Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Tech Getting a Big Boost This Holiday Season

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

Lake Barrington, IL based Treetime is aiming to remove the skepticism surrounding the purchase of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees by being the only designer online brand to offer truly fail-proof LED lighting technology on a variety of their new Christmas trees and accessories. The lighting on these wreaths, garlands, and full sized trees will be using specialized Pro-Time LED lights based on industry leading Stay-Lit

FX Design Group and Giant Octopus Score Big with BYU Motion Design Project Just in Time for the Cougar Season Opener

Ocoee, FL (PRWEB) October 05, 2012

In 2011, BYU made the strategic decision to become one of the nations top collegiate sports broadcasting networks. It started with a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art television broadcast studio. The next critical step was to bring in the best team of sports production personnel available. BYU accomplished this goal by recruiting alumnus and former ESPN SportsCenter Producer, Mikel Minor, to lead the new team. One of Mikels earliest tasks was to reinvigorate the BYU brand through a new visual spectrum, including a brand new motion design package.

In March of 2012, Mikels team started their search for the motion design firm that could meet his branding and production challenge. After multiple phone calls, e-mails and a face to face concept presentation in Provo, Utah, the decision was made in late May to go with GO. One of the BYU teams major criteria was to find a collaborative partner they could establish a positive working relationship with. It was as important as finding a creative motion design firm that understood the various nuances in creating eye-popping motion design sports packages. They believed that GO fit both objectives.

Early into the project, the BYU team knew that they had made the right decision. We were very comfortable with where we were headed. I was most pleased with how well the GO team heard our input & concerns then incorporated our thoughts into the direction, as well as their own due diligence in capturing the spirit of the university and its unique culture, stated Minor.

The project presented a few unique challenges for the GO creative team. First up was a very aggressive three and a half-month package delivery timeline. Just over 90 days to meet the kickoff of the 2012/2013 Cougar football season opener. The next challenge was creating a new brand that covered all of BYUs current and future sports programming needs. Finally these custom packages had to provide element integration into a Ventuz graphics engine, as well as a Chyron application.

Creative Director on the project, Mannix, summed it up this way, “Our task was to visually represent the past, present, and future of BYU Sports, and to tell their story with the right amount of confidence, swagger and enthusiasm.

The package successfully launched with BYUs football seasons opening game this past Labor Day weekend. To view a short selects reel of the BYU project, click here. Samples of GOs other work can be seen at the FXUTube.

About FX Design Group

FX Design Group and its newly acquired motion graphics company, Giant Octopus (GO), is a design company delivering projects worldwide in broadcast for News, Talk Shows, Lifestyle, Sports and Entertainment programming. FX gives clients access to a complete compliment of set design, motion graphic design and branding, fabrication and installation services, as well as lighting design and lighting gear all from one source. The FX/GO collaborative process focuses on creative synergy, versatility and logistical efficiencies to maximize clients budgets, aesthetics and multi-functionality. To learn more about FX Design Group please call 888-394-7687 or visit

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Fortressing Against the Upcoming Hurricane Season: Building a Modular Home on Cape Cod

Westport, MA (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

During hurricane season, vacation homes along the shore can take a terrible beating from wind and waves. In recent years, the government agency FEMA has determined how we must engineer our homes in each area of the country to ensure quality standards. FEMA has also divided the U.S. shore regions into zones that include especially stringent requirements for home construction. FEMA regulations always supersede local zoning.

But one particular new home, whose construction was initiated this spring, is in whats called the North Zone, the worst wind zone in the Northeast. This area blankets the entire lower arm of Cape Cod because storms here can be very severe with wind loads of 120mph, or more. The Perfect Storm is a perfect example, but not the only example of the battering these stretches of beach have endured. The law requires that structural framing of shore house in this zone must be engineered to resist winds of this magnitude. The owner of this particular property, a doctor with a family including several young children, chose to go with a Modular Architect just to be sure his home was as strong as possible. Modular designs are thought to be stronger than traditionally built homes because modular construction has redundancy in the framing where the sections fit together. One of these fits is called the marriage wall, which is a sheer wall that inherently resists sideways forces of wind.

The chosen architect, Douglas Cutler A.I.A., founder of Modular Architecture in Wilton, CT, also engineered and designed this vacation home with impact resistant windows to keep the residents safe from shattering glass in the event that they were unable to evacuate before a storm. If the home is, hopefully, unoccupied, these windows will also protect the furnishings from wind and water damage.

Waves and Flooding

The government, in an effort to gain support for the new construction rules, has studied paths of hurricanes and determined minimum floor levels above high tide lines. They also determined how strong foundations must be in order resist wave action. When the doctor of the Cape Cod Modular decided to replace the existing bungalow on his property, the replacement floor had to be built 10 feet higher than the previous floor. The higher the floor, the less waves can chew away at it.

The foundation, too, is literally a pillar of strength. Douglas Cutler designed a series of 18 concrete piers, each one 12 feet high that come vertically out of the ground. The pillars are about 18 inches square, poured with 500 lb. reinforced concrete and adhered to the grade beam horizontal which lies 3.6 feet below the finished grade. The home is then placed above these pillars. This is code for the pillar depth and height in this area and even though there may be local regulations limiting the height of home. Once again, FEMA regulations always supersede local zoning for safety purposes.

Calm Weather Advantages of Modular

The doctors family wanted a vacation home with spectacular views. Douglas Cutler designed them a modular home that turns tradition on its head sleeping rooms on the bottom, living area on the top so that the family can take advantage of the breathtaking views from about 30 feet off the ground. On a clear day they will be able to see Marthas Vineyard and Cuttyhunk.

This Cape Cod home, set earlier this Spring, should be completed by midsummer 2012 right in time for hurricane season. The furniture will be moved in and the lobsters will be served, dripping with butter on one of the beautiful decks. There are carports beneath the piers, 4 bedrooms with 3 baths, decks and an open floor plan on the top. The lot is small, 1/4 acre or less which makes it ideal for building a modular home.

The differences between building a modular home and traditional stick-built construction can be confusing, but just remember that custom modular is simply a hybrid form of construction, says Douglas Cutler. The foundation is built conventionally but the rest is built in a factory except for the detailing In order to meet code and get the safest home available, designed to resist the main natural forces that exist, the architect must always lead in the planning. When is comes to strength, beauty and the latest amenities, home buyers and builders will have a super advantage if they call their modular architect first.

Learn more about Douglas Cutler Architects and their award winning modular designs at