The Best Web Design Agency, New York, Trance Web Design Announces Productive E-Commerce Website Development with Better Communication Qualities

(PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Trance Web Design, web design company, NY announced its productive E commerce website development services at a price that cannot be offered anywhere in the existing market. Trance Web Design can create websites that will not only bring traffic but will surely convert them into business. The company has now launched its E-Commerce website design services which are actually better than the services that can be offered by most of the other web development agencies in the market. The websites created at the agency are very appealing and can surely communicate in a better way than created by others. It is so because, Trance Web Design understands well that an e-commerce website offers an exceptional platform to showcase products in a very elegant manner allowing visitors to buy these products off the shelf right away. For the success of any e-commerce website it is essential that it is implemented properly with all elements taken care of. This is why before developing an e-commerce website one would list out the necessary elements to help make the site an exciting experience for him and his customers.

Trance Web Design is a skilled e-commerce web development company believing in proper planning, strategizing to ensure that the e-commerce website is secured and robust 24 hoursround the clock. The web design company, NY would carefully study the products that a client wishes to market, the customers that are to be targeted, and the business model that one would use to engage with the customers. The Company would further work on a client’s business model by developing a website that would showcase products in a very graceful manner. They would use high quality images of products and specify the features of them in a very orderly manner.

To further help the client engage with customers, Trance Web Design would ensure that the website has superior colors, graphical designs, and features. To fortify the security aspect of the website they would integrate the site with well-developed shopping carts and a secure payment gateway. Most clients want to be in total control of their e-commerce website so that is why they implement content management systems, provides a client with the flexibility to change content on the site, take off products that he does not want to sell, allows him to add new products, and seamlessly change the price of any product with no lag time. For their convenience, they also offer systems like online stock; and inventory systems so he can get reports on products sold, and how many there are in the current inventory.

Web Design Services New York, Trance Web Design help enrich the shopping experience for visitors who come to shop on the e-commerce website by offering flexible shopping carts, and showcasing products that would allure the visitor to come and buy it. Their professionals would create a website that would allow secure transactions through payment gateways, and faster checkout facilities.

Listed below Are Some of E-Commerce Features that is offered:

New Article Details How Avoiding Five Simple E-commerce Mistakes can Help Companies Retain Customers and Make More Money

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 17, 2012

Customers are always looking for easier ways to shop – avoid the crowded roadways and strip malls – find time to do the more important things in life. So businesses can make sure they are giving their customer what they want, has listed five common errors that are sure to drive customers away from their e-commerce website.

A bad shopping experiences at an online location can be just as horrific as one that takes place at physical storefront. For most businesses investing in an e-commerce website is a matter of common sense; however, a poorly designed and managed e-commerce tool will do more harm than good. As the number of people using the web almost exclusively to do the majority of their shopping grows, companies need to reevaluate what they are doing to make that online shopping experience more convenient.

There are a number of factors that come into play when managing an e-commerce website. Horton Group asks businesses to focus on five essential elements of their e-commerce website and ask themselves if they are doing them right. Things to consider when designing an e-commerce website range from overall website performance to e-commerce product management. A slow website, unclear menu navigation and high shipping costs are all factors that can turn customers away and send them to the competition. For more in-depth information on the five e-commerce mistakes that will tank an online store, read the full article at the Horton Group blog.

About Horton Group

Horton Group is focused on helping businesses maximize profits and retain customers through their professional marketing and advertising services. Since 1996 Horton Group has been assisting companies all around Middle Tennessee and across the country with ecommerce website design. The also offer a wide variety of print and online services such as, graphic design, social media management, media buying and strategic business planning.

For more information on Horton Group and their services contact them at, 615-292-8642.

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BlueSnaps Open Commerce Handbook to Help Online Vendors Navigate an Evolving eCommerce Landscape

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

BlueSnap, a global provider of open Cloud Commerce technology and services, today released the Open Commerce Handbook, a practical guide for companies and entrepreneurs wanting to expand their online selling presence. The handbook is a free, downloadable resource designed to help companies navigate the changing eCommerce landscape and develop best practices for increasing revenue. As it evolves, the Open Commerce Handbook will help newcomers and veterans alike expand their Web presence to new monetization models and provide a path toward an agile, flexible architecture that addresses the changing demands of their customers.

We believe that the future of commerce is open and will be fundamentally different from traditional eCommerce said Hagai Tal, CEO of BlueSnap. We created the idea of this handbook as a living document that will grow and deepen with additional chapters and expand to cover emerging challenges and future opportunities. It will never really be finished just as the evolution of Open Commerce will never end, but only evolve. We hope the handbook will be an excellent resource for enterprise clients as well as small and medium-size businesses. Whether you are a new entrant to the digital goods space, or an eCommerce veteran eager to expand into Open Commerce monetization models, we hope the information will be as interesting as it is useful.

BlueSnap is committed to enabling digital commerce through an open and simple payment-processing architecture. The Open Commerce Handbook will cover various business success factors including: