Second Annual Texas Contemporary Art Fair Announces Signature Programs and Special Events

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 12, 2012

The second annual Texas Contemporary Art Fair opens next week (October 18 21) at the George R. Brown Convention Center and will feature over 70 leading galleries from across the country.

Underscoring the Fairs commitment to the visitor experience, this years line-up of programs will again feature an extensive series of discussions, special events and tours, large-scale installations and the inaugural MRKTworks auction. These on- and off-site special events provide visitors with the opportunity to engage with art in an immersive and impactful way and to delver deeper into the innovation and experimentation of the contemporary market.


Texas Contemporary Art Fair celebrates the burgeoning growth of Houstons cultural landscape with an extensive range of tours and events in some of the Citys newest venues.

The week will begin with a pre-show reception hosted by the Asia Society Houston, Julie Kinzelman and Texas Contemporary at the newly unveiled Asia Society designed by architect Yoshio Taniguchi. Throughout the Fair, visitors will be invited to attend a special ribbon cutting ceremony of The Andy Monument with artist Rob Pruitt at CAMH, and Claudia Schmuckli, chief curator and director of the Blaffer Art Museum will host a private lunch as part of a behind-the-scenes tour of the newly-renovated museum.

As well, for the second year, the Opening Night Preview on October 18 will benefit the Contemporary Art Museum Houston (CAMH) and is anticipated to raise over $ 20,000 to support the museums free admission policy and extended hours.

Discussions & Guided Tours

Texas Contemporary will host a series of discussions throughout the duration of the Fair. Speakers include artists Rob Pruitt and Eric Beltz as well as CAMH Director Bill Arning and a panel of photo and video artists will be organized and moderated by FotoFest International.

Fair visitors are invited to tour of several of the citys leading museums, private collections, the new Midtown Arts District, and the conservation studio, Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation and Houston Collector Lester Marks, Museum of Fine Arts Curator Dena Woodhall, and Galveston Arts Center Curator and photography collector Clint Willour, will be among those giving guided tours of the fair. Curatorial Assistant Susan Sutton of the Menil Collection will also conduct a tour the critically-acclaimed exhibition, Silence, which looks at a century of art considering silence. For more information, visit:


The artists whose works will be presented at this years Texas Contemporary Fair include Eric Beltz, Colby Bird, Dan Douke, Gina Phillips, OKAY MOUNTAIN, Travis Somerville and many others.

Eric Beltz, Revival Wall presented by Morgan Lehman

Beltzs site-specific 9 x 12 wall drawing for Texas Contemporary is derived from the sampler patterns of his Elementary Forces series. Beltz uses the cross-stitch grid-map to create eye-popping illusions in his signature grayscale palette. This installation marks the first time the artist will bring these drawings out of the frame and into this monumental scale.

Gina Phillips, A Sentimental Tree Reminisces presented by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

The installation will be constructed of textiles the largest of which will be a custom-made tree that will envelope a structural column. Interspersed among the spaces of the branches and the spaces between the ground and the branches will be various sized thought bubbles, representing nostalgic scenes from the trees past history. The installation will include cutout forms of animals, clouds and teeth; these three components are meant to represent the trees past, present and future.

OKAY MOUNTAIN, Roadside Attractions presented by Mark Moore Gallery

The artist collective, OKAY MOUNTAIN, was commissioned to create Roadside Attractions, 2011 for the Cress Gallery of Art at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga as part of the Diane Marek Visiting Artist Series. The sculpture draws upon the mythology and quirkiness of different categories of roadside attractions with the purpose of delighting and confounding the expectations of the browser and would-be tourist. The brochures themselves mimic the discordant imagery and incongruous information often found in a typical visiting center brochure rack. This is a place where do-it-yourself and professional design are typically forced to cohabitate. All one hundred brochures are uniquely designed by the members of the collective. The printed works -like the brochures upon which they are drawn–are free to take by the viewing public, giving Roadside Attractions of a performative life outside the institutional setting where it originated.

