5 to 12 for their user interface design. The M-9G45A also comes with four UART ports, one 10/100Mbps Ethernet, one USB 2.0 high speed port, GPIO, SPI, I2C and I2S bus, and for their design of RS-232/485 communication, wired and wireless connectivity, audio I/O and digital I/O control.

The M-9G45A is designed with easy to use in mind. Its 2.0 mm pin header (which is a widely used electronic component) and 128 distinct function pins reduce users time in hardware design and software porting. In addition to the tool chain which comes with the Artila CD includes many handy software utilities and device drivers.

The M-9G45A is pre-installed with Linux 2.6.38 OS, a busybox utility collection, lighttpd Web server, and various hardware device drivers. The GTK+ tool kit and qt4 embedded are also included to assist the user to develop a graphic user interface. In addition to Linux OS, the user can install WinCE 6.0 on the M-9G45A which makes it familiar for the Microsoft user. The remote display control utility included in the WinCE 6.0 allows user to control the device from a computer located at a remote site.

M-9G45A Starter Kit

To get the develop up and running with the System on Module, Artila can also supply a Starter Kit which includes a base board with interface comnnectors and a M-9G45A module.

Artila Electronics

Artila Electronics Co., Ltd. is an emerging force in the industrial computer field, dedicated to minimising mass while maximising utility. Unlike other industrial computer providers in the market who mainly use x86 plus Windows solutions, Artila focuses on ARM-core RISC CPU with embedded Linux and WinCE solutions, matched with Artila’s 10 plus years of experience in RS-232/422/485 industrial communication and TCP/IP networking. Artila’s product range consists of Serial-to-Ethernet embedded modules, ARM9/Linux box computers, and ARM9/Linux SOMs (system-on-modules).

The Debug Store

The Debug Store distributes Artila Electronics’ Automation Controllers and System-on-Module controllers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. It specialises in supplying embedded systems development tools and electronic test equipment to electronic engineers in the UK and thoughout Europe and is known as “The Electronic Engineers’ Tool Store”. The company was founded and is run by John Legg, an experienced embedded hardware and software engineer whose philosophy has always been to introduce innovative solutions to the embedded systems developer and to back them with both pre and post sales advice and support.

GSA – PBS Heartland Region Selects ATI Systems for its Wireless Public Address System

East Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Acoustic Technology Inc. (ATI Systems) of East Boston, MA was awarded a half a million dollar contract for the design and installation of a state of the art wireless public address system for the GSA – PBS Heartland region, Kansas City, MO.

ATI was selected based on providing superior voice and tonal clarity. In addition, the new systems strength is that it allows for a variety of notification methods to be utilized such as text messages, telephone alerts, email and desktop alerts. The system interfaces easily to the existing internal analog phone system for activating from any phone. This system will provide real-time, dynamic information to everyone on the property and in the immediate vicinity during emergencies.

The new system features 14 of ATIs Indoor Speaker Units (ISU) with over 1000 2 watt ceiling speakers for indoor coverage and over 50 15 watt horn speakers for outdoor coverage and 2 control stations for activating, controlling and monitoring the entire system.

The two control stations will be used to activate, test and monitor the ISU alerting units. Through tone alerts, pre-recorded voice messages and live public address, everyone affected by an emergency are immediately notified how to respond. The key advantage to the ATI system is the companys proprietary acoustic modeling that ensures clear and precise sound audibility and voice intelligibility throughout the facility.

The central control stations are configured with ATI Systems proprietary MassAlert