Impact Media Using Responsive Web Design as Smartphone and Tablet Use Grows

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Nearly everyone has shared the same frustration: You connect to a website from your smartphone or tablet, and the formatting is so small or distorted that you decide to look elsewhere.

That’s where Responsive Web Design, rated by Net Magazine as one of the two most important web advances in 2012, comes to the rescue!

Impact Media – – one of the most innovative website design firms in the Cape Fear Region, is using Responsive Web Design to help its clients garner new business from the web, particularly from the growing number of people searching from mobile devices. Responsive Web Design involves a new mindset when it comes to website architecture and web development techniques, and Impact Media is one of the North Carolina firms leading the way.

What’s Responsive Web Design?

“Responsive Web Design is not just about adjusting screen resolutions and resizing images,” as Brian Tucker, President of Impact Design notes, “but really about a whole new way of approaching the web development process, one that’s more fluid in nature.”

Responsive Web Design contends that a website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s hardware and preferences. This eliminates the need for a different design and development phase as each new smartphone or tablet enters the market.

Just as importantly, Tucker believes that the use of Responsive Web Design can improve all facets of a website’s performance – from being able to find a site, to how easy it is to navigate, to the number of site visitors who convert into customers. (The Boston Globe’s website is one of the best examples of Responsive Web Design.)

Mobile Searches Expected To Surpass Desktop Searches by 2016

The latest statistics demonstrate that Responsive Web Design is much more than a trend. A recent BIA/Kelsey Report suggests that mobile search will soon become the preferred and most frequently used method of scanning the web.

According to the study, mobile and desktop search will be equally popular late in 2014, before mobile eventually becomes the leader in 2015. By the end of 2016, mobile searches will account for at least 113 billion queries – compared to 85.6 billion from desktop devices.

More Mobile Searches Makes Mobile Marketing Even More Crucial

Tucker notes: “Making sure that your website is optimized for the mobile market – that you have a mobile strategy and that your site is appearing on mobile searches – is also crucial to your success online. In light of the rapid increase in smart device use, we’re changing our Internet Marketing techniques to serve our clients better, and we’ll continue to adapt as the way that Americans use the Internet changes.

In addition to Responsive Web Design, Impact Media is involved in the development and marketing of mobile apps for the IPad and Android markets.

Impact Media Solutions is a full service Web Design and IT company in that offers real business solutions to companies and organizations along Coastal Carolina, as well as regionally and nationally. The firm’s cohesive team of web developers, graphic designers, web copywriters, and network engineers constantly embrace emerging technologies to provide next-level affordable solutions to their clients in Wilmington, Jacksonville, and beyond. Their phone number is (910) 679-4471. More information can be found on their website:

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CloudLink Partners With App47 to Empower Millions of Android Tablet Devices

Reston, VA (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

App47, a Northern Virginia-based provider of advanced enterprise mobile application management services, recently announced its partnership with CloudLink, an Austin, Texas, company that connects Android tablets to strategic applications and cloud services. The two companies have collaborated to equip tablets with innovative content and capabilities at the manufacturing level by preloading the devices with a customized toolbox featuring best-of-breed applications and cloud solutions.

Were looking forward to launching the solution platform within the next few weeks, said CloudLink founder Brandon Frye. CloudLink empowers our tablet partners with the ability to differentiate in a competitive marketplace, at the same time solving their internal storage limitations and security concerns.

Frye noted that CloudLinks Android tablet Toolbox, powered by App47, currently includes cloud storage, security, remote desktop, print sharing, credit card processing services, password management, and a host of other business-critical apps. In addition to App47, partners include SugarSync, PrintShare, Avast, F-Secure, Mobile Dynamix, PayAnywhere, EasySign Mobile, and Catch.

We plan continual enrichment to our broad selection of best-of-breed applications, allowing customers to truly leave their laptops behind, added Frye. All of these will be easily available and manageable thanks to App47.

Reinforcing the effectiveness of the Toolbox solution with respect to enterprise mobile app management, App47 CEO Chris Schroeder explained that whether youre like CloudLink, who will be providing millions of users with a pre-populated marketplace, or you’re a smaller organization with hundreds of employees, the app store approach is ideal for any enterprise that needs true mobile app lifecycle management.

This isnt just about easy app installation, said Schroeder. This is about mobile app management from deployment through upgrade, evaluating security, and providing ultra-deep performance analytics. The app store certainly facilitates app acquisition, but our Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution is what really brings our value to the partnership.

Schroeder went on to detail how CloudLink partners will now have previously unavailable insight when evaluating app performance, seeing much more detail than merely whether or not an app was downloaded and deployed. Analytics will be as specific as time and length of use, implementation of specific in-app features, even device and network operational conditions conducive to performance troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Based in Austin, Texas, CloudLink connects tablets to strategic applications and cloud services, dramatically advancing the capabilities of tablets for a range of consumers from entry level to enterprise users. Equipping tablets with innovative content and capabilities at the manufacturing level, CloudLink preloads best-of-breed applications and cloud solutions, creating a mobile devices productivity toolbox. In addition to solving internal storage limitations, CloudLink empowers tablet partners with the ability to differentiate themselves in a competitive tablet marketplace. To learn more visit

App47 specializes in the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) lifecycle from deployment, through management, to performance analytics and ROI, while ensuring enterprise and user data privacy and optimized mobile user experience. App47 offers free versions of its enterprise and developer edition and allows users to automate mobile application deployment by creating their own self-service enterprise app stores. To learn more, visit

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