Travis Somerville, Well Division presented by Catharine Clark Gallery

Inspired by the famous photograph showing a refrigerated drinking fountain designated for WHITES sharing the same pluming with a porcelain fountain for COLOREDS, Somerville has created his own set of water fountains loosely based on the 2000 census and anticipation of changes for the 2010 census. Above each fountain is a label and inside each basin is a stereotypical image associated with that group.

Kim Beck, The Sky Is the Limit presented by Mixed Greens

This installation of light boxes of backlit prints captures a series of messages taken from advertisingSpace Available, All Sales Final, Everything Must Go–as they were drawn in the sky over Pittsburgh. The phrases, both exciting and portentous, indicate fantastic sales and business closings. The available space advertised is, of course, the most potent symbol of longing in the landscape: the sky. When loosed from paper signs and billboards, the texts evoke open-ended poetic phrases that, as evanescent marks in the sky, gradually fade back into air.

Colby Bird, Cord presented by Lora Reynolds Gallery

Colby Birds sculptures are minimal and precarious exercises in balance. The works are comprised of commercially abundant materials, such as chair parts, fruit, and lumber. While his work may appear to be elegant and effortless, he goes to painstaking lengths to create this illusion. Birds work carves out a space between high art and youthful insouciance.

Herbert Mehler, WV 745 & WV 716 presented by Lausberg Contemporary

The inspiration for Mehlers artwork comes from organic and natural matter, such as fruits and seeds. The sculptures serve as a play between light fluid shapes and the seemingly insurmountable weight of the material. Simultaneously, the rhythmic fan-like structure strongly suggests architectural and man-made forms- the rhythm of the corten-steel forms evoke the serene undulating forms of the changing tides or mountain landscapes. It is this ambivalence between the natural and the man-made that makes Mehlers works so captivating. These sculptures are from Mehlers KAVEX series (2003- 2009).

Agnes Denes, Pyramids of Conscience presented by Ballroom Marfa

These powerful monuments metaphorically and theoretically encapsulate our world’s most precious resource, water. Pyramid I is filled with tap water from Marfa, Pyramid II is filled with polluted water from the Rio Grande River. Pyramid III is filled with recycled motor oil, which symbolically references water as a commodity. Pyramid IV is constructed of mirrors, which reflect ourselves.

Dan Douke, Kingdom Come, presented by Peter Mendenhall Gallery

At first glance, Kingdom Come appears to be two large shipping crates on top of one another. In actuality, the five-sided work is composed of sixteen separate stretched canvases and is completely hand-crafted. The labels are hand-lettered, the wood texture, scrapes and smudges are all hand-painted, highlighting the artist

Ephesoft Announces First Annual Partner of the Year Award

Laguna Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 08, 2012

Ephesoft Inc., the leader in providing advanced cloud-ready capture solutions, today announced the winner of its first annual global partner awards. Ephesoft’s top partner is selected by the executive management team from a group of over 50 value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators (SI) in 14 countries. Since Ephesoft has a 100% partner sales model, this award is particularly important.

Don Field, CEO of Ephesoft, remarked, “Software subscription sales revenue is the primary factor of our selection but we also value partner focus, creativity, and commitment to the Ephesoft platform. Given those criteria, we are pleased to award our 2011 Partner of the Year award to Zia Consulting. We first met Zia at Alfresco’s DevCon event in 2010 and Zia immediately understood the synergy and potential of working together. Zia further impressed us with their dedication to quickly mastering the product and their rapid deployment in a wide range of engagements from mailroom automation to invoice processing.”

Zia has proven to be a model partner for Ephesoft and continues to innovate. They made technical contributions to the CMIS export scripts, developed an advanced analytics module for Ephesoft called Insight, earned the designation of certified Ephesoft instructors, and are collaborating with Ike Kavas, Ephesoft CTO, on the first book dealing with Ephesoft which will be published this summer.

In light of all these factors, our relationship with Zia Consulting continues to grow. Our exceptional growth is only possible by working closely with our partners. Mike Mahon and Pat Myers at Zia have demonstrated repeatedly the positive outcomes of that partnership and it is a real pleasure to award Zia this honor,” said Don Field.

