Aberdeen Releases its New Web-based GUI that Makes it Easy to Identify and Locate Specific Hard Drives in an Array

Santa Fe Springs, CA (PRWEB) June 09, 2012

Adding, removing, or replacing a hard drive typically rearranges the list, says Yuval Bymel, R&D engineer at Aberdeen. These hard drive changes make it impossible to have a label on the system showing the correct order of the drives at any given time. Under ideal conditions, this may be an adequate solution. But when a drive fails, or if it completely disappears from that list, there is no easy way to identify the slot in which that drive resides.

To help data center and IT managers overcome this hard drive hassle, Aberdeen built its Z-Series line of scalable storage products with its proprietary Web-based GUI that makes it easy to not only identify the hard drive, but also pinpoint its exact location in the array. This GUI goes above and beyond the traditional ZFS system to make hard drive swaps or fixes quicker and easier.

Scalable Storage Products

Aberdeens Z-Series is a line of scalable storage products designed to be customized to an enterprises needs. Whether an enterprise needs to store a few terabytes of data or as much as a petabyte or more, the Z-Series platform can handle it. Aberdeen also made sure these solutions would be ready for future use and offers 10Gb Ethernet or 8Gb Fibre connectivity to the storage solutions as an optional add-on.

The GUI built into Aberdeens Z-Series line of solutions creates an accurate graphical representation of the entire array, letting administrators see the physical location of a servers hard drives without manually searching through the array. When an admin clicks an individual drive, the GUI shows its location on the server itself as well as its physical location within the array. And the GUI will also take any changes an admin has made into account. You can rest assured the GUI matches the servers hard drive slot label and retains that order no matter which drives you use, how many you have, or even if you have to replace a failed drive, Bymel says.

The Z-Series GUI also lets administrators select which drive they want to replace while keeping all of the hard drives in the correct order. An admin can even rearrange the order at any given time or move the drives to another enclosure. Regardless of how the admin chooses to arrange or manage the drives, the Z-Series GUI will keep up and provide the same identification and location information based on the new configuration.

Easier To Use

Aberdeens addition of the Web-based GUI serves to make the Z-Series even easier to use in the data center. The platform is scalable enough to support a wide range of storage needs and can scale to as much as a petabyte of storage or more because the GUI makes it easier to locate, swap out, or move hard drives. Regardless of how large or small an enterprises storage needs, Aberdeen can help with a solution that will relieve hard drive headaches.

CollegeComplete.com, a Free Education Matching Service, Once Again in Growth Mode as Their NASCAR Team Drives Awareness

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

While the news is filled with commentaries about the economy going down, not growing fast enough or going overseas, CollegeComplete.com has continued its growth and plans to add 20% more staff this month. A special focus has been placed with hiring returning veterans and military personnel.

College Complete opened its office doors in Deerfield Beach, Florida in September 2010. In the year and a half since then, they have grown from 15 people to nearly 40 Education Advocates. Every Advocate goes through an internal training process to learn about the high standards that College Complete holds itself to, as well as about the schools and systems that are in place to ensure the each and every student is given the most accurate choices available.

By the time that training is complete, each Advocate is able to guide potential students through the process of identifying schools that fit their geographical and educational needs. This matching process is done at no cost to the student and is followed up with an email of recommended questions to ask once the student speaks with the individual school.

With such rapid hiring in its Florida Headquarters, CollegeComplete.com has turned to NASCAR driver Justin Lofton to help get the word out to the public about the benefits of continuing education as well as about openings at College Complete.

Daniel Haim, CEO of College Complete said, We are extremely grateful to be able to have experienced the rapid growth that we have so far. I cannot thank the community, NASCAR fans and the students that we help enough to express how humbled we are.

The next group of employees will begin work at the end of June and executives at College Complete are already planning for additional hires this year with a goal of bringing their 2 year growth to 400% by the end of the year.

About College Complete

Partnered with hundreds of educational institutions and across all types of education goals, including traditional college degrees, trade and vocational certifications, and professional licensure, College Complete helps students assess all of the information that exists in the public domain, allowing them to understand and make sense of their educational opportunities. Their services are free and available to anyone. Whether you are interested in Art and Design, Business, Computers and Technology, Criminal Justice, Education, Healthcare and Medical, Science and Engineering, and much, much more; if youre an Electrician, a Nurse, an Automotive Mechanic, a Teacher, a Police Officer, or youre simply interested in learning Computer Programming, Networking, Web Development, or Graphic Design College Complete is available for you at no cost. You can reach them by filling out a form on their site or calling to speak with your personal Education Advocate at 877-543-2655. College Complete has an initiative to assist those in the US Armed Forces and their families and is able to assist in identifying schools that will not only provide the educational requirements of the soldier, veteran or family member but will do so in a cost effective manner.

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