Boulder Remodeling Contractor Melton Construction Inc. Changes Name to Melton Design Build

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

Residential and commercial remodeling contractor Melton Construction Inc., headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, announced today that it has changed its trade name to Melton Design Build. According to Ty Melton, president of the company, Our company was one of the first design build remodeling firms serving Boulder and the surrounding areas. We started offering design services shortly after we began doing business in 1993. Our new name, Melton Design Build, better reflects the full spectrum of architectural design and construction services we provide our clients. The company has also changed its web address to to reflect its new name.

Asked why the company uses the design build approach, Rick Johnson, Melton Design Builds general manager, explained The design build approach to remodeling is an easier, more convenient and less complex remodeling process for our clients. He continued, We find most homeowners and business owners find it very appealing. Its been our experience that for most types of remodeling projects, the design build approach we use is simpler, faster and can provide clients greater value. One of the reasons is that the ability to design and build a project to a specific budget is enhanced with this method.

With the design build remodeling process, the property owner selects a single design build remodeling contractor that works with the owner from the initial design discussions through to completion of the construction on the project. The design build contractor provides both the design and construction services. Selecting a design build remodeling contractor is different than selecting a construction-only contractor as it involves evaluating the contractors ability to provide the quality of design as well as the quality of construction the property owner is looking for.

Mr. Melton explained some of the benefits he believes design build offers. With design build the remodeling contractor designs the project so that it can be built within the agreed target budget. Since our staff architect who is designing the project knows construction costs intimately, the design is developed to fit in the overall design and construction budget from the beginning. And, as the contractor is responsible to the client for the entire process, if there is a problem with the design or construction, it is up to the design build contractor to resolve it. No time or money is wasted figuring out who is responsible to fix the problem. Its just a lot neater and simpler.

While not well known in some parts of the country, the trend towards design build remodeling has been growing over the past 25+ years. In many parts of the country, it is the dominant approach for many types of remodeling projects. Many of the design awards given by the remodeling industrys various competitions go to design build remodeling firms. Melton has won several of those awards for both commercial and residential remodeling projects.

Melton Design Build (formerly known as Melton Construction) headquartered in Boulder CO was founded in 1993 by Ty Melton. Melton Design Build provides architectural design, interior design and construction services to both homeowners and business owners primarily in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Niwot, Gunbarrel, Erie, Lyons, Superior, and parts of the Denver, Colorado area.

Typical home remodeling projects for the company include: kitchen and bath remodeling, single and multi-level home additions including pop-tops, whole home renovations, exterior remodeling, and green or energy-related remodeling. For its commercial clients, Melton Design Build remodeling projects often include professional, medical and dental offices, retail and restaurants and most types of light commercial remodeling.

In addition to other awards and honors, Melton Design Build was named one of Americas Top Remodelers in 2011 by Professional Remodeler Magazine and was named a Big50 remodeling firm by Remodeling Magazine. The company is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Boulder Green Building Guild, Center for Resource Conservation, the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and other trade and business organizations. The company is involved with or sponsors a variety of local civic groups.

With New Name, Beyond OCD Gets a Website Facelift to Improve Functionality and Footprint

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Beyond OCD, the worlds leading repository of consumer-friendly resources to help sufferers and families cope with and conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), has rebranded its website at, deploying its new and improved web architecture to provide visitors with faster page loads, increasingly significant content, easier navigation, and a more vibrant visual experience.

The vastly improved website comes on the heels of the early May announcement that the 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1994, changed its name from OCD Chicago to Beyond OCD in response to the groups increasing global reach. Beyond OCD also maintains a second website,, which is an OCD educational resource for school personnel.

Beyond OCD is dedicated to being the leading platform for individuals, families, mental health professionals, educators, clergy and the media across the country seeking information and aid to improving the lives of people who suffer with OCD. The website, originally launched in 2005, has grown exponentially over the years as more information and resources have become available to the OCD interest community. Rebuilding and re-launching the web portal was deemed to be the best way to stay on the cutting edge of Internet protocols amid the OCD knowledge expansion. is a highly dynamic website that provides a wealth of OCD data, reading recommendations and other resources, as well as personal stories from OCD sufferers, OCD facts and myths, resources from professionals and experts in the field, treatments and therapies, news, resource links, and even valuable information on a host other and often related mental health disorders.