It is a great honor for Zia to be named the inaugural Ephesoft Global Partner of the Year, said Pat Myers, co-founder of Zia Consulting and EVP for Zias Intelligent Document Capture Practice. As we continue to see growing demand for document capture solutions, we believe the opportunity to partner with Ephesoft is almost limitless, and its this belief that has Ephesoft at the very front of Zias Paper to Mobile solutions. Its has been a pleasure working with the Ephesoft team, whether its in our role as solution provider, certified training partner, or in the creation of the upcoming Ephesoft book, we continue to be impressed with their knowledge and responsiveness.


Ephesoft, Inc. is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California with an office in Maidenhead, England. Ephesofts document capture solutions are open-source and cloud-ready, offering extreme flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of customers. The company has been experiencing rapid growth in both the US and EMEA markets. For more information visit or call (949) 335-5335.

ABOUT Zia Consulting

Zia Consulting is a leading provider of enterprise business solutions for document capture and content management from Paper to Mobile. Zias products and solutions for IDC and ECM enable users to create, store, share and find content across the enterprise and on the go. Utilizing best-of-breed Open Source Software like Ephesoft, Zia Consulting has worked with both the public and private sector to provide end-to-end business solutions across a wide range of customer needs. Zia Consulting – Content Anywhere, Solutions Here. For more information, visit or call (888)732-4101.

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iModules Software holds Sixth Annual Sizzler User Conference

Overland Park, Kansas (PRWEB) August 04, 2012

iModules Software, the leading provider of online engagement software for educational institutions, held its annual Sizzler User Conference from July 22-25, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri with a record attendance of more than 400 clients. The conference provided a venue for peer networking and product education for iModules clients from around the world and celebrated a new strategic relationship between iModules and LinkedIn

MoreVisibilitys EVP Danielle Leitch a Featured Speaker at the 2012 Annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) July 06, 2012

MoreVisibility, a six-time Inc. 500/5000 recipient and one of the worlds most experienced search engine marketing and optimization (SEM/SEO) agencies, reaffirmed its priority to educate businesses on the importance of SEO when Danielle Leitch, More Visibilitys EVP, spoke at the 2012 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.

During the conference, Leitch spoke about SEO best practices in an interactive session focused on live website critiques. She reviewed websites volunteered for critique by conference attendees. During each review, Leitch offered constructive criticism and shared some SEO best practices also known as white hat practices and illustrated how companies can implement best practices while keeping an eye on usability.

But creating a website thats optimized for both search engines and users continues to be a big challenge for e-retailers.

Striking a balance between SEO and usability is so important, Leitch explains. Many businesses struggle with ensuring their sites are SEO optimized and user friendly its a problem we work with clients on all the time.

Leitch wasnt surprised to find that a variety of sites both large retail sites and small mom-and-pop sites had the same problems. Common errors included a lack of content, duplicate content, improper keyword targeting, technical and architectural issues, and overall site usability challenges.

No matter who you are, or what you sell, she says, the basics of SEO are always the same.

And in an ever-changing landscape, theyre more important than ever.

Because of seismic changes in the nature of search most notably Google’s Penguin update its more important than ever that marketers understand and implement white hat practices. This is why were so committed to making ourselves available to the online community and have been for many years.

Because, Leitch says, If you understand and implement best practices, these types of changes wont impact you.

About MoreVisibility

Founded in 1999, MoreVisibility is one of the world’s leading Search Engine Marketing, Optimization and Design firms, having helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses increase qualified traffic to their Web sites. In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, MoreVisibility was named to the Inc 500/Inc 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing privately owned firms. MoreVisibility is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

MoreVisibility boasts high client retention through a team of 35 senior professionals who deliver superior performance and measurable results. Notable clients served include: Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dairy Council of California, RSM McGladrey, The Mayo Clinic, Travel Nevada and Clemson University. MoreVisibility is based in Boca Raton, Fla., and can be found on the web at

TiO2 Feedstock Annual Review 2012 Comprehensive Sector Review by Independent Experts

(PRWEB) July 01, 2012

TZ Minerals International (TZMI) is pleased to announce the release of the inaugural edition of the TiO2 Feedstock Annual Review.

