Impact Media Using Responsive Web Design as Smartphone and Tablet Use Grows

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Nearly everyone has shared the same frustration: You connect to a website from your smartphone or tablet, and the formatting is so small or distorted that you decide to look elsewhere.

That’s where Responsive Web Design, rated by Net Magazine as one of the two most important web advances in 2012, comes to the rescue!

Impact Media – – one of the most innovative website design firms in the Cape Fear Region, is using Responsive Web Design to help its clients garner new business from the web, particularly from the growing number of people searching from mobile devices. Responsive Web Design involves a new mindset when it comes to website architecture and web development techniques, and Impact Media is one of the North Carolina firms leading the way.

What’s Responsive Web Design?

“Responsive Web Design is not just about adjusting screen resolutions and resizing images,” as Brian Tucker, President of Impact Design notes, “but really about a whole new way of approaching the web development process, one that’s more fluid in nature.”

Responsive Web Design contends that a website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s hardware and preferences. This eliminates the need for a different design and development phase as each new smartphone or tablet enters the market.

Just as importantly, Tucker believes that the use of Responsive Web Design can improve all facets of a website’s performance – from being able to find a site, to how easy it is to navigate, to the number of site visitors who convert into customers. (The Boston Globe’s website is one of the best examples of Responsive Web Design.)

Mobile Searches Expected To Surpass Desktop Searches by 2016

The latest statistics demonstrate that Responsive Web Design is much more than a trend. A recent BIA/Kelsey Report suggests that mobile search will soon become the preferred and most frequently used method of scanning the web.

According to the study, mobile and desktop search will be equally popular late in 2014, before mobile eventually becomes the leader in 2015. By the end of 2016, mobile searches will account for at least 113 billion queries – compared to 85.6 billion from desktop devices.

More Mobile Searches Makes Mobile Marketing Even More Crucial

Tucker notes: “Making sure that your website is optimized for the mobile market – that you have a mobile strategy and that your site is appearing on mobile searches – is also crucial to your success online. In light of the rapid increase in smart device use, we’re changing our Internet Marketing techniques to serve our clients better, and we’ll continue to adapt as the way that Americans use the Internet changes.

In addition to Responsive Web Design, Impact Media is involved in the development and marketing of mobile apps for the IPad and Android markets.

Impact Media Solutions is a full service Web Design and IT company in that offers real business solutions to companies and organizations along Coastal Carolina, as well as regionally and nationally. The firm’s cohesive team of web developers, graphic designers, web copywriters, and network engineers constantly embrace emerging technologies to provide next-level affordable solutions to their clients in Wilmington, Jacksonville, and beyond. Their phone number is (910) 679-4471. More information can be found on their website:

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Breastfeeding is Being Revolutionized as FeedArt Presents a Combined Digital Device Bundled With a Smartphone App

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The major difficulty with breastfeeding is real-time knowledge of how much a baby has nursed. Blocked channels and several other medical and physiological reasons may cause malnutrition. Up until now, no reliable, accurate, real time and with no interference to the baby’s nursing cycle, was available.

With FeedArt for the first time, babies may nurse freely while their mothers are able to keep track of the quantities he eats in real-time. This newly designed electronic, noninvasive, device presents accurate detailed information on the Smartphone, which can also shared on-line with the baby’s Doctor and lactation advisor, regarding each nursing cycle. It keeps historical data and comparable to past nursing and common averages for the baby’s age.

FeedArt will show real-time information needed concerning the baby’s eating. Quantities, flow, amount per breastfeeding comparable nursing history and more will be graphically presented on the Smartphone screen. FeedArt will memorize all the information and show daily & monthly eating habits, in order to keep track of the baby’s proper development.


Scientific research shows breastfeeding as the healthiest way for babies to grow and develop. It improves their immune system and prevents diseases, infections and allergies. Breastfeeding does not always go smoothly and it is difficult to know how much babies have actually consumed. Today more and more women around the world are aware of this fact and are searching for ways to keep track of their baby’s feeding habits and volume.

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