When originally launched on the web over seven years ago, Beyond OCDs website employed an earlier version of ExpressionEngine, the webs Number 1 content management system softwarethe best of its kind at the time. The Beyond OCD web design and development firm, Unleaded Group of Denver, recently completely rebuilt and restructured the website in the very latest ExpressionEngine version, and also improved the site architecture to the most modern incarnations of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML (HyperText Markup Language), both critical backbones defining the styles and code language that drive the highest-performing sites on the Internet.

While repeat visitors to will not immediately detect changes to the site other than the organizations name change, the improved user experience is sure to please. Moreover, the new website architecture makes it much easier and quicker for Beyond OCD staff to post fresh content, expanding the organizations mission to be the most comprehensive resource on the topic anywhere on earth.

Beyond OCD reaches visitors from all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

OCD: The Facts

There is no cure for OCD, but armed with information, as well as appropriate treatments and therapies, most OCD sufferers can attain significant relief from their symptoms to help them get Beyond OCD.

OCD is a neurobiological anxiety disorder that causes people to endure unwanted, intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and ritualistic behaviors or mental acts (compulsions) that they are driven to perform over and over. As the average age of diagnosis goes down, OCD is increasing viewed as a disorder that first strikes in childhood. While most people who have this disorder know their obsessions and compulsions are irrational and excessive, they cannot control them.

OCD is characterized by obsessions and compulsions that take up an excessive amount of time and cause significant distress. Consider that:

strategicplanningMD Announces New Name, Corporate Strategy, and Release of Version 4.0 Strategic Planning Software

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

strategicplanningMD announced today a new direction for the two-year-old firm, changing its name to AchieveIt to better describe the companys mission: to help organizations execute smarter, faster, and better. The name change is timed with the release of its version 4.0 cloud-based strategic planning software suite, which includes three robust applications and a comprehensive resource library.

The new name is a recognition of the size, strength, and diversity of our client base and the fundamental reason our clients and prospects turn to us for help in the first place, said Scott Regan, founder and chief execution officer. Our clients are looking to turn organizational vision and goals into real, meaningful, and tangible results. They want to improve strategy formulation and execution management, create a culture of accountability, and, ultimately, achieve their strategic and operational objectives Whatever It is, our singular purpose is to help our clients AchieveIt.

As part of the rebranding initiative, the company has adopted a new tagline that corresponds with its mission statement: Execute Smarter. Faster. Better.

The genesis of strategicplanningMD was a healthcare strategic planning consulting practice that identified the need to automate basic planning functions, tools, and methods using Internet-based applications. Formed in March 2010, the company introduced its first application in July of that year. By June 2012, the company was serving nearly 100 clients in six industries: healthcare, higher education, financial services, professional services, government, and engineering.

Seeing the opportunity to serve a market much broader than healthcare, the company felt a name change was in order, as strategicplanningMDs name connoted a healthcare planning function. In order to reposition itself for growth beyond healthcare and with a focus not only on planning, but also on execution the name AchieveIt was selected.

We are attracting attention from companies with 40,000 employees and from companies with less than 40 employees, said John Tolmie, president and chief growth officer. Our smallest client is a financial services company with 14 employees, and they have the same strategy development and execution management challenges as our largest client, Baylor Health Care system, which has nearly 20,000 employees. The fact is, in todays competitive climate, no company can afford to misfire, and our technology provides a powerful arsenal for achieving corporate objectives.

In conjunction with the name change, AchieveIt announced the release of Version 4.0, which includes the following applications, all rebranded under the new corporate direction:

ExecuteIt: The companys flagship strategy development and execution management application, with additional tools to accelerate accountability and execution, including plan scoring, automatic dashboard trend lines, and integration into the firms other cloud-based applications.
AnalyzeIt: Map data at an address level and conduct on-the-fly analysis with point-and-click technology.
ImproveIt: Now, every aspect of a companys quality and performance improvement program can be managed in the cloud, with complete visibility and transparency.
ShareIt: Unites users with online discussion boards, plus provides file sharing within companies and access to strategy development and execution management resources, as well as best-practice strategy bundles that can be directly imported into plans.

About AchieveIt

Serving nearly 100 clients in 25 states and six industries, AchieveIt is a business intelligence company that enables organizations to execute smarter, faster, and better. Through its suite of cloud-based applications and related support services, AchieveIt helps organizations transform vision and high-priority goals into meaningful, significant, and tangible results. With a focus on enhanced management accountability and timely execution, the company provides unique tools to develop, monitor, and execute a variety of plans. A national thought-leader on strategy development and execution management, the company offers free webinars and white papers on its website at