Due to the depth of information, growth of each sector and client feedback, TZMI has replaced the well known Mineral Sands Annual Review with a suite of four reports providing a more comprehensive analysis of the different sectors of the industry. The new reports are the TiO2 Feedstock Annual Review,Zircon Annual Review, TiO2 Pigment Annual Review and Titanium Metal Annual Review.

The TiO2 Feedstock Annual Review provides a review of 2011, with significant developments in the industry, changes to the supply and demand balance during the year, analysis of trade and pricing data in 2011, a detailed history of the sector, as well as outlook for the sector and the strategic challenges facing the industry and comprehensive profiles on sector participants.

Overall, the titanium feedstock market in 2011 experienced significant demand growth for virtually all feedstock types as downstream customers scrambled to secure supply following a period of low offtake in 2008/09. TiO2 pigment remained the main demand growth driver for titanium feedstocks, accounting for nearly 90% of the global feedstock offtake in 2011.

For the first seven to eight months of 2011, the overall supply/demand fundamentals for the sector were readily described as somewhat robust and underpinned the price forecasts that were made in mid-2011. Prices were seen to be considerably higher than previously forecast, reflecting the changing dynamics within the mineral sands sector.

The emerging trend during the past couple of years has been one of renewed interest in the titanium feedstock sector, given rising prices and increased demand. Following nearly seven years of diminished activity in the sector, hampered also by the GFC, investor interest in the feedstock industry has surged.

Declining production from existing producers in addition to a pipeline of new projects that are still in the development stage, mean that the supply situation will remain tight. Investors now see the feedstock industry in a different light and the potential for upside in the sector has meant that there are a number of new projects that will go some way toward alleviating the current tightness in the market.

A number of significant events and developments took place in the feedstock sector in 2011. Never in TZMIs history has there been so much activity in one year. There were numerous mergers, partnerships, expansions, planned new capacity and exploration, as well as other developments throughout the TiO2 value chain that would have an impact on the feedstock sector.

About the industry

The titanium industry is comprised of key mineral sands products, commonly referred to as titanium feedstocks. These raw materials are used primarily in the production of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment and in smaller quantities in the production of titanium metal and welding fluxes. The most common mineral sands products are ilmenite, rutile and to a lesser extent leucoxene, plus zircon. Ilmenite mineral sands products can also be upgraded to titanium slag or synthetic rutile.

There are a small number of large mining companies or groups that are involved in the production of titanium feedstocks. This relatively small group is dominated by close relationships between producers (miners) and consumers (predominately pigment producers). In 2011, the industry saw the first major partnerships announced as producers and consumers made strategic moves toward vertical integration and to ensure security of supply.

The information contained in TiO2 Feedstock Annual Review 2012 is carefully researched drawing on TZMIs extensive database. It is also an essential reference for the industry while identifying key trends and developments within the sector and the broader impact on a global scale.

This is an essential resource for titanium feedstocks information and data. This report is suitable for anyone wanting to maintain an up to date perspective of all elements of the industry, including:

“Dark Knight Rises Rules at 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards but Girls Power Into Male Dominions

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Just before midnight last night, in the hills overlooking Hollywood, Batman swooped through the 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards, snatching up the trophy for Best Summer 2012 Blockbuster along with top honor, Best in Show, for the Dark Night Rises trailer. See below and on for the full list of winners. Watch featured trailers on

The Golden Trailer Awards are the worlds top honor for movie promotions. They celebrate the art and the fun of what has evolved from pure advertising into a wildly popular form of entertainment, achieving what Variety calls rock-star status.

Monica Brady, Executive Producer and co-founder, pointed to the dramatic progression of the Dark Knights Rises reel, noting, The sound design in the trailer is brilliant–from the haunting sound of a young boy singing the American national anthem over the story set-up, all the way through to an explosion of white against the crescendo of horns playing the Batman theme. Its a very compelling trailer.

2012 has proved to be a banner year for women in movie marketing, with trailers and print promotions successfully hyping female protagonists in typically male-led genres. Snow White and the Huntsman took the prize for Best Action; the Bridesmaids red-band trailer (for mature audiences only) earned Best Comedy, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, took Best Drama. The trend was also apparent in print promotion. The Hunger Games gobbled down five Golden Trailer Awards: Best Teaser Poster, Best Action Poster, Best Animation/Family Poster, Best Standee for Feature Film, and Most Innovative Advertising for a Brand/Product.

Golden Trailer Awards Executive Director and co-founder, Evelyn Brady-Watters, was enthusiastic about the breakthrough: For the first time, both in trailers and in print, were seeing visually stunning and innovative marketing that crosses old gender barriers. I think these are going to appeal to men and women, young and old.

At the event, which was held in a Bel Air mansion, alt-rock Lit performed after openers from the bands Lucky & Wild, PK, followed and the Splash Synchronized Swimmers. The night was sponsored by JetBlue, now supporting the Golden Trailer Awards for the 11th year; Variety, returning for the second time; long-time supporters National CineMedia; Steiner Studios; PRG; firstcom Fim/TV Music; Position Music;, as well as Method Design. Beverage sponsors are Dos Equis, ONEHOPE Wine and Akvinta Vodka.

The Golden Trailer Awards for 2012 were selected by a power-house jury: Amy Baer, former President/CEO of CBS Films, now President of film production and media consulting firm Gidden Media; Dana Brunetti, President of Trigger Street Productions (the promo reels for the companys The Social Network swept the Golden Trailers last year); Randall Emmett and George Furla of production and finance house Emmett/Furla Films; prolific hyphenate Jon Favreau (Director,Iron Man); Jessica Hall, Director of Development at Blumhouse Productions; Alix Madigan, Head of Feature Films for Anonymous Content; actor-comedian Patton Oswalt(Young Adult); iconic producer-director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters); Nancy Utley, Co-President of multiple Oscar

MaxKnowledge to Lead Three Sessions at 2012 APSCU Annual Convention on Best Practices to Enhance Compliance and Gainful Employment

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

In the first session, MaxKnowledge Vice President of Compliance, Cindy Bryant, will facilitate a discussion on developing and implementing an effective compliance plan. Seasoned regulatory agency and career college executives will share their personal insights in achieving compliance & quality. All Aboard for the Compliance Journey: Whats Your Destination? is scheduled for Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 10:15 AM.

In the second session, MaxKnowledge Vice President of Learning Initiatives, Robert Starks Jr., will discuss how career colleges can leverage social media to support and enhance graduate employment. The session will provide practical strategies for career services staff to help graduates effectively market themselves through a variety of social media platforms. Does Your Career Center Speak #Hashtag: How to Leverage Social Media is scheduled for Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 3:00 PM.

In the third session, MaxKnowledge Vice President of Training, Jay Hollowell, will address the critical need for enhanced collaboration between career colleges and employers. The session will provide proven strategies and techniques to support gainful employment of graduates. Taking Employer Advisory Committees to the Next Level: Expanding Member Roles and Opportunities is scheduled for Friday, June 22, 2012 at 10:00 AM.

Additionally, MaxKnowledge and the Imagine America Foundation will be hosting an Advisory Meeting for the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 9 AM. This meeting is by invitation only. APSCU Convention attendees can visit with MaxKnowledge at booth #625 in the Exhibit Hall.

About MaxKnowledge

MaxKnowledge is the chosen employee training provider for over 1,000 career colleges and universities representing both traditional and online institutions. With a decade of experience and over 100 online courses, MaxKnowledge has become the leading provider of professional development and continuing education opportunities for career college personnel. Over 25 educational associations have partnered with MaxKnowledge to provide online training services to their member schools.

The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE), MaxKnowledge’s strategic partnership with the Imagine America Foundation, provides turnkey employee development solutions with a proven return on investment as independently reported by the ROI Institute

zumBrunnen Presenting Educational Session on Bricks with Sustainable Mortar at Annual Risk Management Conference for The Association of Boarding Schools

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

zumBrunnen, Inc., an independent building consulting firm, is presenting an educational workshop at The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) and Campus Outreach Services (COS) Annual Risk Management Conference being held June 20-22, 2012 at the historic Hotel Dupont in Wilmington, DE. The conference will bring together boarding school leaders and senior administrators for an in-depth look at best practices on key risk management issues. The conference will help boarding schools identify, evaluate and manage risk by exploring proven policies and practices that are legally sound, fiscally prudent and logistically feasible. John zumBrunnen, Founder and President of zumBrunnen, Inc., will present an educational session focusing on the essential resources executives need in their tool bag to identify and mitigate risk associated with poorly-managed facilities. His session is titled Bricks with Sustainable Mortar.

Executives will learn how to identify facility management teams that are not up to current standards utilizing a self-assessment tool. They will also learn about various methodologies and proprietary techniques used for facility assessment and how to integrate these concepts and tools into a replacement reserve plan. Attendees will discover how information gathered from the assessment process and budgeting phase can yield a truly dynamic report (not a one-time, static report that ends up as a dust cover in a year or two) that ultimately helps lower risk, reduce operating costs and lessen environmental impact.

The building consultants at zumBrunnen specialize in providing educational clients with comprehensive facility assessments and capital replacement reserve budget studies, trademarked as Campus Wide FacilityForecast

Saugatuck Technology Announces the 2nd Annual Cloud Business Summit

Westport, CT (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Saugatuck Technology, the leading subscription research and business strategy consulting firm focused on the Cloud, today announced the date of its second annual Cloud Business Summit, to be held on November 14, 2012 at the Westin Times Square in New York City.

As a follow-up to last years highly successful Summit, this years conference will again bring together CIOs, CTOs and senior business leaders from mid-to-large enterprises from across a range of industries to explore how they can and are realizing value from the Business Cloud.

A key theme at this years event will be the emergence of the new Master Architecture what Saugatuck is calling “CMSA” (as in Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics). Unlike Master Architectures of the past, where a single technology has dominated (e.g., mainframes, PCs, internet), today’s new Master Architecture leverages multiple technologies and platforms, and loosely-coupled approaches, to unlock previously untapped business value. In this environment, innovation is clearly on the rise, as companies accelerate investments in support of a evolved vision for business computing what Saugatuck is calling the Boundary-free Enterprise.

Saugatuck is pleased to announce that both SAP and IBM have returned as Platinum sponsors in 2012. New event partners this year include Dimension Data and Progress Software as Gold sponsors, OrangeScape as a Silver sponsor, and Information Management and Sand Hill Group as Media sponsors. Saugatuck has assembled a rich mix of senior business and information technology executives who will participate as speakers in the event, including Rich Roseman, VP and CIO at News Corp., Michael Lemberger, VP at American Express, Gary Lynch, Managing Director at Marsh, and Andrew Stokes, Chief Scientist at Deutsche Bank AG, among others.

We are delighted to announce our second annual Cloud Business Summit, shared Saugatuck Technology founder and CEO Bill McNee. Similar to last year, the Summit again brings together approximately 150 senior business and IT leaders in an intimate, senior executive-level forum to discuss the issues of the day. However, the focus this year will not only be on the growing influence of the Cloud, but related technologies as well including Mobile, Social, Advanced Analytics and Integration and how they are collectively helping to reshape the business computing landscape, added McNee. Our goal is to provide a powerful networking environment for the conference delegates to learn firsthand from their peers and Saugatuck about how large enterprises are applying Cloud and related technologies, platforms and solutions to their advantage, and building winning business strategies.

Senior IT Executives and Business Strategists, who wish to request an invitation, or to learn more about the program, should visit the Cloud Business Summit website at, or call +1.203.454.3900.

About Saugatuck Technology

Saugatuck Technology, Inc. provides subscription research and management consulting services focused on the key market trends and disruptive technologies driving change in enterprise IT, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Infrastructure, Social Computing, Mobility and Advanced Analytics, among others. Founded in 1999, Saugatuck is headquartered in Westport, CT, with offices in Falmouth, MA, Santa Clara, CA and in Wiesbaden, Germany. For more information, please visit or call +1.203.454.3900.

To request a briefing with our analysts, contact: chris(dot)macgregor(at)saugatucktechnology(dot)com.

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